10 Simple Wedding Makeup Looks That Radiate Elegance

Bride Makeup Simple Wedding

After finding a perfect dress and matching jewelry, it’s time to think about your makeup. Most brides want simple yet effective makeup. It should make you look like the star of the day but not too heavy, as it’s going to be on your face for hours.

When it comes to simple wedding makeup looks, you have to first decide whether you want to put some accent on your eyes and lips. We’ve put together plenty of ideas for both, and we hope you’ll find something you love.

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Nude Wedding Makeup

Nude Makeup Wedding

The simple bridal look will never go out of fashion. It’s perfect for brides who want a natural look or those who want to avoid heavy makeup lest it clashes with their jewelry. Contrary to what some people may believe, nude makeup doesn’t have to be boring. It can enhance your natural beauty and favorite features.

Everything depends on your skin tone, and you should choose colors that compliment your skin. Start by creating a flawless complexion and then add some light blush on your cheeks. As for the lipstick and eye makeup, you don’t have to use only neutral colors such as beige. Try various tones of rose or peach lipstick.

Shimmery Eyes

Bride Shimmer eye

If you’ve always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, we suggest you try out this look. Nothing can make you feel like a princess quite like shimmery eyes. You can choose a color that you like, depending on the color of your eyes. If you want a bit of that retro look, you can try gold eyeshadow. Don’t worry, as gold shades are trendy again.

In fact, your wedding is one of those rare occasions where it’s natural to have such a glamorous makeup. The most important thing is to keep the rest of your look simple. It’s the way to achieve an elegant and glowing look. Add nude lipstick and mascara, and you’re ready to go!

Bonus Tip: Don’t exaggerate with jewelry. Massive shiny earrings are great, but they don’t work well with this look. If you don’t want to forego your favorite earrings, try some of the other makeup looks as suggested here, especially those that focus on the lips instead of the eyes.

Romantic Makeup with Pink Lips

Romantic Makeup Bride at Wedding

Pink lips can look very elegant and romantic. If you’re one of those girls who have a ton of lipsticks, you can experiment with this look and find the tone that looks best on you. If you’re wearing a simple white dress, near any shade of pink lipstick can look perfect. Choose the best hue according to the season and the color of your skin and hair.

Bear in mind that you should choose a long-lasting lipstick and try it out before your wedding. It’s essential to make sure it won’t fade over time, just in case you forget to reapply it. The good thing is that today many brands make lipsticks that are supposed to last long. We’re sure you’ll look gorgeous and get many compliments!

Bonus Tip: Different shades of pink lipstick are perfect for light, medium, and deep skin tone. There’s a perfect pink tone for everyone, and maybe you just haven’t found yours yet. Feel free to experiment with various pink shades until you find one that flatters your face.

Winged Eyeliner

Winged Eyeliner Makeup Bride

Winged eyeliner looks fabulous on any woman, but many people don’t think of it as simple wedding makeup. If you love the way eyeliner looks on you, there’s no reason to not wear it on your special day. In fact, perfectly winged eyeliner is the quickest way to feel like a glamorous movie star. However, it’s essential to not overdo the rest of the makeup.

Winged eyeliner combines well with neutral colors, such as beige or light pink. Choose nude lipsticks of those colors. For the eyes, you can create a subtle smokey eye effect. However, avoid using heavy eyeshadows as you don’t want to look tired on your wedding day. As they say, less is more sometimes.

Monochromatic Pink Makeup

Monochromatic Pink Bride

If you love everything pink, there’s no reason to hide that part of your personality. You deserve to feel like a princess, at least for a day. When skillfully combined, monochromatic pink makeup can be one of the best simple wedding makeup looks. Pink makeup can look refreshing with a simple wedding dress, for one.

Of course, you shouldn’t combine overly bright shades of pink. Remember that you can’t go wrong with subtle and light pink hues. You can choose your favorite tones from a monochromatic pink palette and play with them until you find that perfect look. Just don’t forget to blend them nicely.

