Eco-Friendly Bridal Canopies

Bridal canopies are always in style. Whether you’re looking for a canopy for your entryway, want to get married under one, or need a “chuppah” as part of Jewish tradition, there are tons of options. This also rings true for eco-friendly weddings. Here are some great ideas for eco-friendly bridal canopies.

By Sarah Dinetz


Do it yourself– the eco-friendly way.

DIY projects are more popular than ever, especially in the wedding industry. Why not take the same ideas and apply them to wedding canopies? Do some searching on Google or Pinterest and decide what you want in a wedding canopy. You can easily make the canopy of your dreams with a few friends or your husband-to-be. The key to this? Using all eco-friendly substitutions.

Instead of using real flowers to decorate the canopy, opt for fabric or wooden flowers. Companies like Eco Flower offer great options and can match wood flowers to any wedding color scheme. Instead of using plastic enhancements, find ways to work with hemp or burlap instead. As far as the base for the canopy, bamboo is always a great option. It is one of the most eco-friendly options, as it is fast growing and easily replaceable. You can also search thrift stores or antique stores for vintage elements that can be incorporated into your canopy. This prevents additional waste and adds a one-of-a-kind element to your canopy.

Use something sentimental for your chuppah or canopy.

A recent trend in Jewish weddings has been personalizing the top of the chuppah. If you have a loved one who has passed away, consider using their tallit (prayer shawl) instead of any old tallit. This is a great way to honor their memory. If you are not Jewish (or not having a Jewish ceremony), you can still incorporate a similar sentiment into your bridal canopy. Instead of having something brand new made for you and only using it once, put a personal touch on your canopy. Maybe you have a quilt your grandmother knitted for you. Maybe there’s a blanket that hold special meaning for your groom. These can all be used as the top of your canopy. It’s a unique way of recycling while also adding something special to your wedding day.

Recycle someone else’s canopy.

This may seem like such a simple idea, but it’s something so many people forget to consider. Most brides who purchase a bridal canopy never use theirs again, so they would be honored to see it go to good use. Talk to close friends or family members, or even search websites like Tradesy or Bridal Garage Sale for used bridal canopies. This is a great way to prevent the waste of another bridal canopy, and it is also a possible money saver.

Go with burlap.

Burlap is an extremely versatile and eco-friendly fabric. As we’ve shared in other posts, it can be used for wedding favor bags, bridal accessories, and, yes, even wedding canopies. You can use burlap for the entire canopy, as pictured, or for detailing on canopies made of other materials. A burlap canopy is perfect for weddings with rustic, organic, or forest/outdoors themes.

When all else fails, opt for some eco-friendly fabrics.

Maybe you want to keep your special day eco-friendly but you’re not having luck finding an eco-friendly canopy that you love. In this case, follow your heart. Find a canopy design you love, and recreate it with more eco-friendly fabrics, or find out if it can be made as such. Fabrics like hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton are easy to find and biodegradable. This makes them a perfect choice for a custom canopy that meets all of your hopes for a bridal canopy while still keeping with eco-friendly ideals.
Bridal canopies add a unique, elegant touch to your special day. Even with having an eco-friendly wedding, there are tons of great options, from DIY canopies to canopies made with meaningful personal objects. Your perfect bridal canopy is out there waiting… you just have to find it!

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