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Believe it or not, wedding Crocs are now trending. Brides worldwide are choosing to wear comfortable flat shoes, like wedding Crocs, instead of painful sky-high stilettos. Whether you’re planning to wear bridal Crocs after the ceremony or your entire wedding day, your feet will thank you when the day finally ends.

This article will discuss the newest wedding Crocs trend. We’ll also give you 20 fabulous ideas for wearing Crocs on your wedding day.

Wearing Crocs on Your Wedding Day

Bride Wearing Wedding Crocs

From the moment the day of the wedding comes, brides are usually on their feet the whole time. First, the ceremony, then it’s time to greet guests at the reception, take photos, or even later on the dance floor – your wedding day is definitely not a time to sit back and relax. That’s why more and more brides are ditching uncomfortable high heels for footwear that they can walk in with comfort and enjoy their day. This is where wedding Crocs come in.

Crocs used to be known as leisure footwear you could wear to walk around town, run daily errands, or even do recreational activities. However, they have recently become the preferred footwear for various formal events, including weddings.

It’s well-known that brides wear high heels during the ceremony and in the wedding photos, but later, they change into something more comfortable, like flats, sandals, or even sneakers. While there is nothing wrong with wearing flat shoes to your own wedding, it’s much better to wear Crocs than sneakers. They’re more comfortable and lightweight, and your feet won’t sweat in them.

Bridal or wedding Crocs initially started as a trend after a viral TikTok video. But now, more and more people are beginning to realize that Crocs aren’t just for everyday wear. If you’re interested in wedding Crocs for your big day, here are 20 ideas you might like:

Plain White Crocs

If you’re a minimalist and your wedding dress is simple, you can’t go wrong with plain white wedding Crocs. There are different Crocs styles you can choose from, like clogs, sandals, slides, flip-flops, boots, platforms, and more. If you go with Crocs clogs, you won’t have to worry about your feet sweating since they have ventilation ports that add breathability.

Bedazzled Wedding Crocs

If minimalism is the opposite of what you’re going for, why not wear bedazzled white Crocs? You can get regular white wedding Crocs and then decorate them yourself.

Buying bedazzled bridal Crocs on Etsy is another option. The store that sells them is called Princess Pumps. These wedding Crocs have a pink and golden shine that makes them glamourous.

Matching Crocs for the Bridal Party

Why stop at getting wedding Crocs for yourself? Have your bridesmaids and maid of honor wear matching Crocs as well. If the bridal party wears matching dresses in a uniform color, they can also wear matching Crocs. The good news is that Crocs come in various colors, so you can easily find ones that match the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Crocs for the Groom

While we’re on the subject of other people wearing Crocs to your wedding, why not have the groom wear them as well? Crocs are unisex, and they come in black, brown, and gray so that they can also match the groom’s wedding attire. Both the bride and the groom have to be on their feet the whole day. Wearing wedding Crocs can help both of you get through the day.

Personalized Wedding Crocs

Wedding Croccs with Jewels and Gems

Every bride needs one personalized detail that completes the whole outfit. Nothing says unique like a pair of wedding Crocs. You can make them your own in numerous ways. You can even add your “something new” or “something borrowed” to your Crocs if it’s small enough to be attached.

Crocs With Wedding Charms

Crocs manufacturers also produce wedding Croc charms. They come in a set of 25 charms that have different colors and motifs. Some include “I do” text, a wedding ring, hearts, bridesmaids, champagne, etc. You can also get standard wedding charms with personalized text and pictures if you want something more traditional.

Wedding Crocs Sandals

If you don’t want to wear Crocs clogs, this brand also offers sandals. Crocs sandals are perfect for a summer wedding or if the ceremony is held at the beach. They come with beautiful details, making them different from regular everyday sandals and flip-flops. These wedding sandals are available in various colors, including white.

Floral Details

Adding floral details to your Crocs is another great way of personalizing them for your big day. Whether you add flowers on top of your Crocs or get them with a floral print, they will go wonderfully with your wedding dress and bouquet. Some brides like to use the same flowers for table arrangements, venue décor, bouquets, and accessories. Why not add them to your Crocs as well?

Add Jewels on the Side

If you want some sparkles on your Crocs but bedazzled shoes are too much for your taste, you can add a few jewels on the side. It’s the perfect combination of style and comfort. Where you choose to add the gems is entirely up to you. Crocs sandals can look stunning with jewels on the straps. Jewels come in different shapes, so you can also add heart-shaped or diamond-shaped ones.

Wedding Crocs in Different Colors

Not all brides have traditional white wedding dresses. They opt for different colors, like red, black, pink, blue, etc. Since you’ll wear an unconventional wedding dress, why not pair it with quirky footwear? No matter which color you choose for your wedding dress, you can find Crocs that go with it.

Crocs Sandals With Straps

Crocs don’t only offer clogs but platforms and sandals as well. If you feel like clogs aren’t for you, look at these Crocs strappy low wedge sandals. They’re more elegant than clogs or sandals, but they provide the same amount of comfort. What’s more, they would go beautifully with a simple white wedding gown.

White Pearls

Like jewels, you can also add white pearls to your wedding Crocs. White pearls come in different sizes, which you can combine for a stunning look. You can even mix white and silver pearls if your wedding dress has silver details.

Add Your Names or Initials

A simple yet striking detail can make your wedding Crocs the star of the show. If you like fancy handwriting, you can write “Mr. and Mrs.” and your last name (if you’re taking your fiancé’s name, of course). If you don’t want to write on the shoes, you can always add a pendant or something similar.

Wear Matching Wedding Crocs

Many brides and grooms like to wear matching colors on their wedding day. It’s a popular trend for brides that don’t want a traditional white wedding dress since grooms typically don’t wear white when they’re getting married. If you and your husband-to-be are wearing matching colors, why not get matching wedding Crocs too?

Add Bows

Details can make your wedding shoes stand out, and what better way to make your wedding Crocs memorable than bows? What’s great about this idea is that you can tie bows in different colors and sizes and choose where to place them.

Crocs With Platforms

Croc Madame Rubber Stiletto Clogs

If you want to wear high heels on your wedding day but still want to be comfortable, wedding Crocs platforms are the perfect solution. There are various platforms to choose from, and they come in different colors.

Wear Crocs With Socks

Crocs are better suited for warmer seasons, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear them at your fall wedding. Some Crocs can be purchased together with three or four pairs of socks.

Wedding Crocs With Different Patterns

For a bold look, consider getting Crocs with a pattern. No, we don’t mean leopard print or other animal prints. Crocs come in various designs that can elevate your look.

Tie-Dye Crocs

Tie-dye Crocs have become extremely popular recently. You can find them in different colors and styles, but it’s better to stick to simpler patterns if you feel this is too much.

Wear Your Crocs With a Long Wedding Dress

If you’re concerned that you might look tacky wearing your wedding Crocs, you can always wear them secretly. Wear a long wedding dress that covers your feet can cover them completely, then you have nothing to worry about.

Spice Up Your Look With Wedding Crocs

While this topic might be slightly controversial for some fashion lovers, more and more brides choose comfort over style. If wearing wedding Crocs is something you want to do, don’t let anyone stop you. There are numerous ways you can style wedding Crocs for your big day, whether you choose plain white Crocs or something bolder. It’s your wedding day, and you should wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.

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