How to Make Your Rooftop Wedding a Success

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If gorgeous scenery is a priority for you and your future spouse, a rooftop wedding could be perfect for you. Your wedding will have a beautiful and unique backdrop, but your guests won’t necessarily have to travel to a remote location. A rooftop wedding will also feel close to nature, and it will give you the opportunity to take gorgeous photos.

But there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re organizing a rooftop wedding. It’s important to choose the right decorations and take a few precautions. Here is a collection of tips to help you pull off a rooftop reception that everyone will love and remember.

  1. Choose a Venue that Offers an Adjoining Indoor Space

While a slight breeze will keep your guests feeling fresh, a serious rainstorm could ruin your reception. You want your guests to have an exciting time. You don’t want them to get soaked.

This means that you need to arrange for a backup option, a closed space where your guests can feel comfortable if there’s a storm raging outside. It’s best to book a space right on the top floor of the building where your rooftop wedding will be held. You want to provide adequate seating, lighting, and entertainment.

  1. Protect Your Guests from the Sun

Is your wedding at high noon or is it later in the day? Your guests could overheat even during a late afternoon wedding.

To make sure nobody gets sunstroke, you should set up parasols. These can look classy and dignified, or they can look cheerful. You can also offer sunscreen or shades as a party favor.

You need to make sure that everyone can stay hydrated throughout the ceremony and the dinner. Once again, having an indoor space nearby is very important. Make it clear to your guests that they can take a time-out in a cool room at any time. If someone does need a break, they will also need refreshments.

  1. Take the Wind Into Account

Even if there are no storms to ruin your day, strong gusts of wind are possible. This means that you have to choose appropriate decorations. Everything needs to be weighted down or tied down with ribbons.

Also, you should speak to your hairstylist about wind. Your hair has to stay in place throughout the night.

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  1. The Furniture Needs to Be Weather-Resistant

If there’s a storm, your guests can easily move out of the way. But it’s inconvenient and annoying to have to drag all the furniture out of the rain. So if possible, you should rent furniture that can handle bad weather.

  1. The Decorations Shouldn’t Distract from the View

Whatever style of wedding you’re going for, you should keep the décor simple and eye-catching. Flowers and ribbons are a good option but don’t use too many tiny pieces. Your guests will focus on the view, so don’t obscure it with too many props and other objects.

Think of the skyline as the most important part of the décor. Everything else needs to match it. Your guests should face toward the best possible view of the city around you.

Some couples are lucky enough to find a rooftop garden as their venue. Rooftop plants will create a unique and refreshing visual. You should match your decorations to the overall effect of the garden.

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  1. Think About Lighting

Some couples tie the knot exactly when the sun sets. This can give the ceremony a dramatic and mysterious edge.

But if you decide on a late afternoon or evening wedding, you have to provide adequate lighting. Don’t forget that the lighting also doubles as decoration. Setting up lanterns or candles can be a romantic choice.

Are you planning to set up a cocktail bar on your roof? If so, neon lights are a great option for you. You can also choose illuminated tables and furniture.

You want to make sure everyone’s comfortable, but don’t overdo it with the lighting. Remember that dancing under the stars is a huge part of the appeal of an evening rooftop wedding.

  1. Take Advantage of the Photo Opportunities

Your rooftop wedding deserves to be recorded from the best possible angles. So when you’re choosing a photographer, go for someone who will use drones to take the best pictures of your ceremony. An aerial view can capture the stunning sunset or bright cityscape around you.

But your guests will want to take pictures of their own. It’s up to you to scout ahead and find the best photo background locations on the roof. After that, you should arrange the decorations in a way that will inspire people to take pictures against the most appropriate skylines.

  1. Choose the Dress of Your Dreams

There is no specific dress code for rooftop weddings. If you like the thought of a dress with a long tram, this is the perfect venue for it. After all, you won’t have to worry about grass stains or mud.

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  1. Always Start Planning Ahead of Time

When it comes to coordinating with your vendors and support staff, there are a few extra questions you should ask.

What is the elevator like? Is it large enough for all of the furniture you’re planning to use? Does your caterer have experience with rooftop weddings?

Your caterer, florists, and other vendors might need some extra time to set everything up. Make sure everyone knows about the venue in advance.

  1. Different Rooftop Locations Have Different Moods

Before you book a venue, take some time to explore the place. Think deeply about what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for.

Choosing a rooftop venue high above the city can be an extremely luxurious choice. You can match that with a classy rooftop wedding with full formal wear.

On the other hand, many rooftop weddings have a fun party vibe rather than an overly formal one. You may even combine your wedding with a pool party, as some venues offer beautiful rooftop pools.

But you don’t have to stick to the city. Seaside rooftop weddings are becoming more popular. If you love the thought of getting married against a stunning mountain view, a rustic rooftop ceremony could be your best choice.

Finally, there are cozier options that you can go for. For example, you can hold a beautiful reception on the roof of a parking garage. In this case, the city lights will become a part of your décor.

A Final Thought

To make your rooftop wedding successful, you have to plan ahead and take the weather into account. The uncertainty makes rooftop venues too stressful for some couples. But if you’re looking for some extra excitement on your big day, booking a rooftop venue will not disappoint.

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