How to Have a Lake Wedding

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Whether it be in person or on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen a local or even destination beach weddings before, but what about a lake wedding? A lake wedding is a lovely—and less sandy—location to hold your ceremony. Lakes provide a serene backdrop to highlight your big day. Picture this: your white gown contrasting the lapping blue waters behind you, while being married surrounded by your friends, family, and nature. If you’re considering having a lake wedding, then check out some of these tips.



Where would you like to have your wedding? At a nearby lake in your town or perhaps you’d like to have a destination wedding at Lake Tahoe. Look through your different options and pick a location that fits your dream wedding the best.

Dress accordingly

Would you like this to be a relaxed wedding? Or keep the formality of a traditional ceremony? For a lake wedding, you might want to consider leaving a ball gown behind. A large dress might be difficult to move around in, and they can pick up debris. If you do want to stick with something more formal, then make sure your dress can bustle easily. This advice applies to your veil too. Consider wearing a shorter veil to avoid the hassle of it being torn or caught in the wind.

At the ceremony

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With a stunning lake backdrop, you don’t need to decorate the surrounding area too much. Instead, try highlighting the natural beauty with simple touches. Avoid lavish flowers or anything too over the top.


You’ll definitely want to time your ceremony so that you can snap some beautiful shots near the sun setting by the water.

Try to keep the ceremony short. With the possible elements—heat, rain, wind—limit the number of readings and the like during the ceremony. Since you’re outside it can be difficult to hear, so make sure you’re speaking loudly.

Use local vendors!

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At OOW, we are all about green and eco-friendly weddings, and your like ceremony is no different! Hire local as much as possible, especially from people who know the area well. For the reception, opt for caters who practice sustainability and will limit any waste. Local vendors are likely to be more respectful of the lake environment as well since it’s so close to home.

Don’t forget the permit!

Reach out to your local community and research the paperwork needed to hold your lake wedding. If it’s in a public area, you’ll want to double check the regulations, especially the noise ordinances. Also, check to make sure that you’re allowed to set up canopies, chairs, or any other decor in a public area.


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Most lakefront property tends to be public property, so you’ll want to avoid any holidays weekends or times where there might be crowds. Otherwise, you might have to rent out property to have a more secluded ceremony.

Let your guests know

Be sure that your guests know the event will be by the lake so that they can prepare accordingly. For sunnier days, provide sunscreen, water, and fans if necessary. Include some shaded spots as well. You can create a rustic canopy to cover certain areas like seating for your elderly guests.


Opt for folding chairs or wooden benches, which will be heavy enough to withstand any wind and sturdy for all of your guests.

Prepare for the elements

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Wind can be unpredictable, and you don’t want it blowing your decorations or even veil away. Make sure that you prepare by weighing down anything that could fly away.

Every bride’s nightmare is rain, especially with an outdoor wedding. You’ll need to have a backup plan in case the elements are against you. Have a tent or canopy ready or even an indoor space.

No matter what time of year, you’ll want to make sure that you consider any insect repellent or any other preventives to keep your ceremony bug-free.

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