Complete Guide to V-Shaped Wedding Bands

V Shaped Wedding Bands Guide

Few events in life are as exciting as marking an extraordinary bond of love with a wedding ceremony. Your excitement and exhaustion levels are probably nearly the same if you’re engaged to be married. And choosing your wedding band is at the top of the list of urgent tasks. If you’re considering a V-shaped wedding band, you have great taste.

You’ve probably seen this fetching band style on the pages of wedding and fashion magazines quite frequently, but you may not know much about it. Keep reading to see the numerous reasons why the V-shaped ring is the preferred style for millions of people. Knowing this might confirm your wedding band choice and take at least one worry from your mind.

Beautiful V-Shaped Wedding Band Design

Your V-shaped wedding band will bring drama to the party. Its sheer artistry makes it a sought-after piece of jewelry. Entertainers, models, couples, and everyday people love to show off the familiar design. The sizes and styles are appropriate for men and women, and the shape is classic yet versatile enough to please anyone from a meek minimalist to a fabulous financier.

Think about expressing your environmentally conscious lifestyle with your wedding band. If you have enough time before the wedding, consult a jewelry designer. Create a one-of-a-kind ring that reflects your ethics. You will find a myriad of jewelry artisans that are eager to bring your vision to life.

You will also find V-style pre-made bands in any number of eco-conscious materials. There’s no need to go without a wedding band to stay true to your sustainability commitment. You can be confident in how you look at your wedding while remaining faithful to the planet.

Practical Jewelry Design

Practicality is another reason the V-ring is so desirable. The band is crafted to fit and pair better with large stones. You’ll appreciate this feature if a doorknob-sized rock is your engagement ring style.

Another benefit is they don’t leave a gap if you’re wearing your band and engagement ring together. A big diamond or gemstone nestles perfectly in the V cut of your wedding band. Your band will look that much neater on your hand in your wedding pictures.

Then there’s the problem caused by two round rings scratching against each other. You run the risk of damaging your rings, especially if they are soft metal or another delicate material. This ring design avoids that issue altogether because the two rings fit snugly on your finger.

Finally, what good is any piece of jewelry if it rubs and scratches your skin? You won’t wear it for long, if at all. A V-shaped wedding band will give you a highly comfortable fit even with your engagement ring.

You might wonder about the origin of this amazing design. The humble beginnings of the world-popular V-ring might surprise you.

V-Shaped Ring History

The V-shaped band is known by several other names. Most of these rings are recognizable by their familiar double-sweeping curve that comes to a sharp point in the middle. The band is also called a chevron or notched ring because of this dreamy exclusive contour.

However, the original name has more culinary than romantic connotations. It was originally named the “wishbone” ring.

The wishbone jewelry craze started during the Victorian era. Symbolic jewelry with hidden meanings was wildly popular in Britain during that time. Consequently, jewelry in the shape of four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and snakes flew off the shelves. These shapes were said to represent love, luck, and wisdom.

In the late 1900s, the wishbone shape made its way to the market in the form of necklaces, postcards, and home decor. The design came from the ancient Roman tradition of two people tugging the wishbone of a turkey or chicken. In the tradition, the person who broke off the biggest piece could make a wish that supposedly would come true.

This old tradition is how the V-shaped wedding band was born. The wishbone profile and legacy became an immediate hit with the fashion-forward women of that time. Their superstition created a demand for wishbone-inspired wedding rings with the hope that they would bring good fortune to their marriages.

Some people view the wishbone as a symbol of good luck to this day. The wishbone ring of yesterday is the V-shaped wedding band of today. Some brides do wear them for good providence in their marriage. Even more modern women wear them for their exquisite and practical design.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

All your planning is centered around carefully making sure you have a sustainable and ethical wedding. Most likely, everything from your dress to decorations and food is earth-friendly. Rest assured, you can maintain this ethic with the wedding band you choose.

If you want clear stones in your wedding band, conflict-free diamonds are the way to go. You don’t have to buy a band mined in a conflict zone, from unethical mining practices, or under unsafe conditions. You have the choice to purchase jewelry from vendors selling earth-sustaining merchandise, unlike brides in the Victorian era.

Countless jewelers claim their mined diamonds are eco-friendly. Some have created entire jewelry lines made with sustainable and recycled diamonds. They will even provide you with paperwork that traces the origin of their pieces. If you have the extra time, it is possible to verify this information with time and effort.

However, there are easier ways to ensure your diamond meets your ethical standards.

The first option is to purchase lab-grown diamonds. These gems are identical to mined diamonds on a chemical level. A quality jeweler who sells them will probably have the V-shaped band you want. As a bonus, they’re less expensive than mined diamonds.

Alternatively, you can check out recycled diamonds. They’re a sustainable substitute for mined diamonds, and you can find lovely, reused diamonds in antique stores and online vendors. They are also much less expensive than new diamonds.

Conflict-Free Diamond Settings

You won’t have a problem with traditional ring settings using conflict-free diamonds. Choose the same cuts and band options you like, just as you would with mined diamonds.

An eternity ring style shows off the wishbone shape beautifully. It also represents all three wishbone symbols if you use diamonds. The wishbone represents hope and luck, while diamonds signify love and integrity. The eternity band itself is a symbol of equality and completion.

If you choose a channel setting, the stones go all around the band. Or you can have just the front covered with gems. The band has a Pave stone setting, creating brilliance. A micro-Pave setting uses tiny stones, giving the band a smooth but sparkling look.

Other V-Shaped Wedding Band Options

Many selections are available if you prefer colored gems in your wedding band. Look for rings that have imitation, synthetic, or simulant gemstones. You can find them in practically all fine jewelry stores. Or you can have a V-shaped wedding band designed with your simulant birthstone or another favorite-colored gem.

Lastly, your wedding band can be fashioned with organic or other earth-friendly material. Think outside the box and consider buying a fabulous ring made with wood, ceramic, or bamboo. On the other hand, previously owned gold or silver wedding bands are sustainable choices, just like diamonds.

Any of these wedding bands support your socially responsible lifestyle. Your purchases also help fund brand owners with the same love and care for the planet like you. The earth will appreciate your two-fold contribution.

How to Wear Your Band?

There’s no concrete historical evidence to support how V-shaped wedding bands were initially worn. However, it might be interesting to know the trends of today. Here are some examples we found of how people wear this band style.

The consensus seems to be the same in most regions that perform traditional weddings.

If the ring is a wedding band, it is usually worn with the V’s opening toward the wrist. This placement allows the engagement ring to easily slip into place during the ceremony. Alternately, some brides put the engagement ring and wedding band on the finger together when exchanging rings during the ceremony.

A lovely understated V-shaped wedding band is another choice. Consider selecting a metal or another material to wear without an engagement ring. In this instance, the thickness of the metal you choose makes a difference. The general rule is that a wider ring makes a clearer statement because it’s more noticeable.

Some couples have matching bands designed in the V shape. They wear their rings pointing the same way after the wedding to show marital unity.

However, keep in mind that the actual way to wear a V-shaped wedding band is as unique as the individual wearing it. Ultimately, the ring symbolizes what you share with your new spouse. Whichever style you choose, you’ll find a wedding band that will be the perfect reminder of the day you start your marital journey.

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