What to Wear to an August Wedding?

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Getting invited to a wedding towards the end of the summer can present some pretty tough logistical challenges. And by tough logistical challenges we mean – the dress. Or lack thereof, right? That’s the thing, choosing the right apparel for your friend’s, or a remote acquaintance’s big day is certainly not an easy task. It’s especially hard during the season where potential clothing combinations abound!

Racing thoughts about what you should wear to a bright ‘n’ sunny August day’s wedding may pester you. But worry not, for we’ve assembled a list of clothing combinations like you’ve never seen before! (Alright maybe you’ve seen them, but ehrm… not listed in this particular order you haven’t!)

Jokes aside, let’s dive straight into our later summer, wedding-friendly collection!

A Simple Little Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD) was first introduced during the roaring 20’s. Back then, it was a favorite of women at cocktail parties and special evening events. But today, it represents a staple of formal and semi-formal dress codes for women. It’s simply a classic that never falls out of style.

Just as every man should have a pair of Oxford shoes in his collection, so should every woman have an LBD in her clothes cabinet. Many a fashionista will tell you the same.

And it actually makes plenty of sense. The universal black color of the dress allows for a wide variety of combinations.

For example, for a more casual look, you can wear it with a jacket or sneakers. For more of an elegant appearance, stick a brooch on your chest. Or, pop some jewelry to your fingers. Et voila! You’re ready to wow the guests at the wedding with a true fashion icon!

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A Pant Suit (Make it Merry, Though!)

Going to a wedding and opting for anything else than a traditional nightgown can make you stand out in the crowd a little bit. Of course, you have to strike a balance. Standing out in itself isn’t the biggest sin ever. But standing out over the bride will cause some issues.

How about doing it a way that nobody expects?

Wear a dinosaur costume!

Nope, just kidding, we’re thinking more about a well-tailored pantsuit. Designed to go well on pretty much any occasion, pantsuits can make you look stylish and elegant. They also give you a bunch of options to personalize your apparel. Whether it’s jewelry, fancy shoes or a cheeky hat on top, chances are that you’re going to make the ensemble work! Just don’t wear a tie. That will make you look too professional and stern.

A Stylish Evening Gown

Here, you can’t really go wrong. In fact, when in doubt about what to wear to a formal occasion taking place during the evening – go for an evening gown and you’ll never NOT look the part! As their name itself suggests, evening gowns work well as the day wears on. They help a woman to display her full elegance before the eager eyes of the attendees.

The great thing about these gowns is that they come in several different shapes.  You can pick and choose between a wide variety of looks while still retaining that one and the same shape that accentuates your body. Better yet, complementing an evening gown with jewelry only adds to the package.

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A Cutout Dress

Often worn by bridesmaids during the wedding, there’s no dress that fits the occasion of the wedding so much as the cutout dress.

Well, besides the wedding dress of course. But you shouldn’t turn up to someone else’s wedding wearing one of those.

This sleek ‘n’ stylish slice of apparel accentuates your figure and allows you to show some of your leg in a cheeky and yet completely acceptable way!

These dresses are typically made out of light and breathable materials. That means you won’t have to support them with much clutter underneath (wink, wink). And you’ll feel comfortable and well-supported in the hot summer night air.

As for the jewelry and other accessories, you might want to go easy on them. The light material of the dress may make too many pieces of jewelry too cluttered and awkward. All in all, an excellent choice for a leisurely time at a summer night wedding. Plus, it’ll keep you cool to boot.

A Vintage Dress

A vintage dress is a piece of apparel that pretty much can’t ever go out of fashion. That means choosing it as your dress to wear at a wedding is a foolproof strategy to look good! About the only thing you’d need to pay attention to if you decide to go down the path of retro, so to speak, is not to overdo it.

While pretty much everyone likes pinup girls and the Americana style of the 50’s, playing too much into it may come across as fake. You may even undermine the elegance of the event you’re attending. Therefore, make sure to tone down any extraordinary ideas you may have already developed.  Instead, organize your style according to the ongoing sentiment of the event.

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Accessories are another important point of consideration when it comes to wearing a vintage dress.  Think carefully about what you choose to complement the look. You have to remember that a retro style dress demands a certain pair of shoes, as well as a special hairdo.

To prevent yourself from accumulating a nasty bill, make sure to do your homework in advance. This gives you a clearer idea of how much the whole retro deal will set you back in total!

The Final Word

All in all, picking the dress for a wedding is one of the biggest bittersweet struggles of women across the world. It doesn’t matter if they’re the bride or an invitee.

We’d certainly encourage you to get creative and come up with your own idea for a dress of your dreams. If you don’t have time, or your imagination has betrayed you, the dresses and gowns we’ve shown above will certainly be a great fit anyway!

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