Should You Use Koozies at Wedding?

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When you’re choosing your wedding décor, every detail matters. Even if you have a dedicated team of wedding planners and caterers, there are specific choices that need your input.

If you’re aiming for a fun, quirky wedding theme, the question of Koozies might have come up. These items are becoming a popular décor choice, and you can also use them as wedding favors. There are bridal-themed, engagement-themed, and bachelor night-themed Koozies available.

But what exactly is a Koozie? Do you need to use them at your wedding? Will your guests love receiving them as a keepsake?

Here’s all you need to know about the bridal Koozie craze.

What Is a Koozie Anyway?

Koozies are sleeves that you put on cans or bottles. They’re made from an insulating material to keep drinks cold for a long time.

Some Koozies are made from fabric, while others are coated in neoprene. There are even leather Koozies out there. So what can you do if staying eco-friendly is important to you?

Many manufacturers offer eco-friendly Koozies that are generally made from recycled foam. You can even find eco-conscious and handmade wool Koozies.

The term ‘Koozie’ is a little bit controversial, so you may need to use related terms when you’re browsing the net. Synonyms you should consider include cozy, coastie, cooler, and beer huggie. In Australia, the term you’re looking for is ‘stubby holder’.

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Wedding-Themed Koozies

It’s obvious why Koozies are a popular choice for cook-outs and picnics. But do they really have a place at the wedding table?

Yes, they can be a great choice for some weddings. In particular, they’re right at home in a laid-back setting. If you’re hoping to hold a friendly, fun reception, this could be the perfect accessory.

You can find or custom-order Koozies that match your theme. Bright colors are a popular design choice. Most Koozies come with a witty caption of some kind. They can be a way to share an in-joke with your friends on your special day.

What About the Engagement?

There are engagement party Koozies as well. Again, there is a wide variety of designs out there. The captions range from sweetly romantic to playful and suggestive.

Themed Koozies are also a popular choice for both bachelorette and bachelor parties. If you’re planning a boozy pre-wedding shindig, take this option into account.

Are Koozies the Right Choice for Your Wedding?

Before you decide whether this is an apt accessory for you, consider the pros and cons.

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The Upsides

  1. You Can Use Them as Wedding Favors

If you’re planning an eco-conscious, low-waste wedding, you probably hate the thought of throwing out any of the decorations. In this case, it’s a great idea to use them as wedding favors.

For example, you can give away the centerpieces at the end of the ceremony. But Koozies are also becoming a popular wedding favor. It’s a cost-saving and practical option.

If you decide to go for Koozies, choose a design that will remind your friends of the occasion. Many couples choose to print their names or initials on their wedding Koozies.

  1. The Drinks Will Stay Cold

For couples who want an outdoor wedding, Koozies are more than just decorative. They can keep your guests’ drinks refreshing. People find it easier to go out and mingle if they know their beverage will stay cool the whole time.

  1. You Can Custom-Order Any Design

Themed weddings are beautiful but they can be a lot of hassle. Sometimes, your carefully chosen decorations just don’t fit together the way you planned. It’s hard to know in advance whether everything will match.

But Koozies are easy to order and they’re relatively affordable. You can get them in any color. That’s why they might be the key to bringing the décor together.

For creative and bold couples, this is a great opportunity to share a witty quote or riddle. If you know your guests appreciate this kind of detail, take the time to choose the perfect quote.

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  1. You Can DIY Them

If you’re a knitter and you’re looking for a new project, making Koozies is simple, quick, and satisfying. Handmade decorations and wedding favors are generally well-received. You can show off your skills and also make sure the Koozies fit the rest of the décor perfectly.

But the pre-wedding period isn’t the perfect time for craft projects. Odds are that you and your spouse will both be too busy for knitting.

Etsy is a great choice for DIY enthusiasts who don’t actually have time to do it themselves. You can commission a knitter or buy some charming handmade designs.

The Downsides

  1. Koozies Aren’t Universally Popular

Some guests will find this decorative piece annoying. They might not appreciate it as a keepsake. Wedding favors such as candy or home-made jams have a broader appeal.

  1. They’re Not Bio-Degradable

There’s an environmental factor you should keep in mind. Even if you go out of your way to find a Koozie made entirely of recycled materials, there’s still a chance your guests will throw their Koozies away.

  1. They Might Go Out of Style Soon

At the moment, Koozies are relatively well-received. But they might not have staying power. In a few years, there may be a more efficient way of keeping drinks cool.

Some couples prefer to give out more lasting keepsakes. Potted plants are a popular and timeless choice.

The Verdict

Will Koozies be a good addition to your wedding? Yes, under three conditions.

First, you’ll need to shop around before you find the eco-friendly Koozie set of your dreams. For some brides, this is a no-go. You’re already under a lot of pressure, so you may not want to add extra errands.

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Secondly, the style of the Koozies needs to fit your overall theme. In general, Koozies are a better fit for informal outdoor weddings.

Finally, think about your guests. Do they use Koozies at home? Will they appreciate the wedding favor? If you suspect this accessory might be unpopular, it’s better to find an alternative.

A Final Word

Koozies are a great choice for some married couples. They’re cheerful, they’re versatile, and they’re useful.

But if the idea doesn’t appeal to you for any reason, they aren’t a must-have. You can find other ways to keep the drinks cool and your guests entertained.

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