The 20 Most Memorable Boutonnieres for Grooms

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The time has come to round off the final preparations for your wedding day. Every single detail that can make your wedding ceremony special counts. This is why the choice of a boutonniere is very important.

Boutonnieres are lapel decorations that add a personal touch to the groom’s suit. There are many different boutonniere styles for you to choose from. Let’s that a look at the top 20 that can add a special flair to the groom’s suit.

1. White Gardenia

This boutonniere is a classic combination of white gardenia and dusty miller. It goes well with traditional black two- or three-piece suits. What’s more, the green dusty miller balances the whiteness of the gardenia.

2. Succulent Boutonniere

Succulents have recently become a popular choice for boutonnieres. The soft green color of the succulent flower is set off by some colorful flowers. This boutonniere fits wool suits and you can match it with a bow tie.

3. Gum and Berry Boutonniere

This boutonniere is very simple. But it adds a particular accent to black or dark grey suits. The gum and berry boutonniere consists of the leaves of these plants. Also, you can choose to add some greenery to have more action on the lapel.

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4. Purple Clematis

The flower of purple clematis is beautiful enough to adorn a lapel on its own. However, you can add some evergreen accents to make it really stand out. The purple clematis boutonniere matches any shade of blue.

5. Astilbe Boutonniere

The astilbe boutonniere comes under the spotlight on light grey suits. You can choose some greenery to surround the astilbe branch and tie everything together with a colorful ribbon. This color contrast of boutonniere holds a specific appeal.

6. Thistle Boutonniere

Thistle is the central point of this boutonniere. Yet you can choose to add more flowers such as roses or rosemary. These boutonnieres are an excellent match for both grey and black suits. And the rope wrapping accentuates the colors of the plants.

7. Eucalyptus and Pink Blooms

Pink is no longer dedicated only to the brides. The soft pink blooms offset the green eucalyptus leaves to add a touch of masculine romance. This boutonniere goes really well with light-color suits, in particular light grey and light blue.

8. Orange Orchid Boutonniere

The orange orchid boutonniere gives the groom’s suit an exciting splash of color. You can choose to have some green or purple accents behind the orchid and tie it all in with a simple white ribbon. The orange orchid boutonniere pairs well with bold color suits or traditional black ones.

groom with orange tie and orchid boutonniere

9. The Boutonniere with a Note

There is no reason not to add a love note to your boutonniere. A piece of carefully cut paper with forever written in vintage lettering can be a great base for the flowers on top. You can use bright red carnations and some greenery to round off the message. On top of that, this boutonniere can be matched to suits of any color.

10. Blue Velvet

A deep blue ribbon is one of the accent pieces of this boutonniere. The blue velvet boutonniere also features one beige flower and a handful of exotic greenery. This boutonniere is a perfect match for dark blue or light grey suits.

11. Mini Tulip Boutonniere

This stylish boutonniere makes use of tiny tulips. The greenery in front of the tulip adds a special accent. The base is wrapped in brown ribbon and tied with brass wire. The mini tulip boutonniere is a bold combination of colors and materials that goes well with light color suits.

12. White Ranunculus Boutonniere

The white ranunculus boutonniere features a single ranunculus flower. There are some green accents on the side and the boutonniere comes with twine wrapping. The choice of plants and the twine give this boutonniere a rustic look. Regardless of the rustic look, this boutonniere matches most suits.

13. Calla Lily Boutonniere

This boutonniere is for grooms who are really style-minded. The red and orange calla lily flower is an excellent statement piece on any lapel. There are small greens around the flower and the rope wrapping is an excellent match for these plants.

beautiful boutonniere

14. Sophisticated Combo

The sophisticated combo boutonniere features an orchid and a calla lily. This boutonniere comes with a touch of greenery to add a sense of freshness. The combination fits any smart dark-color suit or tuxedo.

15. Rose Boutonniere

You cannot go wrong with a single rose boutonniere. You can choose to add green leaves to the rose and wrap the stem in twine. Grooms tend to go for a deep red rose but you can also choose a softer color for a touch of romance.

16. Peony Flower

This boutonniere features an unopened peony flower complemented by greens of different texture. The black satin wrapped around the base adds a sense of class to this boutonniere. The peony flower boutonniere is an excellent match for black suits and tuxedos.

17. A Small Lily

A magenta lily takes the central place in this vibrant boutonniere. An assortment of greens surrounds the lily flower and the base is tied with green ribbon. This boutonniere works really well with light grey or beige suits.

18. Floret and Berries

The floret and berries boutonniere features one white floret and a few dry berries. A lace knot on this boutonniere complements the bride’s dress. This boutonniere stands out on any traditional black suit or tuxedo.

19. Pink Rose and Fuzzy Fiddle

This bold combination of seemingly mismatched plants gives the groom a special contrast on the lapel. The pink rose is the focal point of this boutonniere. But the fuzzy fiddleheads add a particular contrast to most light color suits. Also, the twine wrapping gives this boutonniere a somewhat rustic feel.

pink rose boutonniere

20. Dry Flower Boutonniere

The dry flower boutonniere consists of an assortment of dry greens and berries. The accent piece of this boutonniere is a multi-petal dry flower that dominates the arrangement. And the crimson ribbon adds a splash of color to this rustic-looking boutonniere.


There are limitless boutonniere options for your big day. A general rule of thumb is to go for seasonal plants and flowers that stand out on your suit. Don’t be afraid to experiment but make sure the boutonniere is not too big for your lapel.

Even though Exotic plants and succulents are trending now, you really go wrong with a traditional carnation or single rose.

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