Fabulous Wedding Favors For Eco-Friendly Couples

Wedding favors are the last impression your guests will have of your big day, so why not give them a good one?

If you set aside part of your wedding budget for parting gifts, then you want to make sure these are favors your guests will enjoy and use. There’s no sense in wasting effort or money on engraved picture frames that only your parents will use, which is why we’ve put together fabulous wedding favors that your guests are sure to love.

Potted Plants

Bouquets are typically the centerpieces of any wedding table, and though they are beautiful, they often die too quickly. Instead of spending your money on fresh flowers with a short life span, then opt for potted plants instead.

Select potted flowers that are equally as stunning, but will last past your honeymoon.

If you want to give your guests more than a decoration why not offer potted herbs instead? Fragrant sage, rosemary, and thyme will come in handy around the kitchen. Your loved ones can use a piece of your wedding favor in every dish they cook.

Tiny succulents are also a fun favor to give out, as they require minimal care, but are adorable decorations. Try combining a succulent with a mason jar

Tree Saplings

While this favor may require a bit more energy from your guests after the wedding is over, the result is certainly worthwhile. Use tree seedlings as a décor for your wedding that your guests will be able to take home with them and nurture. The tree will be a constant reminder of your special day and gives back to the environment.

Hot Sauce

Spice up your special day with a customized bottle of hot sauce. It’s an unusual favor that your guests are sure to get a kick out of.

Handmade Soap/Lotion

Freshen up your favors with handmade soap or lotions. This simple gift uses light scents like lavender or mint and can include a thank you note to your guests.

Sweet Treats

Since you can’t give each of your guests a wedding cake, then offer them a sweet treat to leave with instead. Coordinate with your caterer or baker to create delicious mini cupcakes or cookies personalized to your wedding day.


Most people have a cup of coffee or tea every day, so this favor is a practical option that your guests won’t have to worry about lugging home. Include a sample of brews and beans in a customized burlap sack that will carry your guests through days to come.

For a more intimate ceremony, wrap a delicate teacup with chamomile, peppermint, or lavender seeds inside and a small note for your guests to grow their tea.

Olive Oil

For a simple DIY wedding favor, buy a few gallons of olive oil from a small or local distributor along with some fresh herbs. Combine the oil and herbs into cute little glass bottles and finish it off with a homemade tag.


If you do choose to stick with bouquet centerpieces, then try incorporating lavender, roses, or other fragrant flowers that will last in your guests’ home. You can also include seeds of the same flower along with the bouquet, so your friends and family can grow their blooms.


Birdseed Ornaments

Gather your bridesmaids before the wedding and spend a sunny afternoon making these simple bird seed ornaments.


There’s no sweeter way to leave a wedding than with a jar of local and organic honey. Infuse the honey with herbs to give it a special touch that your guests will love to mix-in with their tea.

Include tea bags and a wooden dipper for a complete tea set for your guests to wind down with at home.

Used Books

This is an unusual option that might be better at a more intimate wedding. Give your guests used books that they can take home, enjoy, and even share with others. Going with a second-hand option will give a rustic feel to the wedding and allow you reuse books.


If you are having a spring or summer wedding, then reach out to local farmers, vendors, or even into the bush from your backyard for some berries. Spend some time with your significant other crushing raspberries or blueberries for jam wedding favors.


Almost everyone loves a good drink. Just because the reception is over doesn’t mean your guests should stop having fun. Create a mini cocktail like a jack and coke in Mason jar as a wedding favor. Use mini bottles of champagne or wine if you want to go with a more elegant feel.

Fabulous Favors

When the open bar and dance floor are finally shut down, you want your guests to walk away with memories that will last, so why not throw in a wedding favor they will love. If you are having a large wedding, then consider the coffee, tea, or jam favors. For a more intimate gathering, then personalize used books, alcohol, or tree saplings to give to your guests. Any of these parting gifts are guaranteed to be welcome into your guests’ homes.


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