Organic Juice Bar at Your Wedding

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Organic juice bars are tons of fun for a wedding. They bring something unique to your special day, so here are a few reasons why you should consider having an organic juice bar at your wedding.

They’re unique.

Let’s be real. As fun as juice bars may seem, they’re not going to be at every wedding you go to. In fact, they’ve probably been at zero weddings that you’ve been to. They’re a fun way to set your wedding apart. People will be raving about how great the juices are and how the station is such a unique touch to the reception. Guests will see the juice bar as a remarkable personal addition, especially if organic eating and a healthy lifestyle are of known importance to you.

An organic juice bar can fit into any theme.

The great thing about a juice bar is that you can truly make it fit with any theme. Having a spring wedding? Have juice concoctions that are light-colored and use spring fruits and vegetables. If a fall wedding is in your future, stick to juices that fit with your theme of dark reds and oranges. These can be juices made of oranges, peaches, guavas, and more.
Whatever the theme may be, there’s a way to tie it in to the juice bar. Through the drinks themselves, or through the décor on the table, you can make it fit. You can get creative with the drink labels, the pitcher or jug, and especially the tablecloth or cover. There are so many amazing possibilities that are both simple and reasonably priced.

Organic juices bring tons of health benefits.

This may seem obvious, but you can’t deny the health benefits of organic juice. Why does that matter on your wedding day? It is a day when you and your guests might be moving around a lot, standing for long periods of time, and skipping food due to nerves or excitement. Organic juice, depending on the ingredients, can provide antioxidants, vitamin C, and healthy sugars. If someone gets exhausted from rocking out on the dance floor, they can grab a quick drink from the juice bar to refuel themselves. In addition, if another guest is prone to fainting spells due to health reasons, they can drink some juice to get their sugar levels back up. Health may be the last thing you’re worrying about on your wedding day, but it’s undeniably important. Juice bars are a great way to address that in a fun, subtle way.

They’re a great alternative to a bar.

There are plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want an open bar at your wedding. Maybe you have several recovering alcoholics in your family, and you don’t want to subject them to temptation. Maybe your wedding is religious and doesn’t allow alcohol, or maybe it just isn’t in the budget. Alcohol is expensive, especially if you have an open bar with an endless supply. A great alternative is a juice bar. Above all, your guests still get to have the experience of picking their favorite drink, without the added liability and expense of alcohol.

They’re delicious and customizable.

We’re stating the obvious here, but, most of all, organic juices are (for the most part) super tasty! They add an element of sweetness to your special day without the artificial flavors—and calories—of alcohol or candy. Juices can be made in any variety of flavors, so don’t be afraid to do some taste-testing to find your favorites. Why serve your guests a mediocre raspberry peach juice when you’ve found an incredible blackberry pineapple juice?! Whether you’re having the caterer take care of the juice bar, or simply ordering juices online, definitely make sure that you taste all of the concoctions before making a decision. You know what your family and friends will like, and the juices definitely have to be something you’ll like. As a result, you’ll have something chosen just for your special day.

An organic juice bar is a great option for your wedding. From the health benefits, to the unique element, to the creativity that goes into planning them, they’re definitely a feature you don’t want to miss out on.

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