Top 10 Laser Cut Wedding Heels (And How Laser Cutting Works)

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You want your wedding ensemble to be absolutely perfect. From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, every choice you make must strike the balance between elegance and style.

Let’s focus on one of the most important pieces of your ensemble – your wedding heels.

If you want to stay on trend with your heels, there’s no better choice than a laser cut pair. Offering a level of precision that stretches beyond traditional shoemaking, laser cutting means you have nothing less than perfection adorning your feet.

But before looking at some of the best laser cut heel choices, let’s look at what the laser cutting process entails.

How Does it Work?

Laser cutting is a technique that’s seen use in the metal industry for a number of years. However, it’s also commonly used to cut a wide variety of different materials and fabrics. It involves using high-powered lasers to make extremely precise cuts into a material.

This is done for two reasons. Firstly, laser cutting allows the user to trim the material that their cutting. It’s extremely accurate, which minimizes waste.

Secondly, the process allows the user to cut intricate shapes into the material. It’s this use that makes it ideal for creating wedding heels. A shoe manufacturer can use laser cutting to create patterns that may not be possible with other tools.

There are several materials used in laser cutting, including carbon dioxide, glass fibers, and crystal. Each can achieve an accuracy of 0.1mm and is versatile enough to cut everything from tough metals to light fabrics.

That covers the nuts and bolts of the process. Now, let’s dig into what you really want to see – the shoes.

Heel #1 – Cream Sandals With Leaf Décor

Cream is the perfect color to complement the traditional wedding dress. But these sandals have the added benefit of an extremely intricate pattern thanks to laser cutting.

The leafy lattice wraps around your heel and covers the bulk of your foot. As a result, these are a great choice for outdoor weddings because you’ll match the theme. Plus, they work well for anyone from a guest through to the bride herself.

Cream Sandals With Leaf Décor

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Heel #2 – The Wedge Heels

Okay, so wedge heels might not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking for wedding shoes. But they do offer that extra bit of comfort that can keep you up on the dancefloor into the early hours.

These laser cut wedge heels also feature a floral pattern that runs the length of the shoe. It both looks and feels the part.

The Wedge Heels

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Heel #3 – The Floral Cut Heels

Floral patterns are a traditional favorite for summer weddings. With these shoes, you’ll have something that perfectly complements your dress.

The main focus here is the large flowers cut into the shoe itself that also run down the length of the heel. Look a little closer though and you’ll also see some extremely detailed lattice work surrounding the petals.

The Floral Cut Heels

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Heel #4 – The Burgundy Heels

Burgundy is probably not the color that the bride will choose to complement her dress. But guests who’ve plumped for a darker fashion choice may find that these shoes fit the bill.

Again, they feature intricate laser cut patterns that run the length of the foot. The open design also gives your feet some room to breathe, which really helps after hours of dancing.

The Burgundy Heels

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Heel #5 – Nude Heels with Rhinestones

These heels pull together the popular nude color and a gorgeous pattern to create a great effect.

But the laser cutting isn’t the only thing going on here. The shoes come encrusted with rhinestones, which means you’ll literally have twinkle toes as soon as you’re under the spotlight.

Nude Heels with Rhinestones

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Heel #6 – The Button-Up Heels

Button’s aren’t something you’d usually associate with heels. Nevertheless, they work surprisingly well here thanks to the wide range of patterns cut into the body of the shoe.

The open-toed design gives you some room for maneuver. However, these are very high heels. While the design of the shoe’s body offers support, you’ll need to feel confident in your balancing abilities to pull them off.

The Button-Up Heels

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Heel #7 – The Grey and White Heel

These heels combine the traditional wedding color of white with the sophistication of a deep grey.

They’re also among the more minimalistic of the heels on this list. The laser cut pattern extends around the heel and ankles. However, the toes feature a solid look that makes this an interesting combination of laser cut and traditional heels.

The Grey and White Heel

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Heel #8 – Metallic Leather

Why not go for a heel that combines elegance with the metallic look that probably comes to mind when you think of laser cutting?

These leather shoes have a definite sheen to them. The light catches them wonderfully when you’re on the dancefloor. And of course, leather also means greater durability, which is always a plus.

Metallic Leather Heels

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Heel #9 – Gold and Leafy

Leafy patterns make a return with this more traditional pair of heels. The toe-end of the shoe is definitely the centerpiece here because it’s adorned in a beautiful leafy pattern. As a result, your toes will be able to breathe a little in the shoe.

Of course, you also can’t ignore the gold coloring. Much like with the metallic leather heel, this gives these heels a nice shine that sparkles under bright lights.

Gold and Leafy Heels

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Heel #10 – The Fish Scale Pattern

The fish scale pattern is a classic design that makes great use of rounded edges to create consistency. These heels combine that with rhinestones that line the scales, which makes for a stylish look.

They also have an open design, which means great breathability. Plus, the peep-toe tips mean you don’t have to keep your toes bunched up all night.

The Fish Scale Pattern Heels

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The Final Word

Laser cutting allows for the creation of some truly stunning heel designs. The complexity and intricacy of the patterns are truly stunning and there are so many to choose from.

The ten highlighted in this list offer plenty of variety. Each also makes for a great addition to your wedding ensemble, whether you’re the bride looking for the perfect heel or a guest who wants to make a great impression.

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