Bonus Tip: Monochromatic pink makeup is perfect for girls who have a simple white dress. If your dress is light pink or yellow, this may not be the best option for you. However, we suggest you try it out before the big day and see what it looks like together.

Sunkissed Wedding Look

Sunkissed Makeup Wedding

There are simple wedding makeup looks perfect for summertime weddings and this is one of them. You don’t have to spend ages on the beach to obtain that warm, sunkissed look. Thankfully, there are many bronzers and shades today that can do the work for you. Of course, it’s critical to stay natural and not exaggerate with the tones.

Create delicate contours on your face using a bronzer that’s just a bit darker than your skin. You can complete this look with rosy lips and some blush. This could also be a perfect look for beach weddings, as it’ll look lovely even with a simple summer dress. You can add some summer details, such as colorful bracelets or flowers in your hair.

Elegant Red Lips

Red Lips Makeup Bride Wedding

For a long time, red lips have been unfairly neglected in simple makeup wedding looks. Most brides are going with neutral pastel tones these days, but if you’ve never worn that kind of makeup, there’s an alternative. If you have your favorite red lipstick and you know it’s fabulous on you, don’t even think twice!

Red lipstick is a sign of elegance, glamour, and confidence. It has the power to improve your mood as soon as you put it on. Just make sure not to overdo the rest of the makeup, especially your eyes. And you’re free to choose whether you want to underline your eyes or lips.

Our recommendation? Subtle eyeshadow and simple looks. One final touch of mascara and you’re ready to shine.

Strong Brows and a Peach Lipstick

Strong Bow and Bridal Makeup

If you want to emphasize your amazing brows, feel free to do so! Natural makeup will make you look fresh and romantic. Moreover, most women look younger when they emphasize their natural brows. It also creates a beautiful contrast with your white dress. Just don’t forget to add some gentle blush to avoid looking pale and brighten your face a touch.

For the lips, we suggest peach lipstick as it looks beautiful on every woman. Moreover, this simple wedding makeup allows you to experiment with jewelry. You can wear any of the more sensational earrings or necklaces without going overboard.

Boho Queen

Boho Wedding Makeup

Boho makeup is perfect for romantic outdoor weddings. It’s all about emphasizing your natural beauty. As for the eyes, we suggest soft shades that will make your eye line smoother and slightly smudged. You can experiment with eyeshadow tones. Everything is allowed – purple, pink, green – as long as it’s subtle.

Regarding your lipstick, choose natural hues such as pink or peach. Boho style emphasizes details such as tiaras, hair chains, ties. Feel free to experiment with all kinds of boho jewelry. Don’t hesitate to decorate your hair with flowers if you feel like it. This is a perfect occasion for that. You deserve to feel like a real boho queen on your wedding night!

Glowing Wedding Look

Glowing Makeup Wedding

While it’s true brides are so happy on their wedding day that they look naturally glowing, there are tricks that can add to your glow. This is a simple wedding makeup for brides that’s perfect for evening parties. The shine and dance the night away sort…

Glowing skin, defined eyes, some blush, and a shiny lip gloss are all you need. You get to choose the color of the lip gloss. With a white dress, all colors can look fantastic. For a more natural look, look among the pink and peach hues. On the other hand, if you want to enter the party mood, feel free to put on some shiny bright lip gloss!

Enhance Your Natural Beauty

Natural Makeup Wedding Bride

We hope you like our ideas and find something for yourself among these simple wedding makeup looks. Bear in mind that the real beauty is in you, which your makeup only serves to enhance. Remember that it’s not necessary to make a big change from what you usually wear. Settle on a look that you’ll feel comfortable with.

For example, nude makeup is perfect if that’s what you normally prefer. On the other hand, if you’re a more bright-lipstick type of girl, you should show off that part of your personality proudly. You deserve to look and feel fabulous on your special day, and that’s what’s important.

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