Where to Go for Your Italian Honeymoon?

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Italy is the home of love, romance, and gastronomic experiences that will spark your passion.

This country of mesmerizing beach sunsets has in store a honeymoon holiday for every budget. You can have romantic dinners to the tune of traditional Italian accordion in a historic downtown. And, of course, gondola rides along the famous Venice canals are a must for many fresh spouses.

Yet, you may find it hard to single out one destination since there are so many beautiful places to visit. We have selected some of the top places for an Italian honeymoon.


Tuscany is one of the most scenic areas in Italy. It sits right at the heart of the country with more than a few places to visit and romantic experiences to have.

Many married couples choose Florence for their base. This historical capital city of Tuscany can add a fairytale charm to your honeymoon. Great restaurants and landmarks litter area. And you are never too far away from other romantic places in Tuscany.

You can go wine tasting in one of the famous vineyards, take cooking lessons, or tour the legendary city of Pisa.

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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is among the most beautiful places in the world for your honeymoon. The dramatic scenery features soaring hills and beautiful coastline. These vistas will create memories to last you a lifetime.

Small towns with narrow streets and boutique hotels sit on the hillsides. There are hidden gems among these towns that can give you the privacy you need on your honeymoon.

The most captivating sunset on the Amalfi coast can be experience in the town of Praiano. The entire coast is full of terraced vineyards and small villages that you can visit.


Rome might not be on everyone’s list of honeymoon destinations. But the thrills of this bustling European metropolis certainly have its charm for honeymooners.

Rome is the cradle of Western European civilization and culture. You can enjoy the historic architecture, appreciate some of the best art collections in Europe, and take a tour of the Vatican.

You should know that Rome is very close to the Amalfi Coast. So if you are staying at one of the boutique hotels along the coast you are only a short ride away from Rome. It can get your adrenaline going before you go back to the serene Amalfi coast.

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Venice may sound like a cliché honeymoon destination. But this town gives you a chance to experience romance unlike anywhere else in the world.

The gondola ride is something you shouldn’t skip. Although Venice has much more to offer than romantic boat rides. The Marco Place features many traditional Italian cafes. You can get a taste of exclusive Italian chocolate at these charming places. You can also visit the exclusive salons to get a taste of how the Italian elites partied in the 18th century.

As far as accommodations go, there are many different options to choose from. But make sure to book well in advance because this is the most popular tourist destination in Italy.

Lake Como

This impressive region has been the go-to place for world elites. Lake Como has more than a few exclusive hotels and villas. But fear not, there are rental options that can fit any budget.

Architectural marvels are not the only reason its popularity. There are a few picturesque towns that you can visit along the Como shoreline. If you want to enjoy the serenity of the surrounding mountains, check out the town of Varenna on the eastern shore.

Bellagio is on the opposite of Varenna. It’s famous for its fashionable cafes, and the promenade offers great vistas of the lake.

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Sorrento overlooks the Bay of Naples. This would be a perfect honeymoon destination if you are not really interested in parties and fashionable places.

This coastal town is conveniently located so you can easily visit other romantic places in the region. Many newlyweds venture down south to the island of Capri. The untouched nature of Capri is as good as any to immortalize your honeymoon experience.

The famous town of Pompeii is also very close to Sorrento. Besides the museums, Pompeii gives you a chance to see love petrified in volcanic rock and marvel at Mount Vesuvius.


Piedmont is the place for a honeymoon in the Italian hills. This area is surrounded by the Alps on three sides and borders the beautiful Lake Maggiore.

This part of Italy has some of the most impressive inland scenery. The soaring peaks turn into charming hills with expansive plains at the foothill. Piedmont is also a major wine-producing region in Italy.

You can pamper all your senses at Vinadio and Acqui Terme. These places offer spa treatments specially crafted to cater to the needs of newlyweds.

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Italian Island

Italy has quite a few islands that offer a distinct charm that can make your honeymoon stand out from the rest. Here are a few you may want to visit:


This is one of the most fashionable Italian islands. It features a great number of high-end accommodations, bars, and restaurants. But you don’t have to stay at the bustling island center. Anacapri is where you can enjoy the island’s stunning nature in more private surroundings.


The island of Sicily has it all. The biggest Mediterranean island is a melting pot of cultures and historical heritage. You can enjoy privacy and romantic charm in one of the small villages or party in the vibrant city of Palermo.


Sardinia features amazing beaches surrounded by azure seas. The identity of this island represents a mysterious blend of Italian and African charm. Sardinia has all the privacy and exclusive treatment that you can expect on your honeymoon. This makes it one of the most seductive Italian islands.


Italy is bound to create lasting memories of romance. You will wish to revisit the places on your anniversary regardless of where you spent your honeymoon.

We have listed only a few popular areas that offer the honeymoon experience you might expect. Don’t hesitate to explore further to find your own perfect Italian honeymoon destination.

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