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You may well have been planning for this day since you were three years old. Your Chief Bridesmaid and of course the Mother of the Bride is going to be on hand every step of the way to ensure that the day goes smoothly. However, just in case you do turn into Bridezilla and start to test those long-standing relationships, then hiring a professional wedding planner might be a smart move. Not only can you be assured that they will go that one step beyond to ensure you have the best day of your life, but you will also keep those treasured relationships fully intact.

You might start out the process thinking you will never be that Bride then all of a sudden, you are faced with an ever-mounting and overwhelming series of decisions and you literally can’t see the wood for the trees or in this analogy, the altar where you will say “I do” because of the never-ending “To Do” list. Why take on all of that pressure when there are people out there who love planning weddings, especially your wedding, and can turn that vision board you’ve carried around with you since you were a little girl dreaming of her very own Prince Charming, into the fairy tale reality.


Brooklyn Brides to Be

You’re lucky if you happen to live in the Brooklyn area as you are spoiled for choice when it comes to reputable wedding planners and gorgeous venues too. It’s also a fabulous city in which to get hitched so with that backdrop, your dream brought to life, and some superb top-level planning, you really can expect to have the very best day of your life.

Before we delve in and recommend 10 of Brooklyn’s best, let’s stop a minute to consider what exactly you need to be asking your wedding planner before you engage their services. It always pays to be prepared, and that’s never truer than when it comes to a wedding. There aren’t many occasions that will take up more of your precious time or money, besides maybe buying a home and having a child of course! But hold your horses for a second, you’re not yet hitched so let’s focus first on the task at hand before we worry about baby making!

Advise on what to ask your wedding planner

Assuming that you have already done your research and you are ready to engage the services of your planner here’s a list of our top five recommended questions that you should have prepared. These will give you a better understanding of the relationship you will get to have with your wedding planner.

1. How many weddings do you do each weekend?

You need to get a sense of how much time they are going to have to dedicate to you. You don’t want to feel like you are part of a wedding production line process/

2. How do you determine your pricing?

Is it an all-inclusive flat fee or could there be some hidden surprises when that final invoice arrives? Do you charge by the hour? Get clear on what you are in for and make sure there are no hidden extras that you’ve not included in your budget.

3. Who will be responsible for signing all the vendor contracts?

It is essential that you understand where the liabilities and responsibilities lay. Woe betides that anything goes wrong, but hey, venues go out of business or even worse get flooded or suffer fire damage unexpectedly. What’s your back up plan and insurance policy?

4. Will you make a commission from specific vendors?

That’s not unusual in the wedding planning industry, but you want an open dialogue and not to have something forced upon you because it’s in your planner’s interests rather than your own.

5. How responsive will you be to my e-mails and phone calls?

Get realistic and agree on a timeframe for communication. Your planner should appreciate it’s the biggest day of your life but probably won’t thank you for a call at 2 am on a Saturday because you’ve just located the perfect favors on a Pinterest board.

Best of Brooklyn Planners

There are 100’s of well-respected wedding planners in the Brooklyn area. They cater for all budgets from Inexpensive all the way up to lavish and expensive bespoke services. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a better experience the more money you spend. So we’ve focused on affordable planners, in an immediate 5-mile radius of Brooklyn, who have already won accolades within the industry including. Awards that include 2018 Best of Wedding Winner. That way you can be assured that you are in a safe pair of hands. We also considered the feedback and reviews we could find about each of these planners or organization. We hope that the perfect one for you is on this list.

Top 10 Wedding Planners in Brooklyn

Blissful Events


A certified wedding planner with an emphasis on fun and minimizing stress. Committed to your style and tastes and exceptionally hands on. Click Blissful Events to learn more about them.

Vision Event Co


Event planning made fun. The focus is on creating an experience that both you and your family and friends will all cherish forever. Learn more about Vision Event Co.

Ashley M Chamblin Events


Making the wedding all about you. Ensuring you have cherished memories to share forever with their calm but tenacious service. Learn more about Ashley M Chamblin Events

By Amanda Event Studio


Amanda has 15 years of experience in planning and coordinating weddings and offers a down to earth affordable solution. Click here to find out more about By Amanda Event Studio

Beautiful Bride Events


Full-service wedding planning happy to help through all the stages of your wedding proceedings. Learn more about Beautiful Bride Events

Color Pop Events


Providing a professional level of preparation and expertly executing your wedding through detailed research and negotiating the best contract. Click to find out more about Color Pop Events

Debroah Minarik Events Ltd

Creative wedding planning that takes away your stress and is there to support you every step of the way with an entirely personal and hands-on approach. Find out more by clicking here Deborah Minarik Events Ltd

A Tailored Affair


Offering a truly bespoke and one of a kind wedding experience. There is a strong emphasis on being chic and reflecting the clients’ unique personalities. Click here to find out more A Tailored Affair

The Privilege Is Mine


Helping to deliver memories that you will cherish forever in a creative, collaborative and fun way. Find out more by clicking here The Privilege Is Mine

SL Events


Approaching your wedding day with a fresh and innovative perspective. Designed to reflect your unique style and vision. Click the link for more details here SL Events


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