How Much Does A Wedding Cake Cost?

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Planning out your wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your big day. It’s a true pleasure to choose the frosting, the flavors, and the decorations. Even if you’re not usually thrilled by desserts, wedding cakes have a unique magic.

Your guests will think so, too.

The music can be forgettable, seating arrangements can change at the last minute, and parts of the décor may go unnoticed. But everyone will remember the cake. Like your dress, the wedding cake will be discussed for weeks and months to come.

So you definitely want to invest in an excellent wedding dessert. The design should fit your taste and your wedding theme. An experienced baker will create the cake of your dreams, and it will be both delicious and intricately decorated.

But how much will you have to spend on it? Are there ways you can cut corners but still serve a splendid wedding cake? If you want to avoid cakes altogether, are there any alternatives that are up to scratch?

What Does the Price of Your Wedding Cake Depend On?

Showcase With Cakes

Let’s look at a few of the factors that influence the cost of your cake.

1.      The Design of Your Cake

The good news is that you have a lot of say in the cost of your wedding cake. If you’re willing to settle for a relatively simple design, you can keep to a few hundred dollars. Couples who want a really unique and grand design may need to spend over a thousand.

2.      The Size of Your Guest List

How big does your cake have to be exactly?

Let’s say you’re hosting 150 guests. In this case, you can go for a three- or a four-tiered cake. If there are three tiers, they should measure 6, 10, and 16 inches. But if you like the thought of a taller cake, go for four tiers of 6, 8, 10, and 14 inches.

Here is a very rough approximation of wedding cake prices:

So if you’re hosting a reception for 150 people, you’re looking at around $700 for a tiered cake. If you opted for a small, cozy reception, you can spend considerably less than that.

Do you need a slice for every guest at your reception? In general, it’s fine to assume that a small percentage of your guests will prefer to skip the cake.

It’s a good idea to set up a table where everyone can receive a slice if they want one. This means you’ll have intact leftovers that you can put to use. If you serve everyone a slice without asking, you’ll have to deal with more wasted food.

3.      Your Location

Bakers in large cities typically charge more for their services. At the same time, they can offer a far wider variety of cake designs. Research your options extensively before you purchase a cake.

There are also significant differences between the cost of wedding cakes in different states. We’ll cover these below.

The Average Cost of a Wedding Cake in the US

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Now for the million-dollar question. How much do wedding cakes actually cost?

At the moment, the average cost of a wedding cake in America is $598. This number is based on quotes from cake designers and bakeries from all over the country.

The prices vary greatly by city and state. The cheapest US city among those surveyed when it comes to wedding cakes is Fayette, Missouri. In Fayette, the average cost of a wedding cake is $377.

Unsurprisingly, wedding cakes are far more expensive on the coasts. People in California or New York tend to pay closer to $1K. The most expensive town in 2018 was Pound Ridge, NY, where people spent an average of $1149 on wedding cakes.

Now let’s look at a breakdown by state. These statistics were prepared by Decidio Inc., a website that lists wedding-related resources. Their numbers are up-to-date, and they’re based on exact quotes from bakeries.

The three most expensive states at the moment are Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Wedding cakes are the most affordable in Idaho, South Dakota, and Montana.

Here is a graph of the five most expensive and the five most affordable states in 2018:

Wedding Cake Cost By State Chart

Louisiana, South Carolina, and Vermont are the closest to the national average. You can find a full list of the average cost by state here.

When Is It Time to Choose Your Wedding Cake?

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Your wedding budget will be your guiding light in the pre-wedding chaos. That means you have to have a very firm idea of how much everything will cost. But a detailed timeline is your first step.

So When Is the Right Time to Choose a Bakery?

You should choose a wedding cake baker 6-12 months before the big day.

Keep in mind that this process will take a fair amount of time. You want to interview your prospective bakers and make sure they understand exactly what you have in mind. After the interviews, you’ll know how much you want to pay when the time comes.

When Do You Order the Cake?

After extensive consultation, it’s time to decide on a cake. It’s best to do this 4-6 months before the wedding. Once your idea has been finalized, you can sign the contract.

What Happens Next?

First, your baker orders the non-edible supplies needed to make your vision a reality. If you have ordered custom sugar work, your baker will start working on it 2 months before the big day. This obviously means you’ll be paying a hefty sum for their work.

