15 Personal Wedding Card Designs That Will Delight Your Guests


Wedding cards are one of the first steps in wedding preparation. They are the first impression that your guests have, even before the wedding day. We believe they can set the expectations and the tone of the party.

Today, you can choose from classic and elegant cards to modern and even funny ones! However, it’s essential to give them a personal touch. Everything depends on your personality and the effect you want to create. In the following, we’ve collected 15 personal wedding card designs to inspire you and help you decide.

Wedding Card with Illustrations

Handwritten Wedding Card

Is there a better way to create your wedding card than to draw it? If you’re one of those people who can’t resist drawing something every time they see a pencil and a piece of paper, why not use your creativity to draw you and your partner? Add your dog, your future house – anything you want.

The illustrations don’t have to be perfect, as even simple ones can be very effective for the display of your dedication. Alternatively, if you’re not any good at drawing, you can have someone do it for you.

Movie Tickets

Wedding Invitation Movie Stubs

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be a movie star? You can for one night. For the invites, you can use something that looks like tickets to your movie. You choose the genre: whether it’s a romantic comedy or one of those classic Hollywood movies.

Your names could be the title of the movie and you can even add a small photo of the two of you. This is followed by details such as date and time, just like movie tickets. You can also add a summary of your love story and how it all started.

Wedding Invitation with Your Monogram

This may be a perfect idea for people who prefer classic and elegant wedding invitation personal cards. It’s best accomplished with simple monochrome cards save for the special final touch – your monogram. There are multiple ways to combine your initials, and you can add geometrical or floral decorations.

This technique is guaranteed to produce unique wedding invitations just from the fact that not many couples have the same initials as you. Moreover, it adds a dose of glamour, as if it’s an invitation to a royal wedding.

Scratch-Off Wedding Cards

Imagine the faces of your friends and family when they receive your mysterious wedding cards. What a surprise, right? If they want to know when and where your ceremony will be held, they have to make an effort.

There are multiple ways to design these cards and they could be elegant, modern, or funny. Or, you could make them look like real scratch-off lottery tickets if you want to confuse your friends even more!

Watercolor Design

For all the artistic and romantic souls, watercolor cards are a great example of wedding invitation creative design. Your friends will be impressed by these handmade invitations. If nothing just from thinking that it took you a lot of time to design them. The truth is this is one of the most effortless designs, mainly because it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Moreover, it’s highly customizable. Some are partial to pink, purple, or peach color combinations. As for you, just choose your favorite tones, gradients, and let the magic begin!

Bonus Tip: White letters look fabulous on a bright watercolor background. You can create a fantastic contrast that makes the important information stand out.

Passport Wedding Invitation

If you’re having a destination wedding, this is your chance to send passport-themed invitations. Everyone loves them because they’re unique and promise a good party. You can create them in the form of a small book, just like real passports. You can write within information about the place, as well as some historical fun facts.

Travel-themed cards allow you a lot of space to play with the details. You can add anything you find interesting. To impress your friends, add a small map of the place. You can even opt for those vintage maps and add some passport stamps to make it more realistic.

Venue Illustration

You’ve finally found a perfect place for your wedding. Whether it’s a glamorous hotel, an elegant villa, or a cozy cottage, you can’t wait for your friends to see it. You can make them even more excited about your special day by sending out invitations with a photo or drawing of the place.

With an image of the place in their mind, everything becomes more real. They can start to plan and imagine the fun everyone is going to have. And when the day comes, it’ll feel as if you were in a fairy tale or a dream.

Starry Night Invitation

Is there anything more special than the alignment of the stars on the day you met? You’ve probably seen night sky maps representing the day when one couple met for the first time. Such a map can be a great anniversary gift, but you can go one step beyond.

Today, some websites can help you find the alignment of the stars on any given day and for free. For a set of wedding invitation personal cards, you can incorporate the star map into your invitation. It’ll look charming and very romantic.

Vintage Newspaper Design

You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional that does wedding invitation creative design all day. Here’s one for your consideration. Put the announcement on the cover of your favorite magazine. And no, you don’t have to pay for a famous magazine to advertise your wedding on a spread. You can just make your own cover.

You may like vintage black and white newspaper design invitations? Write down the details of your wedding as if reporting a celebrity wedding and send them to your friends.

Wedding Invitation Postcard

Instead of classic invitation cards, you can leave a unique postcard in your friends’ mailboxes. Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to make a postcard with your photo printed on it, but the effect is fantastic. There are many styles to choose from too. You can make a vintage postcard with a black and white photo from your romantic vacation, for instance.

For the sentimental sort, you can put one of your first photos from when you just started dating. It’s a beautiful occasion to remind your friends about how it all started.

Social Media Invitation

For your wedding invitation, latest designs include social media invitations. And by that, we don’t mean you have to do away with traditional paper cards. The latest trend is to print out invitations that look like WhatsApp conversations or Instagram DMs. Something like: “Hey, are you coming to our wedding on Saturday?”

We’re so used to receiving messages on a slew of social networks. However, it’s another story if you screenshot a conversation and print it out. That’s going to feel new and fresh. For special effects, you can use your friends’ Instagram usernames instead of their real names.

Origami Invitations

For personal wedding card designs that would really make you stand out, we’d suggest origami invitations. They look sophisticated and mysterious, but they’re actually not difficult to make.

You could even make them yourself. All you need is quality paper in your favorite color and a couple of tutorials. You can also combine them with Japan-inspired details on your wedding day, such as cherry blossom decoration.

Comic Invitations

This is something for those who are ready to take the wedding cards to the next level. Why not create a comic where you are the main characters? It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, maybe just a couple of images describing your story.

A comic invitation is a great memory for you and for those who receive it. We’re sure your guests will be impressed and keep it to remind them of your special day.

Bookmark Invitation

One of the latest trends in wedding card design is creating something that’s both beautiful and practical. People have been creating all kinds of items, but we want to suggest something that’s universal and never goes out of fashion – a bookmarker.

Both your friends and your aunt will be impressed by this invitation, and they’ll have a good reason to keep it. Just put down the details such as date and time, and you could also add some quotes from your favorite book if you’re so inspired.

Unique Shape Invitation

If you’re tired of square-shaped invitations, there are plenty of personal wedding card designs of other shapes. For the romantic souls, heart-shaped cards can be a perfect solution. However, you don’t have to stop there. Some of the most beautiful cards ever are in the shape of a mirror, champagne bottle, or wedding dress.

Another option is to look for artistic shapes that are out of the ordinary. The inspiration is everywhere around us. Start with nature and its beautiful forms. Draw from cubism paintings or the works of futuristic artists. Or create a new shape that’s all yours.

Stay True to Yourself

We hope we inspired you with the above personal wedding card designs. We’ve tried to include as many ideas as possible so you can find something that will delight your guests. However, don’t forget that your special day is all about who you really are.

Elegant cards are one thing, but if you’re a playful free spirit, it’s fine to choose something that fits your personality more. In 2020, all kinds of wedding invitation designs are eligible!

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