Tips For a Green Bachelorette Party

Going green doesn’t have to mean being boring, especially when it comes to your bachelorette party. You’re getting married, and you want to celebrate in style, but while staying mindful of the environment as well.

Since you most likely won’t be in charge of planning your own party, express some of your wishes to your maid of honor or whoever will be organizing the event. Let them know that you want to incorporate some of the ideas below into your good time.

Here are some tips on how to go green for your bachelorette party.


Go digital. Send out your invites via email, blog post, or even on your wedding site. Your friends can sync the date automatically, so they’ll be reminded of the celebration in advanced. For this big night out, paper invitations are dull and wasteful. Do something different that your friends will watch on their computers or phones long after the party is over. Create a slideshow or video with some fun music to send out to your best girlfriends.

We’ve already explored sustainable wedding invitations, but you can also use this article to find some gorgeous bachelorette party invitations too. If you are partial to tradition, then use digital prints that are colorful and detailed without the paper trail.


Your whole party is going to end up at the same location, so why not travel together? Save gas—and maybe a little money—by carpooling. Everyone can chip in to use one car complete with a driver to shuttle you around. This idea is perfect if you do a wine tour at a string of different places. If you really want to go green and not have to worry about finding a designated driver, then go by foot. Do a walking pub-crawl to travel around.

Some of your bridal party will most likely live in another city or part of the world, so try having your big night out close to the wedding. This way your guests don’t have to worry about taking two trips, which will reduce their carbon footprint.


Chances are if you’ve seen a bachelorette party stumbling around, the members are most likely wearing matching shirts or outfits. You can keep this same fun, and crazy get ups while opting for a greener option. Use sustainable material to print your designs. Most companies offer a line of organic shirts that are super soft and friendly to the environment.


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When you think of decorations for a bachelorette party, you probably have some pretty naughty images in your head of lollipops and oddly shaped balloons. You can still keep this fun and mischievous décor while being green.

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Try using printouts that the bride can use again or hang up on the wall in her house to remember.


This floral confetti from BHLDN is eco-friendly and colorful, plus it smells great.

If you are creating ornaments to hang, then use recycled or seeded paper as the base. Make tassels, garland, and banners for your party in any color on organic material.


Explore the area around you or the location where you’d like to have your party. There are some great venues around the world that host entirely green events, so you can relax and enjoy the festivities. Many places will have a sustainability policy, use local vendors, and have renewable energy sources. Find a site that will work with you to be sustainable by offering organic spreads or composting and recycling your waste. You can also call on a member of your bridal party who has a big house to host this way you can control the food, drinks, and music!


These are just a few helpful suggestions to help you start planning your green bachelorette party. Your entire celebration doesn’t have to be eco-friendly, but you can include some of these ideas to give back to the Earth. Consider going digital for your invitations by making a blog or page where your bridal party can discuss the event so that everyone can be involved. Find venues that are sustainable or have organic cocktails and meals. Try to carpool to the party or even walk when you can. By using any of these little details, you can do your part of being eco-friendly, while still having a crazy bachelorette party.

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