Most wedding cakes take around two weeks to complete. If there’s any kind of issue, your baker will notify you in time.

What’s the Latest You Can Order a Cake?

Depending on where you live, it can be challenging to find a baker on short notice. The last thing you want is to settle for an underwhelming cake design, so make sure your baker has two or three months to work with comfortably.

What Do You Negotiate with the Baker?

Bakery Window Shop And Cheerful Baker

But before you settle on a cake, you want to find out exactly what it is that your baker is offering. Here are a few important questions to ask them.

  1. Are they willing to work with your cake idea? What is their price range?
  2. What’s their schedule like? Can they work with the timeline you have in mind?
  3. If you have dietary restrictions, are they willing to factor those in? How will this impact the price of your cake?
  4. What is their preferred style? What kind of decorations do they work with?
  5. Do they offer rentals? (E.g. cake plates)
  6. What are the best examples of their work?
  7. Do they offer cake tastings? If yes, does the tasting cost extra?
  8. Will the bakery deliver the cake to your venue? What’s the delivery fee?
  9. What about other desserts? Some of your guests will want alternatives to your cake. Can this baker offer wedding desserts such as cupcakes or donuts? Are they willing to match the decorations to the design of your wedding cake?
  10. Are there any additional costs?

This interview process will help you decide on the best baker in your area. You want to select someone who is communicative, easy to reach, and positively reviewed.

What Are the Extra Costs You Have to Factor In?

Pink Piggy Bank

Once you have chosen your perfect wedding cake, it’s time to consider the additional costs. Here are some of the extra investments that will pop up:

Cost of Delivery

Most wedding bakers take care of the delivery. If not, you’ll have to add that to your budget. On average, this will cost $50-$150.

Tips for the Deliverymen

It’s not customary to tip the baker. However, the people making the delivery will expect a tip of $5-$20 each. Make sure you have cash at hand when the cake gets delivered to your venue.

Fees for the Caterers

Many caterers offer wedding cakes as part of their service. If you decide to get your cake elsewhere, you might have to pay extra.

This is referred to as the cake-cutting fee. It costs around $1.5-$4 per slice. Discuss this with the caterers before you make any permanent decisions.

Cake Plates, Pedestals, Utensils

How will you present your cake? Will your baker take care of details? If not, you may have to buy or rent a cake plate and pedestal. Setting up the cake is definitely something you want to plan out in advance.

A Few Words on Groom’s Cakes

Batman Cake Topper

Some couples grew up with the tradition of a separate groom’s cake. This is particularly widespread in the South.

Groom’s cakes were originally a Victorian invention. Since the wedding cake had decorations that were seen as feminine, young couples also served a separate cake for the groom.

Today, this tradition is used in a lighthearted way. Groom’s cakes are lavishly decorated but the theme reflects the interests of the groom. For example, sports-themed groom’s cakes are a popular option. It’s also easy to find designs that reflect the groom’s job, or his favorite book or movie.

One of the best things about this tradition is that it’s flexible. You can cut the groom’s cake at any point during the reception. You can also display it and then slice it up for wedding favors.

These cakes are typically smaller and less costly than the wedding cake. The average price is around $200. If you’re interested in continuing this tradition, bring it up with your baker as soon as you start negotiations.

A Few Words on the Top Tier

Beautiful Wedding Cake Toper

Wedding cake toppers are no longer universally popular. But on many cakes, the top tier is still the most lavishly decorated part.

There’s a lovely tradition connected to this part of the cake. It used to be commonplace to save the top tier and share it with your spouse at your first child’s christening.

But there is an updated version of this tradition. Today, many couples save the tier and eat it on their first anniversary. Your baker may offer to make you a copy of the top tier when your anniversary comes around. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to pay extra for that.

Fitting the Wedding Cake into Your Budget

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The good news is that the wedding cake is a relatively small investment. It costs less than the entertainment, or the photographers, or even the invitations. Let’s look at a quick breakdown of an average wedding budget.

You will spend 1-2% of your overall budget on the wedding cake. This includes all the additional services your baker has to offer.

The cost of the cake has been steadily rising over the years. In 2018, couples across the US have spent 1.9% of their budget on the cake. This is slightly more than the cost of wedding invitations and slightly less than the average cost of a limo.

Quick Glance At The Other Investments You Need To Think About

The cost of your reception is around 60% of your overall budget.

The cake is one of the main points of your reception. However, it’s also one of its most affordable parts.

