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If you’re getting married or just daydreaming about the future, then chances are you’ve browsed through Pinterest boards and a wedding blog or 20 online. From wedding vendors, stylists, photographers, and other professionals, the key to attracting and growing your business is by getting published. There are a number of wedding blogs on the Internet with more and more popping up every day. While each site has its strength and specialties, we’ve found the top 10 wedding blogs for you to check out.

1. Martha Stewart Weddings

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You know Martha Stewart as a household name for everything related to food, designs, organization, and weddings. As a giant brand, Martha Stewart focuses mainly on high-end and celebrity weddings. In addition to some of the select clientele, this wedding blog also features some of the top wedding photographers in the world. You can also submit wedding here, but it’s a more specific process, and you need to include three to five images.

2. Green Wedding Shoes

If you’re looking for a different perspective on wedding planning, then turn to Green Wedding Shoes. This wedding blog focuses on the strange surprises that come from having a unique wedding. GWS features weddings that stray from tradition and are truly personalized to the couples. They essentially give the “okay” for couples who want to break from customs and have a wedding on their own funky terms. GWS not only shows off these special pairs but encourages others to try something different in their wedding.

3. Our Organic Wedding

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Of course, we’re going to include ourselves on the list! Here at OOW, we like to focus on educating current and future brides on creating a special and eco-friendly wedding day. With our wedding blog, we provide tips, guides, and real-life inspiration on how to throw an organic and sustainable wedding. From simple guides on making your own wedding signs to more detailed looks at conflict-free diamonds, we cover it all. You can reach out for guidance and also submit your own wedding for us to share with the world.

4. Style Me Pretty

You probably recognize the name Style Me Pretty, but did you know that it’s now one of the most recognized wedding blogs in existence? This site is very simple, and its content follows the same style. You won’t see anything too flashy or overwhelming here. Style Me Pretty is known for its creamy pastels and soft colors that complement clean designs and content. You can submit your weddings online or simply browse through their extensive inspiration section.

5. Wedding Chicks

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Wedding Chicks is like the best friend in the wedding blog world. It’s approachable and focuses more on the emotional connections and relationships that other wedding blogs. They pay attention more to the actual people getting married and participating in the weddings rather than the objects and style. This difference allows readers to have a stronger connection when reading and to view the submitted wedding stories. While there are glamorous shots, you do see more of the real-life weddings and their inspiration.

6. 100 Layer Cake

Unlike some fairytale wedding blogs, 100 Layer Cake delivers real-life weddings and practical inspiration. With fun images filling the blog’s pages, they show both beautiful and achievable wedding ideas. Nothing is too over the top so that you can incorporate it into your own special day. After browsing through their site, you’ll be sure to pin some ideas and personalize them for your wedding. You can send in submissions via email or even with a dropbox. After being approved, you’ll need to fill in a form before your wedding is posted.

7. Ruffled

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For a completely or even partially DIY wedding, you’ll need to check out Ruffled, immediately! This wedding blog provides a seemingly never-ending supply of creative projects. They also have a forum where members can buy and sell their used wedding decorations, which means more money for the honeymoon. With a variety of DIY projects, vendor suggestions, and the Recycle My Wedding shop, you can create every aspect of your wedding.

8. Once Wed

Just click on Once Wed to see why so many brides and brides to be love this site. Not only does it have an extensive wedding gallery, but it also provides fabulous tutorials and ideas that cover all parts of your wedding and reception. They also have an online community especially for brides looking to buy or sell used wedding dresses.

9. A Practical Wedding

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True to its name, this wedding blog focuses on creating a laidback and attainable wedding. They feature modern and feminist weddings and stories that show the real side of wedding planning. With the wedding stories, real couple interviews, and personal essays, you get a more humanistic view or this crazy process.

10. Rock My Wedding

As one of the most popular wedding blogs around, Rock My Wedding is the creation of author Charlotte O’Shea. RMW provides a variety of wedding look books with different styles as well as DIY tutorials. You can also read some real-life advice on wedding planning, making this blog a one-stop source for all your questions.

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