What to Wear to a September Wedding?

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September weddings can be solemn and grand, or they can be simple and cozy.

But what is the appropriate dress code for a wedding in early fall? What should the bride and groom wear? And what about the guests?

Whether it’s your wedding or a ceremony you’ve been invited to, this article will help you get started with shopping for an outfit.

Outfit Tips for the September Bride

Summer weddings are a great opportunity for a simple white cocktail dress or a sleeveless gown. If your wedding is in the winter, you will probably go for a heavier and more intricate design. But what’s the appropriate style for a fall wedding?

A September wedding dress can be anything you want it to be.

  • Any Style Can Be Appropriate

Your wedding dress has to fit your wedding theme. Once you know the vibe that you want to create, you have a wide variety of choices.

A minimalist dress with straight-across shoulders could be the best option if you’re looking for restraint. Fall weddings are also the best time for brides who prefer to wear suits. You can add daring details like an eye-catching belt.

On the other hand, oversized skirts can be a great option as well. If you want your wedding to be grand and dramatic, go for a grand ballgown with heavy veils. Early fall is also the perfect time for unusual design choices such as puff sleeves.

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  • Seasonal Details Can Make Your Dress More Special

Most fall weddings have seasonal décor. This can mean red, orange, gold details. It can also mean deep jewel tones.

It’s a good idea to accessorize accordingly. Your jewelry can incorporate autumnal details like leaves and vines. Some brides also choose dresses that have curling vine details on the sleeve or around the neckline.

Fall is the perfect time for brides who don’t feel like wearing a white dress. A seasonal gold or bronze gown could be the best choice for you. There are gorgeous and seasonally-appropriate black dresses to choose from as well.

  • Go for Bright, Shimmering Materials

Whichever color you’ve chosen, your dress needs to look vibrant. This isn’t the time for fluttery sundresses. You can opt for velvet if you want something more serious. Silk is a great choice for a more relaxed fall wedding dress.

  • Keep the Weather in Mind

September is still sunny but the leaves have started to turn gold. This means you are going to want to do outdoor photoshoots.

But since you can’t rely on the weather to stay mild, you should have a shawl prepared. You can also go for a well-cut jacket or a lightweight cardigan.

Mud is one downside of September weddings. If you’re planning an outside ceremony, you might want to avoid a long tram. As your shoes need to be comfortable, solid pumps are always a good option.

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Outfit Tips for the September Groom

Just like the bride, the groom has many different options to choose from.

If your reception is more formal, a tux might be your best option. You can also go for a black suit with a tie that matches the décor. But what if you want to aim for a more casual look?

You can decide to go for a more traditional navy or charcoal suit, and you can choose accessories in bright autumn colors. But early fall is a good time for bold palettes, especially if the bride’s gown is non-traditional.

You don’t necessarily have to stick to seasonal colors. A bright blue suit could be just as appropriate as a maroon or tan one.

What If You’re Invited to a September Wedding?

As a guest, your first step is to figure out the wedding’s level of formality. Showing up overdressed or underdressed can be mortifying.

For men, the instructions are generally straightforward. A black-tie reception requires a tux. Black tie optional means you can opt for a dark suit instead. Cocktail or casual wear means you get to experiment with colors.

But what about women? What are the best dresses for an autumn wedding?

  • Longer Sleeves Are a Good Choice

While the bride can experiment with unusually cut sleeves and even sleeveless gowns, as a guest you should aim for something that covers your shoulders.

  • It’s Better to Avoid Pastels

Rich jewel tones are more appropriate for a September wedding. Turquoise, deep purple, and ruby red are particularly popular choices.

If you like wearing patterns, this could be the perfect occasion. Bright yellow and orange details are a popular choice.

  • Choose Heavier Materials

You want a dress that will stay in place. Velvet gowns are a good option in the fall. Satin and silk dresses are popular too.

Shimmering materials can be a good choice, especially if you choose a simple cut and darker jewel tone.

You can go for a lace dress as well, but you need to be careful. You don’t want your dress to look too summery. So if your heart’s set on lace, go for a bright color and some daring accessories.

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  • Accessories Can Make or Break Your Outfit

Once you’ve chosen the best dress for the occasion, it’s very important to select the right jewelry. A pair of earrings could transform your church-appropriate ensemble into an eye-catching party outfit.

Gold or bronze details can be a great choice. You can also go for a frostier combination of blue and silver. But always make sure the accessories don’t outshine your dress.

  • Don’t Forget to Keep Warm

You’ll need a shawl or jacket to keep warm, especially if you’re attending an outdoor wedding. Choosing a decorative wrap can be a great way to make your dress stand out. A bolero is a more restrained option.

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A Final Thought

Although many couples still prefer high summer, September is slowly becoming the most popular month for getting married.

Balmy fall afternoons are a perfect setting for a garden or lakeside wedding. You won’t have to worry about anyone getting overheated.

Being surrounded by beautiful foliage puts people in the mood to celebrate. Once you have the right outfit and a comfortable pair of shoes for dancing, you can be sure you’ll love the experience.



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