You will also spend around 18% of your budget on food. This percentage usually includes other types of desserts. 8% is typically spent on drinks.

The venue is your biggest investment, as it costs around 20% of your overall budget. The cost of the décor and the ceremony add up to another 10%.

Wedding favors are a small but important detail. They tend to cost around as much as your cake. But if you’re trying to save money, there’s an excellent way of cutting corners here. Invest in decorative boxes that fit the theme of your wedding. Then use them to store leftover cake as a gift to send your guests home with.

Additional breakdowns:

  • Hiring a professional wedding photographer is another 10% of your overall budget.
  • The bride and groom’s attire, hair & makeup, and wedding rings add up to 11%.
  • The music and entertainment cost around 8%.
  • Your stationery (invitations, the guestbook, etc.) will cost around 2%.
  • You’ll spend around 2% on transportation, except for a remote destination wedding.
  • The remaining 7% is for your wedding planner, as well as any emergencies that may pop up.

Wedding Cake Budget Chart

Here is a quick rundown of each individual cost:

Décor and Flowers8%
Wedding Favors2%
Video and Photography10%
Wedding Planner3%

Wedding Cake Styles and Trends

Two Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Now, let’s look at some of today’s wedding cake trends. It’s perfectly possible to stay in vogue and still find an affordable wedding cake. So cake designs should you think about?

1.      Geometric Designs Are Trendy Right Now

Angular wedding cakes are one of 2019’s top wedding trends. You can opt for pyramids, dodecahedrons, and complex abstract constructions. Simple rectangular and square cakes are also very popular at the moment.

What are the benefits of a geometric design? It’s unique and memorable. You can contrast the severe straight lines with decadent floral decorations. If you’re aiming for an avant-garde theme, your wedding cake can look like an unusual statue.

Geometric cake designs go well with bold color schemes. Even if you’ve opted for a formal wedding, you can get a beautiful effect out of black and gold geometric shapes. Wedding cakes decorated to look like chunks of marble can be beautiful as well.

2.      A Note on the Cost

There’s another upside to geometric designs, particularly square ones. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s a great idea to aim for a cake that can be cut in a grid pattern. This lets you feed more guests with each tier.

You may have heard that frosting a square cake is more difficult. This isn’t a hard rule. Expert bakers can handle square cakes just as easily as round ones.

On the other hand, complicated shapes will cost more. Unusually shaped cakes are generally very expensive. So before you opt for an angular tower or small spiky details, take your funds into consideration.

3.      Flowers Will Never Go Out of Style

Wedding Cake With Flowers

Floral decorations have been a wedding cake staple for a long time now. Your cake will look grand and romantic if you opt for sugar flowers, fondant flowers, or even real flowers.

Again, it can be a great idea to contrast flowers with straight lines. But if you prefer a more traditional cake design, you can have round tiers decorated with pastel icing.

If you want to make your floral wedding cake unique, consider a black-and-white color scheme. Or if you prefer a more delicate and old-fashioned look, why not opt for white decorations on a white cake? In this case, your baker will use different textures to make the cake eye-catching.

A Note on the Cost

Which type of flower to use on your wedding cake?

If you’re using sugar paste flowers, consider the amount of work it will take to shape them. Large flower types, like peonies, are a cost-effective choice. They look just as beautiful as tiny blooms, but they’re considerably quicker to make.

A handful of large flowers can be all the decoration your cake needs. You don’t exactly need intricate frosting flourishes to serve a memorable and beautiful cake.

However, the cheapest option is to use fresh flowers instead of sugared ones.

A Note on Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can match your décor wonderfully. Popular choices include roses, orchids, dahlias, peonies, and calla lilies. You can also opt for cascading green vines on the side of the cake.

It’s also easy to choose blooms that match your bridal bouquet. Sticking to one or two species of flower is a great way to make your wedding stylish and elegant in a restrained fashion.

But consult with your baker before going with this choice. Needless to say, it’s important to choose pesticide-free flowers. There are also edible flowers you can use on your cake, which is an excellent option for green weddings.

A Note on Succulents and Cacti

Here’s a 2018 trend that seems to be here to stay. There are daring new couples who use real cactuses and other succulents for decoration. This can be an excellent way to turn a low-cost, simple cake into a work of art.

