How to Have a Vegan Wedding

If you, your significant other, and/or some of your immediate family members are vegetarians or vegans, you might consider having a vegan wedding. Having a vegan wedding can be difficult, but it can also be incredible and rewarding. We’ve put together a list of some of the best ways to ensure your vegan wedding is amazing.

Some of the tips below are similar to those that we shared for gluten-free weddings and can also be applied to other weddings with dietary preferences or restrictions.

Talk with all potential caterers.

Before deciding on a caterer for your big day, make sure they know that you want to have a vegan wedding. While it’s generally not a deal breaker, it is something important to note. Not all caterers are equipped for such an occasion, and you want to make sure you find a caterer who understands your needs and will go above and beyond to make your wedding food perfect. When speaking with caterers, be sure to ask if they’ve catered vegan (or similar) weddings, what dishes they would recommend, and how they ensure that there’s no cross-contamination. A quick internet search of vegan caterers in your area might also be helpful.

Have fun and delicious dishes.

Far too often, people think of vegan foods as just tofu, beans, and chia seed pudding. Vegan food goes far beyond that, and it’s far from boring! For starters, vegan wedding cakes are totally doable—and it’s an added bonus that they often won’t leave people feeling as bloated and gross as they do after eating regular wedding cake. There are even bakeries that specialize in all vegan desserts! You can have anything from vegan cheesecakes or chocolate cake, to vegan stuffed shells or polenta. Choose favorite dishes you would want at your wedding and find ways to make them happen—just, you know, without any meat or animal byproducts.

Get the guests involved.

This is something we also suggested for gluten free weddings, as it’s such a fun way to get guest input for your special day. Send an email to guests—or have an extra line on the reply card—asking for their favorite wedding dishes or vegan dishes. It’s always great to know what your wedding guests’ taste in food is, but especially so when the dietary preferences aren’t something they’re used to. Say almost a quarter of all responses list Caesar salad as a favorite wedding dish. You’d do well to find a vegan Caesar salad recipe and serve the salad at your wedding.

Incorporate your theme into veganism (or vice versa).

Themes and décor are obviously a huge part of any wedding. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with it! Say you and your fiancé agree that you want General Tso’s tofu and teriyaki green beans at your wedding. Consider a Chinese New Year or Asian theme, full of orchids, paper lanterns, and beautiful, red decorations. Maybe you’ve decided to go with pastel colors for your special day. Vegan cake pops or cookies can be made in fun, pastel colors to match your theme. Get creative with this! After all, wedding planning is supposed to be fun!

Don’t listen to everyone else.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the vegan lifestyle, and especially about vegan weddings. People automatically assume that vegan food is bland or simply tastes bad. Ignore anyone who makes a comment like, “You’re seriously only serving vegan food?”, or “Guests aren’t going to like vegan food”. There are so many alternatives nowadays. There’s a good chance your guests won’t even be able to tell the difference! Instead of focusing on what others are saying, center your attention on having the best possible vegan wedding you can.

Who says having a vegan wedding has to be boring? Follow these tips to have a wonderful vegan wedding that guests will be raving about for years to come!

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