Protect Our Planet with These 8 Plastic-Free Wedding Ideas

Plastic Free Wedding Setting

You’ve decided to organize an eco-friendly wedding. Congrats! Organizing your special day is all about paying attention to many details – and this one is no exception. However, holding a plastic free wedding today is much easier than it was a few years ago.

We’ve collected some of the best plastic free wedding ideas to help you. Moreover, we hope our guide will inspire you to come up with your own unique solutions. The most important thing is to enjoy the process and choose the things you like and care for.

Rent Crockery and Glassware

Wedding Crockery Rental

If you have a lot of guests, you might be thinking about renting glassware for the big day. It’s not only eco-friendly, but it also looks far more elegant. However, disposable plates and plastic cups always appear out of nowhere.

If you’re organizing a hen or pool party, you’ll have to let your friends know that you don’t want any plastic. Not even plastic dessert forks. You have to be very specific about this, especially if your friends aren’t as eco-conscious as you.

Extra Tip: If you’re worried about who’s going to wash all those plates afterward, don’t worry. Nowadays, many party rental companies offer to wash the dishes for you. All you have to do is pack them, and they’ll come to pick them up. No, this service won’t cost you a fortune, and it has become a pretty common practice.

Pay Attention to Your Dress

Wedding Dress in New York

For most brides, the wedding dress is one of the essential aspects. Of course, you want to look extra special on the day, and you probably already have some great ideas. Having a plastic free wedding doesn’t mean you have to show up in a plain white dress, without any details. Did you know that you can realize all your dreams in an eco-friendly version, with minimal modifications?

Nowadays, many designers work only with eco-friendly, sustainable materials. However, if your budget is limited, you don’t even need a professional designer. Just look for natural fiber. For example, organic silk can be a great choice. It doesn’t only look great, but it feels beautiful on your skin.

Another benefit of a plastic-free wedding dress is that you’ll be far more comfortable. Synthetic dresses can look beautiful, but after a couple of hours, you start sweating and your skin itches. Moreover, you’d probably have to change your clothing at some point. With a plastic-free dress, that won’t happen. You can dance the whole day and night away!

Make Your Own Confetti

bride and groom in cloud of confetti

One of the most memorable moments at every wedding is throwing the confetti. This tradition comes from Medieval Italy, where throwing confetti was a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Some people think they have to give up on this beautiful tradition because most modern confetti contains synthetic materials.

Think about it for a second. What were Italians using before they had plastic? There are many ways to make natural confetti. In Italy, they like throwing rice confetti on newly-weds, for good luck. However, we have an even more romantic proposal.

Why not make your own petal confetti? If you have a garden, you can dry flower petals yourself, to give it a personal touch. All of which can be a great activity for creative individuals. Otherwise, many florists would be glad to help you and do this for you. Flower confetti isn’t only more romantic, but it also looks great in the photos!

Find Plastic-Free Catering

Table Set for Wedding Eco Friendly

Assuming that you’re hiring a catering company, try to find an environmentally friendly company. Most companies pack their food in tons of unnecessary plastic containers. It can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, and we’re sure that’s something you don’t want.

The good news is that there are a lot of eco-friendly catering companies around today. Reach out to a local firm and explain your concept of a no plastic wedding. They’ll probably be happy to assist. That way, you’re not only saving the Earth, but you’re also supporting a local small business whose values you share.

If you decide to use only one of our plastic free wedding ideas, this one could make the biggest difference.

Use Reusable Straws

It’s fascinating how one small detail can make a significant impact. One plastic straw doesn’t make a big difference for sure. But if you’re going to have fifty guests and each one of them uses two plastic straws, just think about the amount of plastic waste you’re producing.

Of course, the simplest solution would be not to use straws at all. But if you want to have a cocktail bar, it’s hard to avoid them. Thankfully, today we have a variety of reusable, eco-friendly straws. It’s up to you to choose the most convenient solution, from aluminum to metal straws.

Visit Flower Market

Every lady loves flowers, and it’s hard to imagine a wedding without them. What’s wrong with flowers anyway, you might ask? The problem isn’t about flowers themselves; it’s all about the packaging. As you know, many florists send flowers in cellophane wrapping, as that’s usually the easiest solution for them.

The only way to avoid this is to talk to your florist in advance. Explain that you’re organizing a no plastic wedding and ask what the alternatives are. Most florists would be more than willing to help you. You could bulk-buy flowers without cellophane wrapping, or they could even come in paper bags.

Alternatively, you can think of decorating your venue with potted plants. The best thing about this method is that you can re-plant the flowers in your garden afterward. That way, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your special day.

 If you already have a lot of plants, you can gift some to your family and close friends. It may be one of the best wedding favors ever. Most wedding favors have no practical value at all, but this one is both beautiful and pragmatic.

Opt for Glass Toiletry Bottles

This section is for those organizing a destination wedding or who may have a lot of out-of-town guests. If your guests are going to sleep in a hotel, just think about the number of small shampoos and shower gels they may use. Even if you avoid plastic items during the ceremony, this can be a significant source of plastic waste.

However, it’s something you can avoid with a little planning. If the hotel isn’t plastic-free, you can talk to the managers and find common ground. Today, there are plenty of natural and organic products that come in glass bottles. The bonus being that there isn’t a significant difference when it comes to the price.

If you want to go one step further and gift something to your guests, we have an idea for you. You can order reusable custom made glass bottles. You can engrave the date of your wedding, a heart, or any suitable symbol. We’re sure your friends would appreciate this unique gift.

Moreover, this might inspire them to opt for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. And could just be the best way to share your values with your loved ones and educate them about the importance of sustainable choices.

Provide Biodegradable Bin-Bags

When thinking about your ideal wedding, trash isn’t one of the first things that comes to mind. However, even though eco-friendly weddings tend to be low-waste, it doesn’t mean it will equate to no waste at all. Of course, you’d probably want to recycle everything from glass to paper. But what about the things that just can’t be recycled?

Make sure you buy enough biodegradable bin-bags to store the rubbish. This small detail can be an essential final touch for those who truly want to have a low-waste wedding. If your wedding is in a restaurant or hotel, don’t leave anything to chance. The staff may use ordinary plastic bags if you don’t provide them with an alternative.

Let Your Friends Know

Talking Freinds Plastic Free WEdding

Finally, the most crucial step is to notify your friends and wedding planners. Explain to them the concept of your ideal wedding and ask them to cooperate. They may accidentally bring some plastic items, such as balloons or decorations. Even if they do so, you have to understand that they didn’t do it on purpose.

One plastic item won’t ruin your wedding, but you certainly don’t want them to show up with a hundred plastic plates, pots of confetti, or a big bag of balloons. That’s why good communication is so important. Use this occasion to educate them about your values and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Have Fun!

Some people get stressed when they think about organizing an eco-friendly wedding. Thankfully, today we have more options than ever. For that reason, it’s possible to host an unforgettable event without harming nature. We hope our plastic free wedding ideas inspired you to think outside the box and showed you that everything is possible.

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