4.      Use Dots to Decorate the Cake

Colorful Confetti

A polka dot design can be a great fit for quirky weddings. On the other hand, you can also use icing dots on fancy, old-fashioned wedding cakes. This design choice can evoke pearls, and it’s easy to combine dots with real beads. Going for dots in two complementary colors is always a nice touch.

At the moment, splashes of color on wedding cakes are a huge hit. You can opt for fun and artistic cakes that look like they’re covered in running paint. Combining this effect with dots leads to an excellent retro look.

A Note on the Cost

Icing dots are one of easiest ways to decorate a cake. If you want to keep things simple and inexpensive, this decoration is the best place to start.

5.      Gold Is Bold and It’s Always Appropriate

Balloon Inscription Cake

Do you find it difficult to settle on a color scheme?

Gold is a widespread choice for a reason. You can combine it with any color and achieve memorable results. Some love the splendor of classic white with gold. Others love combining it with deep blue or royal purple.

You can also go for a metallic cake that is completely covered in gold or silver. These cakes have a vintage kind of glamour. They can be simple and striking, or you can opt for complicated embroidery instead.

A Note on the Cost

Hand-piped embroidery is beautiful, but it’s also fairly expensive. A cake decorated with lace-like gold details is extremely luxurious. Sadly, it’s also fairly pricey.

But when you’re on a tight budget, a roller can be a great alternative. Ask your baker to use a roller instead of hand-drawing the lacy decorations. This is a wonderful time saver and the end result is just as striking.

6.      Naked Wedding Cakes Are Here to Stay

Pink Naked Cake On The Stand

If you want to remove frosting from the equation, a naked cake is your best choice. This is a recent trend and it is particularly cherished by couples who value simplicity.

They are still fairly unusual, so you can leave an impression on your guests without investing in intricate designs. Additionally, naked wedding cakes have a homemade charm. This makes them a lovely choice for rustic weddings.

You can decorate your naked wedding cake with fruits, flowers, ribbons, and similar details. If you want all-natural décor with a seasonal effect, this might be the best wedding cake style for you.

The downside is that these cakes dry out fairly quickly. They also tend to be less stable than traditional wedding cakes. So if you’re planning a many-tiered, towering cake, you may want to reconsider.

A Note on the Cost

Opting for a naked cake is a great way to stay trendy and save money. Since the simplicity is part of the charm here, you can choose to handle the decorations yourself. For example, you can serve a naked sponge cake with berries and powdered sugar. Or why not use an amaryllis to create a sophisticated chocolate wedding cake?

7.      Deconstructed Wedding Cake

Deconstructed meals are taking the foodie world by storm. The idea is to separate the main ingredients of your meal and serve them in different containers. By separating different elements of what you’re eating, you can get a completely new meal.

Of course, you don’t want to break your wedding cake down to its very basics. Your guests aren’t here to personally dip pieces of sponge cake into bowls of buttercream. While that could be a fun experiment, few have been brave enough to try it in a wedding.

But you can still partially deconstruct your cake. Consider serving the tiers separately instead of stacking them up.

A Note on the Cost

The beauty of deconstructing your cake is that your guests won’t realize you’re going for the cheaper option.

Bakers charge extra for tiered cakes. There is special effort involved in making sure the cake keeps the right shape throughout the reception. When you break the tiers apart, your baker will have far less work to do.

Of course, you’ll buck an established wedding cake tradition. But that doesn’t mean the visuals have to be disappointing.

This option allows you to have different decoration choices on each tier. This means you can get experimental and give your guests a wide selection of flavors.

A Note on Presentation

The appeal of deconstructed food lies in the presentation. So set up a table to display your tiers in a decorative way.

For example, you can encase each tier in a cloche or a birdcage. Depending on your wedding theme, you can surround the tiers with greenery, flowers, or string lighting.

Another great option is to choose pedestals of different heights. This will remind people of tiered cakes and emphasize your new approach to serving a wedding cake. Glass pedestals are particularly well-suited, as you can fill them with flowers.

How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too: Ways to Cut Down on the Cost

Note Strips From A Fruit Cake

If you’re on a tight budget, there are plenty of ways for you to save money on the wedding cake. Let’s look at some ideas that can help you keep your investment as low as possible.

Opt for a Small Display Cake

Large tiered wedding cakes are a classic. But instead of trying to feed all of your guests with one cake, you can take a more practical approach.

