Luxurious Green Honeymoon Locations

Planning your wedding can take up so much time and energy, that shouldn’t be the case for your honeymoon. There are numerous green resorts scattered around the world that are both beautiful and eco-friendly.

Now more than ever, businesses are focusing on becoming more sustainable to protect the environment. This switch is noticeable through different hotels, resorts, and vacation properties becoming more sensitive to conserving and recycling.

We’ve researched some of the most highly rated and environmentally friendly destinations that you can explore for your green honeymoon. From luxury resorts in the middle of the ocean to quiet woodland retreats, the properties we’ve found are both stunning and respectful to the Earth.

Hix Island House, Puerto Rico

Back in 2000, John Hix—an architect who specializes in energy-efficient buildings—created this hillside eco-retreat. You can enjoy a Caribbean vacation while experiencing green living. There are no phones or TVs, so you can disconnect from the outside world and focus on your new spouse.

The property features four houses with 13 lofts that run exclusively on solar energy. The buildings were also designed to collect rainwater and heat it through the sun, making your blissful outdoor showers completely natural. All of the water is recycled and used to nourish the surrounding vegetation. There is no air conditioning, but the buildings are shaded and catch the trade-winds through their terraces.

Jetwing Vil Uyana, Sri Lanka

Located in the heart of a nature reserve, this eco-friendly resort is one of the most popular of its kind in the world. Their site claims that they are a “nature lovers paradise” and it’s no secret why. This spectacular property features more than 28 acres of land with 20 species of mammals, 36 species of butterflies, and 120 species of birds. You are surrounded by both luxury and wildlife in this Sri Lankan heaven.

Park Hyatt, Maldives Hadahaa

Leave footprints, not carbon prints behind at this luxury resort. The Park Hyatt is nestled North of the Equator in the Maldives. With your private villa perched atop the ocean, you can enjoy the tranquility and views of the water below.

This location has earned Gold Certification 2016 by EarthCheck for its efforts in creating a green and sustainable vacation property. The Dive and Activity Center received a PADI Green Star™ Award for commencing green business practices while observing responsible conservation. They use energy-friendly transportation system, sustainable resources and conserve both water and energy.

Whitepod, Switzerland

Located near the Swiss Alps, Whitepod is a mix between camping and a luxury hotel. You will enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains from the inside of your pod. From their geodetic design, the pods are low in energy consumption, using 30% less energy than a conventional building to heat and cool. The hotel controls and regulates all energy, water-use, and wastes on the property.

Regala VIVOOD, Spain

Open your senses with a natural experience in the Valley of Guadalest with this peaceful location. VIVOOD uses sustainable architecture to create eco-friendly accommodations. Their use of renewable energy minimizes their footprint on the Earth without sacrificing luxury. Large windows in each of the modules allow you to directly make visual contact and appreciate the surrounding environment from the comfort of your bed.

Finca Rosa Blanca, Costa Rica

If you can’t turn down a good cup of coffee, then this honeymoon destination could be perfect for you. Finca Rose Blanca is both a hotel and coffee plantation where they strive to leave as little impact on the Earth as possible. They were the first sustainable hotel created in Costa Rica with their use of solar panels, organically grown coffee, and local employees. A local greenhouse is on the property where organic herbs and vegetables grow for the hotel’s restaurant. With fresh local food and coffee, you can’t go wrong relaxing here.

Bardessono, California 

Just a short drive away from California’s infamous Napa Valley, Bardessono is famous for its eco-friendly and luxurious spa services. The hotel uses the most advanced environmental technologies, including an underground geothermal system that both heats and cools rooms and the water supply. Bardessono also has hidden solar panels that provide energy for the hotel’s electricity alongside room sensors that decrease power consumption when they guests leave their rooms. This honeymoon location is perfect for those looking to unwind with some time at the spa, while also getting around and enjoy the nearby nature and wine trails.

Here are some other eco-friendly resorts and locations you can check out:

Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

Hamansai, Belize

Six Senses, Locations vary

Chumbi Island Coral Park, Tanzania

Dream Catcher Tipi, Yellowstone Park

Clifftop Safari Hideaway, South Africa


Being sustainable and friendly to the environment doesn’t have to end on your wedding day. You can take these practices with you after the wedding to one of the green and luxurious resorts. With all of these locations above there is sure to be the perfect place for you to have a green honeymoon. If you are looking to have a green honeymoon in a different part of the world, start exploring the areas to find sustainable hotels and resorts.

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