10 Tips for Dealing with Wedding Stress

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Planning a dream wedding is one of the most exciting things a person can do. But no matter how meticulous you are, things are inevitably going to get stressful. Dealing with wedding stress can be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Brides and grooms are too quick to swat away the stress in the interest of making progress with their plans, but that’s almost never a good idea.

In this article, we’re going to give you some amazing tips on how to minimize or even eliminate any wedding planning stress that’s might be weighing you down.

Talk About How You Feel

Talking about Wedding Stress

Stress can be very sneaky. When you’re in the midst of wedding plans, you might not even be able to recognize that your body and mind are overwhelmed.

You’re on the go non-stop to make sure everything works just perfectly for the most important day of your life. But if your mom or your best friends ask a simple “How are you?” and you feel the emotions bubbling, that means you should vent a little – or a lot.

Try expressing all that’s on your mind and discuss the most unexpected problems you’ve encountered. After you talk about everything, dealing with wedding stress might become a little easier.

But there’s an important caveat to this tip, and that’s choosing a good listener to talk to, or better yet, someone with a few supportive words to share. Talking to the wrong person about pre-wedding stress might make you feel even worse.

Get Your Eight Hours of Sleep In

Bride Sleeping off Wedding Stress

One of the most insidious ways stress disrupts our daily lives is by messing with our sleeping patterns. A stressed bride or groom preoccupied with wedding plans might start losing sleep.

Before you know it, you’ll be postponing the bedtime hour a little bit more each night. Those seating arrangements are just not working, or where can you find fresh tulips this time of year – these might be some of the questions that trouble your precious sleep.

But sleep is incredibly important, and lack of it might even affect your immune system. So, set the alarm, take a melatonin supplement if necessary, and wish yourself some very sweet dreams.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Every bride and groom will quickly learn that when you’re dealing with wedding stress, the delegation of wedding chores becomes essential.

If you have an army of people helping you out, don’t hesitate to carefully assign tasks to get the best possible results. But if you’re flying mostly solo during the planning period, hiring a wedding planner might be the best option.

They don’t have to take over the entire planning process, but they can be of immense help when it comes to managing stress before the wedding.

Consider Meditation

Bride Meditating in Wilderness

You’re probably thinking, “Who has time to meditate when you have a wedding to plan?” And we get it. But before you reject this idea as too time-consuming, allow us to convince you otherwise.

It’s a myth that meditation takes up a lot of your time. On the contrary, just 10 minutes of mindful meditation will provide all you need to carry on with your day without having wedding stress chipping away at your serenity.

There are many benefits of meditation, one of which is that it brings you back to the present moment. And that’s often the necessary step when dealing with wedding stress. If you’re not sure where to start, try a free meditation app or choose one of the many videos online.

Adjust Your Calendar

You probably have the date of your wedding on display somewhere as a constant reminder. You might also have a countdown app running in the background of your phone.

That’s great, but depending on what type of person you are, all the drama revolving around the date might be adding more stress than you need. But it’s not like you’re going to forget about your own wedding, right?

Here’s what you can try. Before you even start the planning, move the date in your mind a month ahead. Then act as if everything needs to be ready on that date, not the actual day of the wedding. It’s a risky move, but it’s a helpful tool for dealing with wedding stress for some people.

Take a Moment to Pamper Yourself

Sooner or later, stress starts to show on our bodies. It might be that those dark circles around the eyes have come back, or that you’ve been feeling a bit more fatigued than usual.

You know your body better than anyone else. So, when that first stress-related pimple shows up, you’ll know it’s time to take a little break for yourself. Schedule an appointment to get your hair or nails done.

And if you’re not in the mood for that, who can say no to a deep tissue massage? That’s going to just kick the stress out of your body. But it doesn’t have to be anything like that either. If your body needs a little cardio or a yoga session, that’s what you should do.

There are no clear rules on how to cope with wedding stress, and every bride or groom will know which approach to pampering is best for them.

Try Journaling

Bride Writing Journal for Stress

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a journaling craze going on in the world at the moment. Maybe not so much a craze, as it’s a revolution of the written word. But there’s actually a really good reason behind it.

Studies prove that journaling reduces stress in your body. And it’s easy to dismiss it if you’ve never been the type of person who writes a lot. But it’s absolutely for everyone.

All you need to do is grab a pen and a notebook and start writing any thoughts that you’ve been having regarding the wedding – both good and bad.

Remind Yourself That This Is Your Happy Time

There’s a lot of pressure on the shoulders of future newlyweds. You’ve decided to spend the rest of your lives together, and all you really want to do is gaze into each other’s eyes.

And if the wedding could somehow organize itself, that would be just fantastic. Because then you wouldn’t have to figure out how to deal with wedding stress as well.

However, there’s no need to turn all of the wedding planning into one big stressful event. From time to time, stop for a moment and remind yourself that this process is also meant to be special. It’s not just about that one day.

You should be able to remember the little things like when you finally found the right wedding cake . Or the moment you decided on the perfect wedding dress or tuxedo.

These are the little memories that will stick with you, and dealing with wedding stress shouldn’t deprive you of them.

When Dealing with Wedding Stress – Nature Helps

Bride Woman and Nature

You don’t have to be a super outdoorsy person to appreciate the power of nature. Even if you live in a major metropolitan area, just looking at the trees in the park or on your street can ground you in no time.

When dealing with wedding stress, getting back in touch with nature might be just the thing that will soothe your overworked mind and body. Are you stuck indoors working on your wedding website, answering emails, or coordinating with the wedding planner? The stress can quickly add up.

Check the weather and then step outside in a pair of comfortable shoes. Loss your phone, and just go for a little walk. Focus on the trees, flowers, and even squirrels in the park. And don’t forget the cute faces of all the dogs you’ll run into while strolling along. Before you know it, some inner balance will likely be restored.

Check-In with Your Partner

Date Bride and Fiancé Before Wedding

You and your partner are a team. And that’s why you’ve chosen to get married. But when it comes to wedding planning, it’s common for one person to take up more of the organizational burden than the other.

And that’s usually fine, one of you may be a little better at it and just enjoys it more. But that also means that it’s easy to lose track of how your partner is doing. And how they feel about how the process is going.

To avoid confusion and potentially being hurt, check-in with your partner regularly and ask them how they feel and what they think about the wedding plan decisions.

Keeping the Wedding Stress Under Control

Dealing with wedding stress is almost entirely unavoidable. And it’s okay to feel anxiety and stress – it’s your wedding, after all, not just any event.

Cut yourself some slack and accept the fact that feeling overwhelmed is normal. But that doesn’t mean you should let the stress get the better of you. Try some or all of the tips above to make the entire wedding planning process easier and more comfortable.

And don’t worry, some things will go wrong no matter what you do. Only the quicker you shrug it off, the less stress you’ll feel.

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