Top 20 Wedding Table Arrangement Ideas

beautifully decorated wedding table

Your table arrangement has to fit your wedding theme. It is an important part of the reception, and choosing the décor can be fun.

However, wedding planning is overwhelming. When it comes to choosing decorations, you may be short on specific ideas. So we hope this selection of table arrangement ideas may be of help.

1. Stay Seasonal

You can match your table décor to the season. This is particularly appropriate for organic weddings.


For your summer wedding centerpiece, you can combine seasonal fruits with fresh flowers in a rainbow of colors. Orchids are a well-loved summer choice, and some couples even opt for sunflowers. You can also add tropical fruits to your décor. Little platters of berries can be very charming too.


If you’re organizing an autumn wedding, you can decorate the tables with organic fruits and vegetables. Grapes and pumpkins are a popular choice. Your centerpieces can also feature berries, nuts, and foliage. As for flowers, you can go for seasonal options, such as dahlias.


Most winter weddings are glamorous and sparkly. Roses are a popular choice in the winter months, and you can also add pine cones or coniferous branches. Candles and lanterns are a great choice for the season. Some couples use feathers and Christmas tree decorations to make the table décor more festive.

winter decorated table


Your spring wedding should celebrate renewal as well as love. If you like the classics, decorate your tables with peonies and lilies of the valley. But any spring bloom can fit the occasion. You can also include branches from flowering trees.

2. Arrange the Table in White, Add a Splash of Color

All-white table décor is as traditional as they come. You can shake things up by adding colorful centerpieces. Don’t be afraid to choose vases in bold colors.

3. Different Shades of the Same Color

If you find white boring, you can choose pieces that all come in different shades of your favorite color. An all-blue or all-purple wedding table is a memorable sight. If you go for pink, keep a careful eye on the overall effect. You don’t want to overwhelm your guests.

4. Or Get Creative with Your Palette

You can decide on a few well-matched pastels for a refreshing table arrangement. If you prefer a more daring look, try a dark, jewel-toned tablecloth. Vivid contrasts can be very effective, so don’t hesitate to use dashes of black or dark red.

5. Use Desserts as a Centerpiece

Small cakes can look impressive when you stack them up. Cupcakes are decorative as well, especially combined with flowers and fruit. Additionally, you can incorporate a tiered cake stand into your arrangement.

pink rose cupcakes

6. Use a Tea Set

Instead of a vase, you can use a ceramic teapot as part of the centerpiece. Add matching ceramic cups and fill them up with flowers and berries. If you’re going with this option, you could add some old pearl necklaces for a touch of vintage glamour.

7. Match the Candles to the Flowers

Are you holding an evening reception? A selection of candles can add to the mood. Stick to white or bright-colored candles that you can combine with your floral arrangement. Again, pearls and beads add a great effect.

8. Glass Bottles Can Be a Beautiful Centerpiece

If you’re going for an informal style, you can use glass bottles to hold your flowers. This has a special appeal for couples who care about recycling. You can also paint any transparent bottle to match your theme.

9. Try an Underwater Theme

Beach weddings can have special, venue-appropriate centerpieces. You can find ethically-sourced shells to use for the décor. If you already own some coral decorations, this is the perfect time to bring them out.

10. Pay Attention to the Containers

While colorful vases are a great choice for some, transparent containers can be lovely too. Metal containers can add some excitement to your arrangement. Some couples use bamboo sticks as vessels in the centerpiece.

11. Create a Floating Centerpiece

If you have a transparent bowl, you can use it to create unique floating arrangements.

Fill it up with water, then arrange flowers or petals on top. Shells, small branches, and blades of glass can look impressive underwater. Floating candles are particularly romantic.

12. Go for Potted Plants

Potted plants are eco-conscious and impressive. You can even give away some of your centerpieces when the reception is over. A potted flower or succulent can also be a beautiful keepsake for you and your spouse.

In addition to traditional potted flowers and cacti, you should consider using pots of herbs and spices. Some couples even go with miniature pots of strawberry bushes.

13. Branch Out with the Centerpieces

Some couples prefer to avoid flowers altogether. Instead, you can use decorative branches. Eucalyptus and olive branches are especially trendy.

14. Birdcages Are Popular

For a unique container, you can go for an ornate birdcage. Decorate the walls with flowers and beads.

But you don’t have to place the cage on the table. If you’re using small tables, you can hang your floral birdcages overhead.

You can achieve a sweet, intimate effect if you place a candle inside the birdcage. Or, you can decorate the floor of the cage with moss and foliage.

with birdcage with flowers

15. Terrariums are Becoming a Trend Too

If you like geometric designs, you could go for a wedding terrarium. Fill it up with the flowers or succulents of your choice. If you’re looking for a simple or quirky vibe, you can use mason jars with the same effect.

16. Old Oil Lamps Look Romantic

In addition to candles and lanterns, you can go shopping for vintage oil lamps. They will give your table a special rustic mood.

17. Browse Secondhand Shops for Some More Unique Additions

You can make your table arrangement unique with a clock or an intricate cookie jar. Your friends and family may also want to donate some old possessions.

18. DIY Décor Feels Really Special

If you or your spouse has a creative side, don’t hesitate to paint, sculpt, or sew your wedding table decorations. Even if the end result isn’t perfect, your guests will appreciate the effort you put in.

19. Use a Blackboard

Here’s another way you can get creative. Set up signs to greet your guests. You can use your favorite quotes or song lyrics.

20. Match the Place Cards to the Centerpiece

Having a seating chart is crucial if you want to make sure your guests have a good time. You can use place cards and escort cards to make sure everything is going according to plan. Escort cards just tell your guests which table to choose, while place cards assign them a specific seat.

Your place cards should match the centerpiece. For example, you can place them in little ceramic cups or glass jars.

A Final Word

Choosing the perfect table arrangements may seem like a minor detail at first. But the right decorations can have a huge impact on the ambient of your reception. Lovely table arrangements can make your guests feel truly special.

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