20 Fonts for your Wedding Invitations


The biggest day of your life deserves to have everything thrown at it to ensure that it is nothing short of perfection. There’s no point spending all that money, designing a color theme, choosing all the right music, food, flowers and then hand scribbling out your invitations to send to your VIP guests!

Every touch point of your wedding is and should be an excuse to celebrate your love and to let your personality shine through. The devil is in the detail and so is the delight too. You can set the tone for the day itself, teasing to what the guests might expect to encounter on the big day, just by the what, when and how you communicate with them.

The font, graphic, tone, color palette and language you choose to use. These are all very much an overall part and parcel of conveying the importance of your unique day.

So let’s take a look at some of the beautiful fonts that you might choose to use and what kind of deeper messaging they will help to convey. There will undoubtedly be the perfect font out there for you and if not and you are a creative type or have friends who are, what better symbolism and memory for your special day than to have had your own wedding font designed!

Without further ado, let’s look at some of our favorite recommendations.



Very decorative, curvy and quite playful. This looks gorgeous on wedding invitations, place settings, etc. and might be the one for you. In fact, this font may well have just described the bride-to-be herself! Download Font.



A reliable and more modern looking font that really makes a statement. It’s understated but in an elegant, dependable and refined way with its ligature forms  Download Font



I know, a bit of unfortunate (or perhaps deliberately tongue in cheek) name for a wedding font but this is quite beautiful. Designed by Alejandro Paul in 2006 it’s elaborate and intricate and the perfect font for a statement wedding invitation Download Font

4.Shit Happens


Again another irreverent name that doesn’t sound particularly pleasant or wedding like but the font combines the perfect blend of distinctiveness with a cool undertone. It’s all statement lines created by famous penman Billy Argel Download Font

5.Pafumerie Script Pro


Based on a beautiful calligraphy style, we love this font for its unique and somewhat romantic loops and sweeping curves. If you are having a very Romantic inspired wedding, then you are going to love this one Download Font

6.Emily Lime


This font is also known as the frame builder. It’s a fun and quirky, modern little font, bursting with personality. There are over 79 elements that deliver literally thousands of combinations make this a completely versatile wedding font Download Font

7.Only You Pro


We love this name for all your wedding stationery requirements, and it’s pretty stylistic featuring ribbons, frames, and attractive icons. There are plenty of swishes and swooshes that look just the part for conveying the essential details of your most special day Download Font

8.Copperplate Gothic


If you are looking for something more classic, bright and sharp and more solidly dependable, then this could be an excellent alternative for you. It’s bold, brave but at the same time manages to be beautiful Download Font

Other great fonts that you might like to take a look at include:



A trendy and beautiful choice Download Font



Stylish and sophisticated with plenty of accents and flourishes Download Font



A versatile, pretty and almost floral looking font Download Font



Contemporary and very stylish for the thoroughly modern bride-to-be Download Font



Ornamental and very decorative in style with lots of attention to detail Download Font

14.Edwardian Script


Adds a touch of elegance and perfection to your communications Download Font



Plenty of swashes, flourishes, and personality to add character and vibrancy to your invitations Download Font

A more formal celebration

There aren’t any formal rules when it comes down to choosing your wedding fonts so you can go with what you both love. There are some obvious choices, especially if your wedding is going to be an altogether more formal affair and any font that mimics handwriting is an excellent and popular choice.

Some of the more formally elegant fonts that you might come across in your research include

16.Spencerian scripts Download Font


17.Carolingian fonts Download Font


18.Blackletter font Download Font


Keeping it casual

If you intend to have something a bit more casual and laid back, you’ll still need to send out invitations but probably keep it more low key. In that case, you can go for neat or quirky style scripts like

19.Noodle Download Font


20.Caffe Latte Download Font


The most important thing when you are selecting a wedding font is to either tie it to an overall theme or go for something that is an extension of your personalities.

Consider mixing and matching

You could also experiment by mixing and matching a couple of different fonts together – perhaps signifying you and your other half. One of you might be a modernist the other a traditionalist so why not put that across in your choice of fonts? Your guests will be impressed when they have their “Eureka” moment and realize that the fonts are a delightful representation of the two of you, ready to join together for the next exciting adventure in your life as a married couple.

A font can speak a thousand words

So don’t overlook the importance or the significance that the typeface you select for all your stationery will have. It is the glue that connects all the parts and can pull your theme together. Be that romantic, gothic, whimsical or something very modern, a carefully chosen font can speak a thousand words and tease to what might be in store on the day of your nuptials themselves. Think carefully and considerately about the wedding fonts you choose. Not only do you want them to make a perfect impression but also a very lasting and enduring impact. To be a beautiful and cherished memento and keepsake for years to come.

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