Is Confetti Considered Eco-Friendly?

There is not question that weddings are full of love, but they are also full of fun! The big send-off is a highlight adored by children and adults alike because of one thing: confetti. Everyone loves throwing a fistful of confetti, especially during a wedding. Even so, not all confetti is created equal or eco-friendly. Confetti comes in many different forms, so we’ve compiled a list of some options that you can turn to on your wedding day.


Rice in the shape of a heart

Throwing rice at a wedding is a way to wish the newlyweds luck and prosperity. Nowadays, rice is hardly used because of the mess and hazards. Though the common myth of rice and exploding birds is disproven, it is still harmful to animals. Rice can also hurt when thrown and creates a slippery surface for your guests.

If you want to stick with rice, then you can choose a decomposable version instead like these pretty hearts. Save yourself the hassle with this heart-shaped rice that will disintegrate instantly with water.


Pile of colorful confetti

With rice out of the picture, more people turn to paper or plastic confetti. Plastic or foil confetti won’t biodegrade, while the dye from colored paper can seep into the ground. Both alternatives are beautiful, but they ultimately will end up in a landfill or the belly of some animal.

Most venues don’t want to deal with the mess that confetti leaves behind. By choosing a green option, you won’t have to worry about cleaning up or hurting the environment and animals.

Since traditional rice throwing is a thing of the past, as well as wasteful paper confetti. What can your loved ones toss on your wedding day? If you want the same visual impact, opt for one of these eco-friendly confetti alternatives.

Natural Flower Petals

Multi-colored flower petals

Throwing flower petals isn’t just for the flower girls. Natural petal confetti is the most popular option, especially with picky venues. Since the petals are biodegradable, you don’t have to worry about the mess being harmful or long lasting.

Freeze-dried petals are also an environmentally friendly option. Unlike regular petals, they can store in a freezer, guaranteeing freshness. You will be showered with beauty and perfume of fragrant flower petals.

Silk Flower Petals

Though it is common to use silk petals indoors, they can also be in the toss. These petals come in a variety of colors and styles to match your wedding’s theme.

For both types of petals, you can use seeded paper cones to hold them. These cones are also sustainable and will sprout wildflowers when planted.


Like the heart-shaped rice mentioned above, this snow is 100% biodegradable. With a quick rain or rinse from the hose, the snow will disappear. This snow is the material that they use in the movies and will add a romantic touch fluttering through the air.

Lavender Confetti

For an entirely natural alternative to plastic, foil, and paper confetti try lavender seeds. Lavender is friendly to the environment and will smell great wafting through the air. The seeds will blow away and possibly turn into a plant where they land.

Seed Paper

This is the perfect alternative for someone who still wants the glitz and glam of confetti. Use seed paper and edible glitter paint as an identical solution. The seed paper will grow into the surrounding areas making it easy to clean up. By using edible paint in silver or gold, you can still have that sparkling image while still being sustainable.

Along with the paper, seed packs are a fun idea, especially if you are having a home wedding. You can tell your guests where to throw the seeds, so that flowers will sprout there reminding you of your special day.


If you are looking for a fun option that doesn’t involve throwing, then bubbles are the solution. Both kids and adults will have a blast surrounding you in bubbles, and they make for a great picture. You just have to be mindful of the bubbles you choose because some can leave soap stains behind on fabric.

Bride and groom with glitter falling in the air

With these creative options available, there is no need to include harmful plastic, foil, or paper at your wedding. Confetti can be eco-friendly if you select one of the alternatives we’ve provided above. If you can’t decide which form you like best, start by looking at pictures of weddings that use flower petals, bubbles, and seeds for their send off. You want the memories of your wedding day to last forever, not the confetti.

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