Gorgeous and Sustainable Wedding Invitations

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Invitations are the first sneak peek your guests will get of your wedding. You want them to be perfect. Traditional wedding invitations can be beautiful and ornate, but also pricey. Seek out a sustainable option instead. Rather than using paper, choose a material made from an alternative fiber. Try bamboo, hemp, or paper that has a high-recycled composition instead.

If you are looking for a more environmentally and cost-friendly option, explore our sustainable wedding invitation alternatives. We’ve explored different companies that will create gorgeous invitations without the high price tag or paper waste.

Digital Invitations

In our current world, everyone is linked together by his or her computer, phones, and tablets. Instead of sending out paper invites, you can choose a digital template. This decision will cut out any paper waste.Going digital also gives the option to print out the invitation. They can also sync it with their calendar.

True to its name, Paperless Wedding designs digital wedding invitations that completely remove the need for paper. They are an eco-friendly company that helps you prevent paper waste, but also to reduce emissions from delivery. Everything is done online. You can keep track of your different lists—who’s invited, who’s responded, and your registry—for your suppliers. They have a range of inexpensive, yet stunning themes to choose from to customize your wedding site.

Rustic Summer Floral Invitations 

VineWedding offers a range of themes including Vintage Gold, Rustic Summer Floral, and Modern Calligraphy. You can either print these affordable invitations yourself or email them. Their options guarantee that no matter your style, you will find a model that you adore.

Wedding invitation with wildflowers for Poppy and Felix

Greenvelope provides a completely personalized experience for every aspect of your digital wedding invitations. You can select from pre-designed layouts or choose your custom design. The invitation can feature a calendar link, maps, music, videos, pictures, gift registries, and even hotel information. Since everything is done digitally, you remain sustainable and friendly to the environment. Greenvelope has an advanced guest list management system, so you can keep your wedding organized.

Physical Invitations

Perhaps you don’t want to go the digital route and would prefer to have physical invitations for your guests to open up. You can still have the traditional form, while also being mindful of the environment and your back account.Wedding invitation with flowers on seeded paper for Lindsey and Edward

Botanical PaperWorks has numerous lines of green invitations. Their wedding invitation collection is perfect for those who want to be sustainable without losing style. They create thank you and reply cards, wedding favors, and complete invitation sets. With a range of designs and customized colors, you will be able to find a theme to match your wedding.

You don’t have to worry about causing waste. All products contain non-GMO seeds with post-consumer material. Your invitations can go straight into the ground, and with a little water, your loved ones can enjoy beautiful blooms.

Whimsical antler wedding invitation

Pineapple Invitations creates all different types of wedding invitations. They have eco-craft material to print your invites on. This material is made of card and paper products. The brown coloring will give you invitations a rustic feel, while also remaining sustainable to the environment.

Wedding invitation with bordering leaves in an oval

Bella Figura crafts stunning wedding invitations that are also sustainable. The company uses 100% tree-free cotton papers along with citrus-based and vegetable-oil solvent inks.

If you are looking to add a country touch to your wedding, then explore the gallery at Sarah Wants. You will find gorgeous stationery personally crafted by Sarah herself. Her products would fit those looking for a floral, rustic, or vintage style for their wedding invitations. All of her work prints on 100% recycled paper, so you can have your paper invites while staying friendly to the environment.

natural save the date on brown stock

Paper Chain offers a stock of wedding invitations printed on Forest Stewardship approved paper. This guarantees that your products are coming from renewable sources. All stationery is personalized to fit your color, size, and information needs.

Wedding invitation on seeded paper with fern leaf

All the invitations created by Of the Earth are entirely sustainable and earth-friendly. They make designs with hand-made Lotka paper. The paper contains flower seeds, so you can plant your memories. The clear film is made with cellulose fibers and wood pulp. These materials will naturally decompose along with the seeded papers. These cards are unique with a very natural feel to them.

Plantable Tags


Plantable heart shaped tag with note

If you already have your heart set on a set of invitations that aren’t eco-friendly, you can always add in a plantable tag. These sustainable wedding favors come in different shapes and colors. The created packets are handmade seed paper with flower seeds. After receiving your invitation, your guests will be able to plant or add to their little garden. Both wildflower and herb seeds are available.

Hopefully, with this list, you will be able to select a sustainable wedding invitation that will fit your special day. Whichever invitation form you decide to go with, the environment and your wallet will be thanking you.

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