Organic Wedding Trends To Look Out For

The hottest trends are always changing, and the wedding industry is no different. These are some of the wedding trends to watch out for in the upcoming year. Consider incorporating one (or several) of them into your organic wedding!

By Sarah Dinetz

DIY Projects

Do-it-yourself projects are popular for all weddings, but especially for organic weddings. They allow you to choose the materials and the styles. Whether you’re simply trying to have a more eco-friendly wedding, or you’re set on having all vegan materials used for your wedding decorations, DIY projects allow you the complete freedom you’re seeking. Brides are making everything from place cards to table decorations by themselves or with a group of friends. Pinterest is a great resource for project ideas, so happy pinning!

Flower Alternatives

Flowers are one of the oldest wedding traditions, but also one of the most outdated. They are expensive, and they’re used once before they go bad or are thrown away. The wedding industry is coming out with new alternatives to traditional flowers, from recycled paper flowers, to flowers made from wood or fabric, to completely alternative bouquets or hand pieces. Consider having something totally unique for your special day—maybe bridesmaid clutches, or bouquets made up of buttons and brooches.

Thrift and Antique Store Finds

Brand new, fancy centerpieces from an overpriced vendor? So last season! Brides from all over the country are flocking to their nearest thrift stores and antique stores to find more unique, one-of-a-kind alternatives for their centerpieces. These can range from old candle-holders, to antique jars, to rare fabrics. What better way is there to reduce waste than to re-purpose something that already exists and use it for your special day?!

Sweets Stations

Plated desserts are old news. Brides are starting to opt for more station-style options, such as candy tables and cupcake displays. These are more aesthetically appealing and fun, plus they allow for guests to have something to take home. Instead of giving guests a slice of cake at their table, consider having a table full of your favorite sweets, with little dessert boxes for guests to fill with their favorites.

Soft, “Organic” Colors

The color scheme is one of the key choices you’ll make when planning your wedding. There are traditional colors that go with every season—pastels for the springtime, dark reds and oranges for the fall—but that is starting to change. Many brides having an eco-friendly or organic wedding are opting for color schemes that they feel represent that theme. Soft colors, such as peaches, mint greens, and creams, offer a feeling of freshness and go along with the theme of organic. Brides are starting to ignore the color schemes that go along with each month or season and are going with an option that they feel better fits their organic wedding.

Garden Theme

The fairytale garden theme is making a major comeback this year, as brides are opting for a whimsical touch to their special day. The extent to which this theme is being implemented ranges from having a variety of plants as décor, to holding the entire ceremony and/or reception in a local botanical garden or arboretum. This trend goes hand-in-hand with an organic or eco-friendly focus. The decorations and color scheme fit right into what many organic brides are looking for. Brides are even opting to carry plant bouquets instead of flowers and wearing flower crowns or accessories.

These are just some of the many trends on the horizon for 2017. Incorporating any variety of them will help make your wedding that much more special!

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