Invest in a small, intricately decorated cake of two or three tiers at the most. This is the cake that will get all the attention and it will figure prominently in your wedding photos. You’ll use it to perform the cake cutting ritual.

What happens when all of that’s over? You can have a cheaper, undecorated sheet cake ready to serve the majority of your guests.

Many couples take this approach to wedding cakes. It’s a simple and very efficient way to reduce your spending.

Avoid Cakes of Unusual Shape

While custom shapes can be really memorable, they take a long time to make. It’s much better to stick to simple shapes and then get creative with the decorations.

Opt for Traditional Flavors

The cost of your baker’s time is more significant than the cost of the ingredients. However, you can still save money if you stick to the basics.

Are you planning to order an organic, gluten-free, or lactose-free wedding cake? There are many bakers who can accommodate these needs. However, you’ll definitely have to pay extra.

Chocolate, vanilla, and simple fruit flavors are all cheap and widely available. These traditional flavors are the most affordable choice. If you want to branch out from that, you’re going to have to pay extra.

What if you want different flavors for different tiers? It’s a good idea to use traditional flavors for the largest tiers. Your small tiers can be flavored with red velvet, almond, cream cheese, etc.

Two Types of Fillings Are Enough

Two Types Of Cakes In The Showcase

Most wedding cakes come with two alternating types of fillings in each tier. As long as the fillings are made with care, your cake won’t need more flavors. Going for three kinds of fillings is an unnecessary extra expense.

Buttercream or Fondant?

As mentioned above, buttercream cake costs $4 per slice, while fondant costs $5. This is because fondant takes longer to prepare and apply.

But fondant has a few upsides too. In particular, it can make decoration simpler and more affordable.

When your cake is covered in fondant, your baker can hand-paint anything over it. You can go for floral patterns, monograms, modern or classic art scenes. If you find a nice illustrated wedding cake design, you won’t have to worry about lacing, ruffles, flowers, or rosettes.

If you want a small and beautiful cake, fondant might be the cheaper option. But for huge receptions, buttercream is the way to go.

You Can Use Styrofoam to Improve the Visuals

If your heart is set on a grand six-tier cake, you can make use of cheap non-edible decorations. In particular, you can add glittering Styrofoam decorations between your layers. Even if your cake is fairly small, you can make it seem imposing with shiny blocks, flowers, and other embellishments.

Could a Boutique Bakery Be the Way to Go?

When money’s not an issue, it is best to order your cake from an experienced wedding bakery. They have the tools and experience necessary to make your dream cake a reality. Even if you’re not completely certain of what you want, a cake designer can walk you through your options.

But if you’re in a tight spot financially, you can just hire your favorite local bakery instead. If you enjoy their products in general, ask them to make you a cake for your wedding. While they might not have the supplies for very intricate decorations, you can still serve up a simple, elegant wedding cake with old-fashioned frosting.

You May Be Able to Tap into Your Caterer’s Selection

Some caterers offer wedding cakes. These vary in quality, so make sure to do your research. But if your caterer’s dessert selection gets good reviews, you can let them create your cake for a lower than average price.

If Baking Is Your Passion, Dazzle Your Guests with a Homemade Cake

Table With Ingredients For Making Cake

Have you ever considered baking your own wedding cake? This isn’t the best choice for most couples. After all, the day before your wedding is chaotic enough without starting a big project.

But if baking makes you or your spouse happy, you should go for it. Choose a simple but delicious recipe and delight your guests with your creation. You should make sure to plan the decorations well in advance. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask your friends and family for help.

If All Else Fails, Go for Smaller Slices

What if your cake is smaller than it should be? Talk to your caterer before the reception and tell them to cut smaller slices. If the slices are 3/4 of the standard size, nobody will have any complaints. You can even halve the slices if necessary.

But if this is plan, you may want to look into additional dessert options.

Cupcakes and donuts are both popular wedding desserts. You can also go for a beautifully served fruit salad. Chocolate truffles and frozen banana pops can be a delicious treat too.

When you’re ordering alternative dessert options, make sure to obtain dairy-free and vegan options as well. Some of your guests may not be able to enjoy the wedding cake, so make sure they have something to look forward to as well.

The Border Cases: What’s the Most and the Least You Can Spend on a Wedding Cake?

So the average cost of a wedding cake this year is nearly $600. What about the minimum and maximum cost? If you’re aiming for the cheapest cake possible, how low can you go? And if you don’t have a limit on this part of your budget, what’s the most expensive cake out there?

