Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives

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If you are looking for an engagement ring and would like to stray from the traditional diamonds, then you have plenty of options available. Even though diamonds are the customary stone for engagement, they are a common sight. In the past, they were a statement of your everlasting devotion and love. Now, diamonds are everywhere, despite the owner’s wealth, religion, class, or any other factors.

Why Choose a Diamond Ring Alternative?

The diamond ring industry is still corrupted with that conflict of blood diamonds. Mining is backbreaking work. Those laborers in Africa who seek these precious gems are usually underpaid, underage, and work in poor conditions. Blood diamonds are usually sourced from the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Angola because of their involvement in financing civil wars.

Aside from the tainted background of some diamonds, they are also the most common type of engagement ring. Anyone sporting an engagement band will have a similar look to yours if you choose to go with diamonds.

“Diamonds are forever” was an effective marketing campaign back in the 1900’s. Since then these rocks continue to symbolize love, eternity, and your financial status. You can also select another jewel that shares the same message. Many gems can embody the infinite passion you share for your significant other in a unique way.

Stunning Engagement Ring Alternatives

Many different types of gemstones can be even more stunning than a diamond, and can better reflect your personality. Instead of choosing a traditional diamond band, explore some of these stunning engagement ring alternatives.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth has an incredible selection of jewelry that is conflict-free. They only use ethical sources and guarantee complete transparency in all of their merchandise.

Cred Jewellery


Cred Jewellery has an entire line of ethical engagement rings like the one above, including diamonds.

Estate Diamond Jewelry

Estate Diamond Jewelry has a stunning line of rare vintage engagements rings and antique engagement rings. They even have an ethical guarantee page, listing what makes their ethical process so unique.

They have rings in all the price brackets, but the majority of the diamonds in the rings are a lot larger than most of the other websites.

Melanie Casey

Perhaps you want something more delicate to wear. Designer Melanie Casey features a collection of simple and affordable bridal rings that you will fall in love with.

If you like the diamond look, but not the cost, then try a moissanite ring. This rare mineral is a naturally occurring silicon carbide that has the same appearance as a diamond without the large price tag.

Since moissanite is such a unique material, you will most likely find lab created gems. Their production is friendly to the environment and your bank account, while also being durable for everyday wear.

Ingle & Rhode can trace all of their products back to their original source. Their gemstones are mined, cut and polished by adults working in fair working conditions and with fair pay.




Explore different gemstones that might compliment your own style and personality. Don’t be afraid to get bold with your selection. You will mostly likely be seeing this ring for the rest of your life, so you should definitely pick one that you will be happy to see everyday.


Try adding some flare with these unique rings on your finger.

If you are still not convinced by these alternative engagement rings, make sure that if you do choose a diamond, it is conflict-free. Your jeweler should be able to track where the gems originated to guarantee they are responsibly sourced. Try browsing around some antique shops or estate sales where you can find an elegant ring from the past. Your parents or grandparents might have a piece of jewelry they were saving for your engagement.
By selecting one of these gorgeous alternatives, you will be sure to have an engagement ring that stands out. You will also feel better being more socially and environmentally responsible.
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