Top Organic Wedding Favors

Organic wedding favors

One of the most popular myths when it comes to planning an organic or eco-friendly wedding is that you can’t have wedding favors. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Here are some great ideas for organic wedding favors that are fun, inexpensive, and eco-friendly.

By Sarah Dinetz


Mason Jar Beverages

Mason Jar with different fruit flavor beverages

Who doesn’t love tea or coffee?! Give your guests the gift of caffeine and happiness with a mason jar full of coffee grounds or fresh tea leaves. You can have the jars engraved or have custom labels made, and the coffee or tea choice is totally up to you and your significant other. You could order sustainable coffee online, or you could find some locally-grown tea leaves to support local businesses. The possibilities are endless!

Reusable Water Bottles

different color and size of reusable water bottle

Sure, water bottles don’t exactly come to mind when you think of wedding favors, but they’re actually a clever idea. Everyone can use a reusable water bottle, and you can have the bottles customized with your name and wedding date. For some extra flair, add a fun saying like “Just Married” or “Together Forever”. In addition, your guests will love having a new water bottle to bring to work or the gym, and you’ll be preventing the waste of tons of plastic water bottles.

Plants or Succulents


Plants and succulents are a great option, especially if your theme is more outdoors or garden centric. Guests will love having a new plant to liven up their house, and you’re not creating any waste like you would with other wedding favors. Bonus: these look absolutely gorgeous on the favor table—like an added decoration for the reception room.

Eco-Friendly Coasters

eco-friendly coaster

Several websites, including Little Things Favors and Beau-coup, offer eco-friendly coaster options. These coasters are made from materials ranging from recycled paper, to natural cork, to bamboo. These coasters make great favors because you can customize them with your names, your monograms, a fun saying that fits with your wedding theme, or even a fun design with a picture. Your guests will absolutely love these!

Jams or Spreads

different type of jams and spread jar

If you live in an area with lots of farms or farmers markets, locally made jams, jellies, or spreads are a great favor option that support local business. Many farmers markets package their spreads in reusable jars, or would be happy to upon request. This is a great option for spring and summertime weddings, and there’s lots of room for creativity and customization! If you choose organic, local honey as your wedding favor, you can attach a label that says something like, “Thanks for making our special day so sweet!”.

Organic Desserts

organic desserts in a jar

Let’s be real—who doesn’t love dessert?! Desserts are always a great option for wedding favors, and there are tons of ways to keep them eco-friendly or organic. For a true take-home dessert experience, you can have miniature mason jar desserts. Fill the jar with small cookies, a cupcake, layered cakes, or anything else your heart desires. This allows your guests to have an enjoyable dessert experience without the wasteful addition of cupcake wrappers, cookie boxes, etc.

Burlap Favor Bags

burlap flavors with coffee bean

Burlap party favor bags are absolutely adorable—and they’re a great, eco-friendly alternative. You can have them customized with your names, monograms, and/or wedding date. After that, the rest is up to you! You can fill the favor bags with a favorite candy, some coffee grounds, loose tea, or even seeds for planting. In short, this is a fun and stylish take on a traditional wedding favor.

Organic Candles

organic candles with different colors

There’s an unwritten rule that you can never have too many candles! Candles are a great wedding favor that can be used for years to come, and there are tons of organic options available to you. You can simply order soy candles online, from websites like Organic Candle Company or Etsy, furthermore, you can even make your own! Candles are surprisingly easy to make, and making them yourself can add a fun, personalized element to your wedding.

Lastly, These are just some of the many organic wedding favors available to you. Choose any of them—or any combination of them—and your guests will be raving for weeks, months, or even years to come!

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