Clever Ideas to Cut Your Wedding Budget

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We’ve already covered how to set a budget for your wedding, but now we’re going to explore some clever ways to trim costs.Reducing costs in some areas such as the cake decorations or guest list can allow you more freedom with your money in other parts of the wedding or to save for the future.

Sometimes cutting corners can lead to a lowered quality and overall appearance. While you want to save money, you certainly don’t want to cheapen your wedding, which is why we’ve pooled together beautiful ideas without the hefty price tag.

Book Offseason

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With the sunshine and warm weather, it’s no surprise that summer and early fall—June, October, and September— are popular seasons to get married. While Spring can be unpredictable and Winter on the chilly side, these off seasons will come at a lower rate.

Similarly, Saturday is the most popular day of the week for a wedding as it’s the easiest for travel and time off work. Consider switching to Friday, Sunday, or even a weekday if you have an intimate ceremony.

Use a Public Space

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Public areas are usually free or have a small rental fee—no more than a few hundred dollars—and often have on-site buildings as well. Explore historical sites, beaches, local parks, public gardens, or even universities in the area.

Get Married at Home

If you or one of your loved ones have a beautiful backyard, then why not use it to your advantage. By having your wedding at home, you can get rid of the costs for the venue and create new memories at a place special to you.
Have your friend officiate the wedding

Change Your City

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While it may be convenient to get married in your current city or hometown, these locations might be costly. Look at smaller or surrounding towns where the catering, flowers, and lodging prices are less high.

Use a DJ

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Live bands are fantastic entertainment when it comes time to hit the dance floor, but their tab can get expensive. Opt for a DJ instead as they tend to be less expensive for the same amount of time. If you do decide to go with a band, then try to find someone local or that you may know to perform.

Check the Guest List

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Do you really need your best friend from second grade or all of your co-workers at your wedding? No, you don’t. If you’re looking to keep your wedding on a budget, then the guest list is one of the most important places to start. Invite those closest to you, who you know will be around for years to come.


The “something borrowed” is just a requirement for the bride, but can be included for other parts of the wedding as well. If someone has a tent, flower vases, tables, and chairs, or even a gown that you can borrow, then see if that option will fit for you. You don’t have to sponge everything. Even the vases from a florist come with a cost, so by borrowing from a friend, you can save that bit of money.

Control Your Booze

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An open bar can get messy both for the dancing guests and your credit card. Try limiting the amount of alcohol you serve at the reception. Buy in bulk if possible. You can also place a bottle of red and white wine on the table to encourage guests to drink wine for the evening. A signature cocktail is also a fabulous idea to limit prices while adding a personal touch.

Simplify the Wedding Cake

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Wedding cakes tend to be lavishly decorated and stacked up high. If a beautiful cake is important to you, then choose a smaller one to cut during the dinner for your wedding table. Serve a separate, yet delicious sheet cake to the rest of your guests. Avoid decadent sugar-spun flowers and fondant, as they tend to rack up the price of the confection.

Instead of wedding cake for everyone, you can also serve mini desserts for your guests to enjoy.

Floral Arrangements

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The price of flowers can quickly add up and go over your budget. Repurpose your flowers, using them both as decorations during the ceremony and for centerpieces at the reception. Also, choose in-season or wildflowers when possible.

Simple Centerpieces

Use candles or flowers floating in water as a simple, but beautiful decoration for your tables. Explore different DIY options, so you don’t have to budget for centerpieces.

Computer Crafts

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Create your own menus, place and seating cards, and even invitations with your computer. Avoid or limit the use of a calligrapher. You can also handwrite the table settings yourself using something creative like a stone or pinecone.

Skip the Limo

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Use your car or borrow a vintage car from someone you know. While riding in a limousine is fun, it’s not worth the price for such a short time.

Budget Your Wedding

Overall, you want your wedding day to be flawless, and part of hitting that perfection is not going over budget. You don’t have to cut costs on everything, but try a few areas such as handmade place cards or serving a sheet cake to your guests. Even these small trims can save you money for the future, while still looking glamourous.

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