How to Fix Rats Nest Hair for a Wedding?

Fixing Rats Nest Hair for Wedding Photos

Of all the things that can go wrong on a wedding day, hair is undoubtedly one of them. Many of us battle with frizz and so-called rats’ nest hair, and sometimes it seems impossible to combat it. However, some solutions might help you.

Whether your hair is naturally on the frizzy side or your wedding hairstyle ends up being more entangled than expected, there are some tricks and tips to fix it. In this article, you can find hair techniques that can help you get rid of rats’ nest hair before or on your wedding day.

What Can You Do Before the Wedding?

Frizzy hair can result from constant hair dying or using heat to style your hair. Some hair is naturally more on the frizzy side, especially hair that’s not completely straight but rather more on the wavy or curly side. However, you can try one of the following techniques to get rid of or significantly reduce the frizz till your wedding.

Take Care of Your Health

Try taking a daily vitamin containing biotin to improve your overall hair health and reduce frizzing. The excitement around hair supplements is well-founded. You can’t flourish outside until you first improve your health inside.

Increasing your vitamin intake will take time, so plan ahead if you can. Give it at least three months of constant use to see any difference. Also, do your best to avoid stress, which has been linked to hair thinning. Make sure you don’t overdo it on the heat styling and instead concentrate on hair treatments.

If you want to stimulate healthy hair growth and reduce hair tangling, you’ll need a routine that goes beyond hair vitamins. This includes:

  • Use microfiber towels when drying your hair
  • Sleeping on silk pillowcases
  • Use caution when brushing your hair with hot tools

Getting enough sleep is also essential for overall health, including the health of your hair. Scalp massages for a hair growth boost and regular hair mask use will help significantly.

Some specialists also recommend hair detoxification. Your scalp will be able to breathe better if you do a cleanse 2-3 times before your wedding day. After the detox, your hair will be shiny, less frizzy, and easier to manage. A detox two days preceding your wedding, followed by your usual wash the day of your wedding, will ensure that the wedding hairstyle turns out just the way you want.

Cut Your Hair

Frizz and rats’ nest hair can also be due to dead ends. So, how much and when should you cut your hair before the wedding? The more time you give your haircut, the more time it has to settle or grow out if you’re not satisfied with it. Try scheduling a trim a month before the wedding.

While you should be as adventurous as you like, most experts recommend that you wait until after your wedding to make any major changes to your appearance. When planning a change, do it a year in advance to assess whether or not you’re happy with the results.

Maybe you already know that you and your upcoming spouse will both appreciate a big chop to your hair. If you’re considering a drastic change in hairstyle, only cut your hair short if you are confident that it is a style you like on yourself. Trying new things on your wedding day is not a good idea.

But if things go wrong, there is still a solution. Even if you detest your haircut, extensions are a viable temporary fix. Ask your wedding hairstylist about them as soon as you know you’ll need them.

Choose the Right Hair Products for Yourself

The wrong hair products can lead to build-up and frizzy hair. To avoid this, you can go to a hair salon to buy products or buy salon-quality products online.

Also, maybe the products you’re using don’t fit your hair type. Try to figure out your hair type and choose products accordingly. For example, if your hair is wavy, using products and tools that are not ideal for wavy hair will cause frizz.

Try implementing a curly or wavy hair routine and see if there are any changes. Use products without sulfates, a deep conditioner, and a detangler to brush your hair. Also, it is recommended to air dry or dry your hair with a diffuser. Using microfiber towels, silk pillowcases, and putting your hair in a protective hairstyle overnight also helps with frizz.

Choose the Right Hairstyle for the Wedding Day

Choosing a hairstyle that goes well with your hair is important to avoid rats’ nest hair on your wedding day. It is always recommended to have a test run to see how your hair reacts to the styling and to check if you like the style.

Because more women are wearing their natural hair at their wedding, it’s more vital than ever to take good care of your curls and keep them healthy. Curly and texture-haired brides should use leave-in conditioners and treatments that combat frizz and humidity before their big day.

Style your natural curls in a half-up or pinned-back appearance, or add braids and flowers to bring out your hair’s inherent beauty. Stylish hair accessories aren’t only for smooth, straight hair. They work incredibly well to dress up and accentuate curly, wavy, and other textured hair types.

Select a hairstylist with whom you feel completely at ease and comfortable working. Talk to your wedding planner first if you’re looking for stylish recommendations.

Before the big day, visit your hairdresser in person and have a few hair trials. Bring inspirational images and pay attention to how they describe the service they offer to gauge their level of confidence in delivering it. As a last check, request to see examples of their previous work with actual customers. Don’t forget to watch how the stylist handles your hair during the appointment.

What Can You Do on Your Wedding Day?

So, let’s assume that something went wrong and you end up with frizzy and tangled hair on your wedding day. There are still some things you can try to fix unruly hair.

Come Prepared

A compact necessities kit is the simplest method to ensure that you’re always prepared. Travel-size items like dry shampoo and a water spray bottle should be in this bag. Also, include bobby pins and hairbands. The best way to ensure that it’s safe is to assign a bridesmaid to keep an eye on it.

Use Dry Shampoo

Try using a powder-based style product as soon as you observe any sagging or frizz. Apply the product around your hairline and crown to restore your hair to its original volume. Brushing your hair or rubbing it in with your fingers will remove the powder. With a bit of help from a blow dryer, you can add some gloss and volume to your hair.

Ask for Help

On your wedding day, your bridesmaids do more than just stand by your side and smile for the camera. They’re there for you in the event of a beauty mishap. One of them will be able to tie your hair up in a cute bun or come up with another quick hairstyle to rescue the day.

Try the Bun

This time-honored look may be able to help you out. So don’t worry if your waves on the beach are much frizzier than you’ve expected. Creating a wedding bun is a simple task that every bride can accomplish. That would be the ideal appearance for wedding day hair: trendy and romantic at the same time.

Variations exist in the style’s implementation, like low, high, lose, or sleek. To get any of these styles, pull your hair back, spray it with water, then secure it with a hairband. Make a coil out of the ponytail and secure it with pins as you go. Because you probably already have some product in your hair, there’s no need to apply more.

Hire a Hair Stylist for the Wedding Day

Consider hiring a hairstylist for all-day coverage if you intend to switch into a reception gown or an after-party outfit that requires a different hairstyle. The hairstylist can also fix unexpected frizz and accidental mishaps. If you don’t have a full-day appointment with a hairdresser, ask to have a few hair products on hand for touch-ups and discuss how to apply them with your stylist.

The Perfect Wedding Hair

When it comes to having the perfect hair for your wedding, the preparations start long before the wedding day. The most important thing is to remember that many factors influence your hair and can affect it. However, don’t stress over it because there is always a solution. The most crucial part is that you enjoy your wedding day as much as possible.

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