Is the Silicone Ring Trend Here to Stay?

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Are you and your future spouse thinking of going for a silicone ring instead of a traditional wedding ring?

Silicone rings are more popular now than ever. In particular, they’re well-loved among fitness enthusiasts and outdoorsy married couples. Some couples even put their traditional rings aside in favor of silicone rings.

So what’s the appeal of this trend? What are the upsides of using silicone rings? How about the downsides?

How Silicone Rings Came to Be

Back before they became a trend, silicone rings had a very specific purpose.

Metal rings can be a safety hazard in some professions. For example, electricians can’t wear metal jewelry because it could lead to burns. The same is true for doctors, nurses, some military personnel, and others who have to deal with electrical equipment in their jobs.

People in these professions needed a non-conductive replacement. Silicone was the perfect solution.

These rings were also widely used in dangerous professions such as firefighting. If there’s any kind of an accident, it’s difficult to remove a traditional wedding ring from the victim’s finger. It makes sense to go with a material that’s easier to break, such as silicone.

Way back in the nineties and 00s, most couples used silicone rings out of necessity. Today, these rings have a more general appeal.

The Upsides of Wearing a Silicone Wedding Ring

Why would you go for this option? Here are a few great things about silicone weddings rings:

You Can Wear Them 24/7

A metal ring can be inconvenient if you enjoy fitness, extreme sports, martial arts, hiking, dancing, or mountain-climbing. It’s no wonder that silicone rings are particularly widespread among Crossfit enthusiasts. Some NFL athletes have endorsed these rings as well.

If you love to travel, you know it can be a pain to always worry about your valuables. But your silicone ring is very easy to replace. Wherever you go, you won’t have to worry about keeping your ring safe.

As it’s unlikely to slip off, you can wear this ring in the shower. Swimmers and divers can wear it underwater.

Many people find it more comfortable than a metal band. So you might never have to take it off.

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If you have a metal allergy, a silicone ring is a good choice. These rings contain no harmful chemicals. People with sensitive skin can wear them without worry.

Safer to Wear

As discussed above, these rings are non-conductive. They’re also easier to cut off if necessary, and they’ll break before your finger if they’re caught on something.

More Affordable

You can get a fancy-looking silicone ring for less than $50. If you and your spouse are into a thrifty lifestyle, these rings are perfect for you.

Many silicone ring manufacturers support charities with their products. You can do some research and make sure your money’s going to a good cause.

Is giving back to the community important to you as a couple? You can agree to donate the money you’d spend on traditional rings to a cause of your choice.

Finally, you may even get a discount yourself. For example, some manufacturers give discounts to first responders shopping for a silicone ring.

A Stylish Look

You can get silicone rings in a variety of designs. If your personal style is sporty or quirky, a silicone ring can be the perfect finishing touch.

These rings come in cheerful neon colors. Restrained black rings are popular too. Some rings have a metal-like sheen, although they’re hard to mistake for a metal ring. Additionally, you can find rings that bear the infinity symbol, a heart, or another discreet decoration.

While most silicone rings are smooth, some have a textured matte surface. You can also find rings in unusual shapes. Stackable rings are a popular choice for couples who want to buy more than one pair of silicone rings.

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So What Are the Downsides?

Although they’re cool, these rings aren’t the perfect choice for everybody. They have a few drawbacks, such as:

They Attract Dust and Lint

To keep your ring from looking shabby, you’ll have to clean it regularly. This is especially true for rings that have a structured surface.

Too Bulky

Because silicone rings are thicker than metal bands, some people find them annoying. Your ring may press against your other fingers.

Additionally, you may find it annoying on a hot day. While your silicone ring should never irritate your skin, it can feel unpleasant when your hands are sweaty.

Not Really Durable

If the symbolism of traditional rings is important to you, silicone rings just won’t do. Your love is everlasting, but these rings definitely aren’t.

They break easily and you can expect to need replacements every now and again. You also definitely won’t be able to pass them on to your grandkids when the time comes.

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You’ll Have to Explain Them to People

Wearing a silicone ring will definitely attract some questions. The people might not understand or agree with your decision to wear it. If you go for a cheerful color, your ring might come across as unprofessional in some settings. And even when you explain things, some people will assume you just couldn’t afford a ‘real’ ring.

Are Silicone Rings Really Totally Safe?

If you work with dangerous equipment, your ring can get caught in it. This leads to horrible injuries known as ring evulsions.

Ring evulsions can also happen at home. You might have heard about comedian Jimmy Fallon’s accident in 2015. He fell, and his ring got caught on the edge of a table. The resulting hand injury took months to heal, so Fallon brought the danger of ring evulsions to national attention.

But are silicone rings really the solution?

Partly, yes. Since silicone breaks more easily, it can’t damage your skin the same way. If you go for a silicone ring, your risk of injury decreases.

On the other hand, silicone rings are even bulkier than traditional wedding bands. If you work with dangerous equipment, these rings can disrupt your coordination. The safest thing to do is remove your ring altogether.


Are silicone rings going to be popular ten years from now?

There is a real demand for non-conductive and hypoallergenic rings. Silicone is a great solution to these two problems. Many people are going to keep wearing these rings for that reason.

On the other hand, lots of couples are opting to give up rings altogether. Alternative solutions like tattoos are becoming more widespread. So chances are that silicone rings will get less popular when the novelty wears off.

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