How to Have a Gluten Free Wedding

If you, your spouse-to-be, or any of your immediate family members have a severe gluten allergy or intolerance, you might be considering having a gluten free wedding. This can be a bit more difficult to plan than a regular wedding, but there are plenty of ways to make sure your special day is still perfect. Here are some tips on how to have a gluten free wedding without losing any of the excitement of gluten-containing foods and favors.

Do research before deciding on a venue and/or caterer.

The caterer is the most important aspect of your wedding you think of when it comes to food allergens. It’s crucial to make sure a caterer knows about the allergens before signing a contract with them. Not all caterers will be able to ensure that there is no cross-contamination with gluten. However, there are plenty of caterers who specialize in gluten free catering, and a quick internet search will provide you with numerous options in your area. Additionally, some kitchen facilities at wedding venues may not be able to accommodate a gluten allergy. After all, counter tops, serving dishes, and pans may have come in contact with gluten. It’s best to make sure that they are aware of your gluten free needs.

Consider alternatives to traditional plated meals.

While plated meals are the most popular choice for a wedding, there are lots of other options for food. For a more casual reception, opt for wine and cheese instead of an entire meal. This saves money, and it’s much easier to ensure everything is gluten free. It’s a great way to make your wedding stand out. If you’d prefer a full meal at your wedding, a buffet option is a great idea, in that you can keep dishes separate based on allergens. Say you’d prefer to have a wedding that isn’t entirely gluten free, but still has numerous gluten free options. You can have the gluten free station in a completely separate area.

Have allergen cards by each dish.

Following a gluten free diet (or caring for someone who does), you know how stressful it can be to worry about allergens. If you’re having any sort of buffet-style options or stations, it’s a great idea to have allergen cards by each dish. You can check off which common allergens—eggs, soy, wheat, nuts—are in each dish, to prevent any allergic reactions at your wedding. The same goes for if you’re just having gluten free options, instead of an entirely gluten free wedding. Denote which food options are gluten free to avoid any confusion.

Get guest input.

Let’s be honest… most people aren’t too thrilled to hear the words “gluten free” if they don’t have a gluten allergy or intolerance. They imagine bland dishes and think of all the things they can’t eat. To get guests excited about the gluten free menu, ask for their input. This can be done informally, such as through a Facebook post or text message, or more formally, with a note included in the invitation. You can ask guests for their favorite gluten free dishes, or simply ask for their favorite wedding foods. From there, you can arrange to have gluten free versions of the most popular foods. This is a great way to get guests excited about the wedding.

Find fun gluten free dessert options.

Gluten free does not mean bland and tasteless, especially when it comes to desserts. There are tons of delicious gluten free options for your wedding dessert. If you prefer tradition, you can always find a bakery that specializes in gluten free wedding cakes. Otherwise, you can choose something totally unique, such as a macaron station, gluten free cookies and cupcakes, or a chocolate fountain with fruits and sweets to dip.

Choose a gluten free favor option.

Many people choose food items as their wedding favors. It’s important to make gluten free choices for aspects, and this includes the favors. Luckily, a lot of favorite options are already gluten free, or gluten free options can easily be made. Send guests home with a jar of locally made jams, jellies, or honey. You can also opt for small jars or favor bags with a favorite tea or coffee. There’s plenty of room to get creative.

There you have it… some of the many ways to have a gluten free wedding you’ll never forget. Just remember that gluten free doesn’t equate to boring, and, with a gluten free wedding, there are still tons of ways to make your wedding personal, unique, and memorable.

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