Six Ideas for a Wonderful Wedding in Nature

Wedding Outdoor with Flowers

Summer is the perfect time to organize an outdoor wedding. The best thing about a wedding in nature is that you have more space to try out all the creative ideas. Walls do not limit you, and instead of them, you have a natural scenery that can be very inspiring.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered six creative ideas to help you organize a wonderful celebration in nature. The following covers everything from flowers and decoration to some unique food ideas. We hope this will inspire you to create an unforgettable wedding party.

Tell Your Story with Photos

Outdoor Wedding with Trees

If you’re organizing your wedding out of doors, there are probably going to be a lot of trees around. While some people may see this as an obstacle, we think you could use them to your advantage. If you’re wondering how to do that, allow us to explain…

You probably have a lot of lovely photos from when the two of you started dating. It’d be a shame not to use those photos in some fashion and remind your friends and family how it all started. In that light, you use the trees to create a unique exhibition in nature. All you need is a strong rope.

With that, you can organize your photos by years or dates before attaching them. After that, wrap the rope carefully around the tree. Your guests are bound to be amazed, as they’ve probably never seen such a unique photo display. They’ll enjoy looking at your photos and most of all, those happy moments.

If you want to surprise them, add some family gathering photos where you were all together. Those involved will probably be delighted to see! You could also add some funny captions if you want to make people laugh.

Bonus Tip: To create a magical effect, use luminous ropes. You can easily find them at DIY stores and they’re not expensive. Just imagine how charming they would look at the trees when the night arrives!

Get Married in a Botanical Garden

Botanic Garden for Wedding

You probably already have some wedding nature theme ideas, but have you considered getting married in a botanical garden? This may sound like a dream to many nature lovers, but it’s actually possible. Moreover, it won’t cost you a fortune (unless we’re talking about the New York Botanical Garden). There are plenty of affordable options wherever you may choose to hold the wedding.

A botanical garden is an excellent choice for two reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to think about the decoration as it’s already there. Moreover, it has some unique flowers and herbs that you can’t find anywhere else.

Secondly, you’re giving your guests an experience they’ll never forget. Can you imagine their surprise when they receive your invitation? Some probably have kids, and this may be the first time the little ones get to spend a significant amount around those natural wonders. If they fall in love with nature, it may be thanks to you.

Search on the Internet for botanic gardens around your town. You’ll be surprised to see there are many you’ve never heard of. That’s because we usually visit the most prominent botanical gardens of the area and forget about the smaller family-owned places. One of them could be a perfect venue for your special day!

Sand vs. Unity Candles

Candles at Wedding Romantic

Lighting the unity candles is one of the most emotional parts of a wedding ceremony. It symbolizes that you’re joining your lives and starting a new family together. However, for a wedding in nature, one has to think about the weather conditions as well. Is it going to be windy­? You can never know.

Even if it’s windy, you don’t have to give up this beautiful tradition. There’s an alternative to lighting candles and it consists of pouring sand into a jar together. The sand ceremony also has a long history and deep meaning.

All you need is a jar and packets of sand of different colors. One of the spouses would start the ceremony by putting a handful of sand in the jar. That’s the base of your future life and the home you’re creating together. The other spouse then adds sand of another color. You can continue like that until you fill the jar with beautiful and colorful layers.

When the ceremony is over, you’ll be left with a beautiful decoration for your home. Sometimes, parents may participate in the sand ceremony as well. They’re adding sand to symbolize that your wedding isn’t just a union of two persons but that of two families that will live in harmony.

Bonus Tip: If you choose an exotic destination for your honeymoon, you can bring some sand back with you and add it to the jar. The jar will be filled with your memories and you’ll remember the special moments every time you lay eyes on it.

Create a Floral Backdrop

Flower Backdrop for Outdoor Wedding

This is one of the first ideas that come to mind about any sort of wedding in nature. Many people want to create a backdrop that would blend nicely with the surroundings. We suggest you opt for a wood backdrop and decorate it with flowers.

If you’re having an eco-friendly wedding and don’t feel like wasting real wood for something that you’ll only use for the day, there are alternatives. You can make the backdrop with old wooden pallets that people are throwing away. Someone in your family must have some or know of a local business that does (carpets and flooring store, for example). It’s not uncommon to find amazing backdrops of old wooden doors either, if you can believe it­­.

Moreover, if you’re into making things, this can be a perfect pre-wedding activity that could serve as a bond with your loved ones. You could invite friends and family to join you and help you create unique decorations for your wedding.

After that, you can decorate the backdrop with your favorite flowers. Remember, there’s no such thing as too many flowers, especially for a wedding in the nature scenes of your dreams!

Just like that, you now have a perfect place for your wedding pictures! Not only will the bride look beautiful with the colorful flowers in the background, but your guests will be delighted. You know how people always look for some romantic spot where they could take photos. Well, this may be the best we’ve seen yet.

Popcorn Bar

Popcorn cart with a clown

Candy bar, snack bar, cocktail bar… Do you think you’ve seen them all? We’re not so sure! An outdoor wedding allows you to experiment and try out unusual wedding nature ideas. Have you considered creating a rustic popcorn bar in one corner­?

This idea is perfect for those who organize a wedding near cornfields. It can make everything more authentic. Popcorns can be a great appetizer, and they give your guests something to do before the reception. Moreover, who could resist the smell of freshly-popped corn kernels?

One of the positives of outdoor weddings is that you can have more thematic areas. You could create a stand or even a small wooden hut for popcorn-making. It adds additional charm and may well serve to excite your guests.

If you don’t want a typical wedding but you’re in a dearth of ideas, this is something you may want to try out. Moreover, sometimes a small detail like this can be a game-changer that makes people remember your wedding with delight.

Bonus Tip: If you’re not a fan of popcorns, you can customize this idea and create a stand for some other snack. The idea is to go with something unusual that people wouldn’t expect to see at the wedding. It could be anything really, even sushi if you’re a fan!

Potted Plants Aisle

Aisle in the beach Potted Plants

For your own wedding ceremony aisle arrangements, we’d suggest potted plants. You may wonder why? There are multiple reasons for this, both aesthetic and practical. Potted plants are gorgeous and you can choose your favorite species of flowers. They may not be suitable for an indoor wedding, but they’re a perfect choice for a wedding in nature.

However, that’s not the best thing about them. After the wedding, the potted plants used make for a unique gift for your guests. Of course, you can take some of them home as well, as a reminder of this beautiful moment.

But there are probably going to be more plants than you can put in your house. For any of the extras, your guests would be thrilled to receive as a gift. Instead of wasting time and money on useless favors, gift your guests something that can last for years. Every time they water the plants is when they’ll think of the great time spent at your wedding.

Enjoy the Process

We hope we’ve inspired you to use some of these ideas, and perhaps even come with your own ideas. Organizing a perfect wedding in nature comes with responsibilities. However, you don’t have to take it too seriously. Quite the contrary, you should try to have fun and enjoy every moment. This period can be stressful for spouses, but the beautiful memories will make up for it in spades.

Nature can be an endless source of inspiration. You just have to start looking at it that way and you can get the most out of it. Finally, remember to enjoy the whole process!

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