Top 15 Fun Wedding Games

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It goes without saying that the wedding is one of the memorable moments of your life. You want everything to go perfectly, and ensure that your guests have a good time. Even though weddings are fun on their own, adding some interesting activities is always a great idea.

There are many different things that you can do to make your wedding day memorable to your guests. If you need some ideas, you are at the right place. Here are the top 15 fun wedding games that will keep the party going.

1. Wedding Toast Bingo

It’s safe to say that every wedding toast covers things that you can hear in many weddings. For this reason, creating a wedding toast bingo can be a great idea. Give each guest a bingo board, so they can guess what will be said. Let them predict what the maid of honor and the best man will say during their toast.

Make sure to prepare some prizes for the winners and let all the guests participate. There’s no doubt that your guests will love the idea, and you’ll have a ton of fun.

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2. Dancing Challenges

When planning a wedding, one of the most exhausting things is planning who will sit where. There’s a high chance that people who don’t know each other will be sitting at the same table. This is why you need to find a way for them to know each other so that everyone can have fun.

The best way to do this is by giving each table the title of a song that will be played during the wedding. When the song comes on, the guests need to stand up and start dancing. Create rewards for the best dance, the goofiest, and more. This will keep everyone engaged and ensure that nobody spends the whole night sitting.

3. Trivia

Another thing that can help people of various backgrounds get to know each other is trivia. Each dinner table can have a representative and engage in trivia quizzes with their neighboring tables. You can also turn this into a competition in order to motivate your guests to participate.

4. ‘I Spy’

One thing that you can definitely expect at your wedding is kids. Even though they’re amused by pretty much anything, making sure that they have fun is important. It will keep them busy and let their parents have a good time.

A classic game of ‘I Spy’ is a good choice here. You can also ask the kids to draw the things they’re trying to guess.

5. Photo Booth

Creating long-lasting memories is one of the main things that a wedding should ensure. This is why having a photo booth can be a great idea. Your friends and family can have a ton of fun taking all kinds of photos, which is a good way for them to memorialize your wedding.

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6. Wheel of Activities

A Wheel of activities can be a great way of making sure people have a blast at your wedding. Create a wheel with different tasks that someone has to perform. These can be something like ‘show us your best dance move’ or ‘tell a funny anecdote’. Guests can spin the wheel at any time, and challenge other guests to perform tasks.

7. Board Game Station

Not everyone at your wedding will be a party animal. Some people don’t feel comfortable participating in activities. Others, such as the elderly, can’t really move and groove that much. To ensure that they have a good time as well, gather some of the best board games that you know of. This way the guests that aren’t that fond of partying can have a great time.

8. Wedding Piñata

Even though there will be plenty of food at your wedding, having a wedding-themed piñata is something worth considering. Piñatas are loved by many people, especially kids. Giving them a chance to smash it and get a ton of candy is surely going to be fun.

9. Mini Golf

You bet there will be people at your wedding that enjoy a mini golf course. You can organize tournaments or let your guests play at all. Whichever way you decide to go, this is a foolproof way of keeping your guests entertained.

10. Lawn Yahtzee

This is a great way of adapting one of the most played traditional games to your wedding. Create a set of large dice and give your guest a manual on how to play Yahtzee. This will be fun for both kids and adults while keeping them busy for quite some time.

11. Karaoke

Aside from just playing music, why not offer your guests a chance to sing? There’s a high chance that you’ll have more than a few talented singers in your wedding party, so they’ll love grabbing the mic. Even guests who can’t sing at all might not want to miss this chance to goof around.

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12. Scavenger Hunts

A wedding-themed scavenger hunt can liven up your wedding party in an instant. There are all kinds of ways to do it. For example, you can give your guests a list of things that they need to find and take creative photos with it. The first one that finishes, or the most creative one, gets a prize.

13. Find the Guest

This is one of the best ways to allow your guests to get to know each other. Create a list of interesting facts about your guests, and then let them match the facts to a person. Make sure to think about unique and fun facts, and your guest will definitely make some new friends.

14. Corn Hole

Probably one of the favorite outdoor games of many people is corn hole. This is a perfect game for an outdoor wedding, since pretty much anyone can enjoy it. No matter the age, your guest can have a blast with this game.

15. Balloon Pop Wall

Set up a wall with balloons and ensure that there’s a safe distance between the shooters and the balloons. Hide a small gift in each of the balloons and give your guests a chance to pop them. There’s no doubt that they’ll love it, and they can take some prizes back home with them.

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The Final Word

We hope we have given you some inspiration for fun games to play on your wedding day. If you incorporate one or more into your wedding, you can rest assured that there will be no place for boredom.

Of course, there are many other games that you can try out. You can ask some of your guests about the games they’d like to play, and then get creative with the ideas.

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