How to Slow Dance at Your Wedding

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You may have shuffled around the dance floor with your prom date or being silly in the kitchen with your fiancé, but when was the last time you seriously slow danced? The first dance as a newlywed couple is a memorable moment for both you and your guests. Since all eyes will be on you, make sure you nail this moment with some of your best moves. We’ve created an easy guide on how to slow dance at a wedding, including some step-by-step instructions and videos to help you glide like a pro.


Choose your first dance song

If you have a special song or maybe a few you’re deciding on, pick one that is both “danceable” and appropriate. A good song should be reasonably popular and have a strong rhythm. While most first dance songs tend to be on the slower side, you don’t want the beat to be so slow that you’re barely moving. Your song shouldn’t be too fast either otherwise you won’t be able to keep up! Keep the song short—around 2-3 minutes long—so that your guests don’t get bored. Finally, make sure that your DJ or band will play the version of the song you’ve been practicing so everything goes smoothly.


Get in position

Learning the proper dance position will give you a more elegant look and allow the dance to start on the right foot.

• If you’re leading—place your right hand on your partner’s left shoulder, cupping the area. You can adjust sides if it feels more comfortable. Keep your right elbow up and pointed to your right side.

• If you’re following—wrap your left arm around the leader’s lifted arm with your arm on their bicep.

Both of you can bring your other arm up and join hands. Relax your elbows to look more natural.

Learn the basics

The box step is one of the most simple and versatile dance steps. You can use it to dance to almost any wedding song. Look at the video above for a visual demonstration of the box step.

Make an entrance

Your first dance is a highlight of the wedding that everyone will be watching. Start with a graceful entrance onto the dance floor to help your confidence and set the tone.


After you’ve mastered the simple box step, add some flair to your dance with a spin. Watch the video below to learn a simple turn.

Do a dip

In addition to the spin, a big dip is a picture perfect moment for your photographer to capture and guests to watch. End your first dance with a simple dip, and then get the party started!

How to Slow Dance at Your Wedding

Bride and groom

Your first dance doesn’t have to be perfect, so just remember to have fun. If your heart is set on having a flawless dance, then browse your community for dance lessons. You can also ask your loved ones if they could teach you or know anyone who could help.

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