6 Eco-Friendly Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Tips

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If committing to an entirely green wedding seems overwhelming, then why not have an eco-friendly rehearsal dinner instead? Rehearsal dinners are a time where both families can come together and enjoy a night of good food, drinks, and company. The actual wedding can be stressful, so this allows a chance for everyone to relax and get to know each other better. Since the rehearsal dinner is usually a lot smaller than the ceremony and reception, you can use the size to your advantage and make green choices.

Here are some eco-friendly wedding rehearsal ideas you can incorporate into your own dinner.

Reduce Waste Glass jars on fence

Make your rehearsal dinner and low to no waste. Avoid plastic cutlery and paper plates. Even if you are having a cozy backyard affair, use silver and tableware.

Set up recycling and compost bins around the area. If you are using caterers or having your dinner at a restaurant, then talk with the vendors beforehand. Ensure that they are using the trash as little as possible.

Get Together

Instead of having everyone drive over in his or her cars, organize a carpool. Traveling in a carpool will reduce emissions and give your loved ones some extra time to spend together.

You can also host the dinner at a location nearby to where most guests are staying. Your hotel is a close option or a restaurant that guests can get to by foot.

Get creative with transport ideas! If you are going to be near the water, then hire some canoes or kayaks to travel in. Some cities also have rickshaws or tandem bicycles if you’re feeling funky.


Go green with decorations. Use products that are sustainable such as seed paper banners and place cards. Set the mood with soy candles that come in all colors and are sustainably sourced. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re energy efficient as well.

If you are using flowers during the ceremony, then avoid using them at the dinner. Choose some potted plants that can double as wedding favors and be used again during the reception.

You can also recycle your décor to use during the wedding reception, which will also save you money. Explore local nursing or children’s homes and hospitals to see if your decorations can brighten someone else’s day up.


Between the bridesmaid’s dresses, tuxedos, and your gown in between, you and your guests have probably spent a good amount on clothing for the wedding. Don’t spend more! Wear a lovely dress that you already own or explore a consignment shop for a recycled dress. If having a new outfit is important to you, then try renting a fabulous option online.

Location, location, location

A sit-down dinner at a local restaurant, hotel, or ballroom are typical places for a rehearsal, but you can opt for a different venue. A cozy backyard is an appropriate setting that will allow your guests to relax and mingle with each other.

Forgo the formality and keep it simple, so that your loved ones can enjoy each other’s company and you don’t have to worry about supervising everything.

Make sure to let your guests know so that they can come dressed appropriately. Your mother and grandmother won’t want to get their heels stuck in a backyard barbecue.


Pasta, eggs, flour

Avoid a wasteful buffet that will leave your guests feeling stuffed for the wedding. A rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be a dinner per says. You can have a cocktail hour, brunch, or hors d’oeuvres.

Plan out the menu to use local and seasonal options. A farm-to-table rehearsal dinner is a perfect way to enjoy fresh food in a rustic environment. Keep the food light and healthy, so your guests aren’t weighed down during the actual wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner Overview

Having an eco-friendly wedding rehearsal dinner doesn’t have to be stressful. Simply start by choosing a nearby location that your friends and family can access such as an intimate bistro or a relaxed brunch in your backyard. Explore your food options and stick with local products to guarantee freshness. These small steps are an easy way to create a green rehearsal dinner that both your guests and the environment will love.

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