Top 10 Forest-Themed Weddings

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Forests are more than just a cool place to go on an adventure…they actually make a really great wedding theme! They’re unique enough that most people haven’t been to forest-themed weddings before, yet broad enough that you can find centerpieces, decorations, and canopies that fit. We’ve put together a list of some of the most incredible forest-themed weddings.

Leaves, Leaves Everywhere

This wedding captures the essence of the theme through the use of leaves. They are carefully placed so that they look beautiful, yet they are out of the way of the guests at the table. Leaves are obviously an integral part of the forest, and are also extremely versatile. Thus, this makes them a stellar choice for décor that fits with the theme.

In the Actual Forest

This wedding is next-level, as the couple chose to have their wedding in an actual forest. The scenery is beautiful, and we can only guess that the pictures of the bride and groom with this background are absolutely stunning. Most of all, this is truly a unique take on a forest wedding that guests will love.

Wildflower Centerpieces

Isn’t this centerpiece just breathtaking?! The flowers add a modern elegance, while the moss beneath reinforces the forest theme. The look of the table combines the forest theme with that of a garden, for a truly unique look that is bound to leave guests singing its praise. Who could ask for anything more?!

Wooden Tables and Chairs

Having wooden furniture at a forest-themed wedding helps the guests feel as if they’re actually in the middle of the forest. The tables and chairs add a unique rustic element to the theme, and, most of all, they’re reminiscent of trees and branches in an actual forest.

Immersion into the Forest

This wedding takes the forest theme to the next level. From the vines hanging from the ceiling, to the faux leaves on each table, there is no shortage of the color green or theme implementation. In addition, the arch in the entranceway is even covered in leaves!

Tree Trunks as Centerpieces

This centerpiece is just stunning. It is simple, with a few flowers and leaves peeking through. Take a look at the carefully-chosen décor around it, as well. Green wine glasses and leaf accents on each plate add subtle touches that add a lot to the wedding and the theme. The forest theme is incorporated without being over the top.

The Outdoors Takes the Cake

These people had the right idea, especially with the attention to detail. So often, wedding cakes are not incorporated into the theme; they’re simply cakes that the bride and/or groom thought would look nice at their wedding. This couple added a nice touch of the forest theme with some leaf accents, and the tree trunk as a cake tray is definitely a unique addition.

Enchanted Forest Bride

One of the most obvious ways to incorporate your theme into your special day is through your wedding dress. If you were having a rustic-themed wedding, would you wear a princess ball gown? Probably not. This bride has the right idea, fitting seamlessly into her theme with a dress that makes her look like the queen of the forest. The ensemble is tied together with the flower crown, which solidifies a look that combines the outdoors and elegance.

It’s All About Setting

While forests are absolutely beautiful, it’s understandable to not want your wedding out in nature. There are too many things to consider… rain, mud, bugs. This couple had their forest-themed wedding in a barn, which is actually a really great idea. The wooden structure is reminiscent of a forest, without all of the external factors that come along with having a wedding in an actual forest.

Branching Out

This archway, made of branches, ties perfectly into the theme while adding a rustic charm to the ceremony. Furthermore, the small details in this photograph are what make this wedding so special. The archway, the signs on the trees, and the flowers that line the aisle all help reinforce the theme.

There you have it… some of the most noteworthy, unique, incredible forest-themed weddings. Each has a unique take on the theme, from indoor weddings with leave décor, to rustic weddings that take place in an actual forest. Choose your favorites, pick the aspects you love, and incorporate elements from each of them into your own special day.

Photos courtesy of Pinterest, Sweet Violet Bride, and Weddbook.
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