Should Pets be Included in the Wedding?

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On your wedding day, it is common to invite all of your close friends and family members to celebrate this unforgettable time with you. For many people, the loved ones in their lives include the pets that provide them unconditional affection every day.

Couples including their adored pets in their weddings are becoming an increasingly popular trend. Even guests are starting to bring their critters along as plus ones. If you are considering including your pet or allowing others to bring them along to your wedding, there are some things you should consider. Read on to decide whether a pet-friendly wedding is a good idea for you.

The Venue

One of most important aspects to take into consideration is your venue. It may seem like an obvious step, but can be a disaster if overlooked. The bottom-line is if your venue says no, then it’s a no.

However, if your site is happy to accommodate you and your pet, then make sure you have a backup plan if the wedding becomes too stressful for them. Always keep a bowl of water and food available to relax your pet. To make the process smoother bring your pet to the venue before the wedding. Let them sniff around the area and get used to this new place so that they will be less overwhelmed on your wedding day.

Your Pet

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You know better than anyone else what your pet is like. Take into consideration your pooches personality before making the decision to include them. Afterward, decide exactly how you’d like your pet to be involved and what role they can take on. You want your pet to enjoy this experience and not be stressed out. How do they behave around strangers or large crowds? If they feel overwhelmed, then it may not be a good idea to surround them with hundreds of people.

Even if your pet is usually relaxed and used to people, this could change on your wedding day. The combination of photographers, strangers petting them, and even kids running around can be overwhelming. Make sure that these scenarios are something that your pet can handle.

Your Guests

If the venue is agreeable and so is your pet to a large wedding, then the next step is to check with your guests. Allergies are a big determinant when deciding whether to include your pet. You don’t want your guests to be sneezing or having a reaction. Not everyone is an animal lover like you.

If there are no allergies, then you always want to consider whether your pet would make anyone uncomfortable or scared. This is also where personality comes into play. If your dog is disobedient and hyper, this could be a dangerous setting for young children or elderly guests who could get knocked down and injured.

Let your guests know in advance that you plan to include your pet. Include this information on your save the date card so they can plan accordingly and not be surprised by your furry creature.

The Photographer

Let your photographer know if you include your beloved pet in the wedding photos so that they can prepare for some fun shots of you together. You can work alongside them to create unique and amusing ideas that embrace your dog, cat, bird, or other creature.

Your Pet’s Role

There are many roles you can choose for your beloved pet. A dog is a man’s best friend and can also be his best man as well! Decide whether you want your pet to be a flower girl, ring bearer, or just an honored member of the wedding party. There are many fun options and cute ways to include your pet during the ceremony and reception.

Safety is Important

In addition to making sure your pet is comfortable for your wedding, you also want to ensure they are safe. If you plan on dressing your kitty or pup up, then make sure the costume fits properly, so your pet won’t be uncomfortable. The best way to have your pet looking festive while also feeling comfy is to add a small accessory to their collar. They will look adorable without the restrictions of a mini tux or dress.

Also keep in mind any decorations that you plan on using such as confetti, balloons, or knick-knacks that can be choking hazards. Make sure that the flowers you have at your wedding aren’t poisonous in case your dog decides to snack on them. Pets love to chew and eat different objects, so it is critical that none of them could be potentially harmful.

Use a Pet Sitter

This is a great tip for those thinking of including their pets in the wedding. While it’s fun to have them around and to enjoy in the celebrations, you also don’t want to spend your special day worrying. Hire a pet sitter that will be responsible for bringing your pet to the ceremony and watching them. It will put your mind at ease, so you won’t have to worry about stopping them from running away or eating the cake.

The sitter can also make sure that your pet is comfortable with enough food and water throughout the wedding. You will be especially thankful for a pet sitter when it comes time for pets to relieve themselves and you don’t have to clean up after them in your wedding dress.

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Use this article as a checklist to plan your pet’s role during the ceremony or reception. By keeping these tips and factors in mind, you should be able to make the best decision when it comes to including your cherished pet on your wedding day.

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