The Most Affordable Wedding Cake Options

The most affordable option would be a store-bought sheet cake. In this case, you’re looking at $75-$100 for 150 people.

You can also order a simple sheet cake from your local bakery. To make it wedding-themed, your baker might use white frosting and simple floral designs. In this case, you’d spend $150-$225, or more if the cake is tiered.

What does the cheapest possible wedding cake look like if it’s made by a wedding baker?

Imagine a vanilla or chocolate flavored buttercream cake, with simple decorations such as fresh flowers or berries. More likely than not your guests would be perfectly satisfied with this cake design. Sometimes, the classics are more impressive than any innovation.

The Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Money Can Buy

Life Sized Bride Cake

Image Source:

Are you willing to spend over $1000 on the wedding cake of your dreams? If so, the possibilities in front of you are practically limitless. You can order a wedding cake in any shape you like. It can closely match your wedding theme, or it can be something that will startle your guests.

If you’re a traditionalist, you can opt for a beautiful array of sugared flowers. Instead of just sticking to ribbons, you can also use strings of pearls and crystals to make your cake more glamorous.

But there are also some bold high-end options for couples with an adventurous spirit. For example, you can surprise your guests with a geode-shaped wedding cake.

Upside-down wedding cakes are a fascinating option as well. A truly masterful baker can make you a cake that you can hang like a chandelier.

Of course, luxury doesn’t end there. There are cakes out there for hundreds of thousands of dollars which take an unbelievable amount of manpower to create.

Some couples choose to focus on exotic and unforgettable flavors. For example, Prince Harry and Meghan opted for a lemon elderflower cake with floral decorations. But there are also obscene wedding cakes that get decorated with diamonds and precious stones.

One of the most expensive wedding cakes in the world right now was made in Dubai. It cost $1 million to create, and its designer was Debbie Wingham. This person-sized cake is shaped to look exactly like the bride. Each part of it is edible, including the pearl decorations.

Wedding Cake Costs Over the Years

Notes Pen Candy And Mug On The Table

If you’ve only just started to plan your wedding, what can you expect in the future? Here are a few statistics worth considering.

The national average wedding cake cost in 2016 was around $582. In other words, it wasn’t significantly lower than today’s prices.

In 2015, the cost was around $546. Three years earlier, the cost averaged around $437. Some experts say that the average cost of a wedding cake has doubled since the 2008 recession.

Wedding Cake Yearly Averages Chart

It’s safe to expect a steady rise in the upcoming years. If the cakes in your city are more expensive than average, there may be a sharper spike in the cost.

Do You Really Need a Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake On The Table And Bouquet Of Roses

Some couples prefer to leave out the wedding cake altogether. If you’re not particularly fond of traditions, you can find some excellent, affordable alternatives. Here are a few ideas that could work:

A Cupcake for Each Guest

Custom-decorated cupcakes can be a romantic touch. They can bear your and your spouse’s monograms, or you can opt for charming floral decorations. Even regular store-bought cupcakes can leave a great impression.

Home-Made Pie

Did you opt for a rustic theme? If so, pie could be your best dessert option. Make sure your guests have a few different flavors to choose from.

Fresh Fruits

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a romantic choice at any time of the year. Exotic fruits can even double as a centerpiece.

Ice Cream Sundaes

You can keep your summer wedding fun and breezy with beautifully served bowls of ice cream.

Decorative Popcorn

Popcorn may be untraditional, but it’s a surprisingly versatile dessert option. You can find colorful popcorn in a wide variety of flavors. This could be the perfect finishing touch to an informal, intimate reception.

A Final Word

The most important thing about your wedding dessert is that it should reflect your taste as a couple.

Don’t feel pressured to get an intricate, all-white cake if that’s not your style. But if you do like doing things the old-fashioned way, don’t worry about keeping up with new cake design trends.

If you do some research, you can find a baker who’ll create the perfect cake for you and your new spouse. The above cost-saving tips should help you stay under 2% of your overall budget.

But what if you want a vegan cake that costs extra? Or if your dream cake costs just a little over this price?

You can play with your budget until you can afford the cake of your dreams. For example, you can switch to electronic invitations, or you can go for low-cost, eco-friendly décor. Getting a truly amazing cake is worth a few minor sacrifices.

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