Best Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Outdoor weddings and organic weddings often go hand in hand. After all, what’s more resourceful than using nature as your venue and décor?! These are some of the best outdoor wedding ideas, sure to make your special day truly one-of-a-kind.

Dress up tree trunks and stumps.

Maybe you’ve decided on a backyard, arboretum, or garden that has some tree stumps around the property. Instead of leaving them as they are, consider decorating them with fabric flowers, tea lights, or mason jars. Tree trunks don’t have to be boring and plain. You can even use them as small serving tables, putting a dessert display on each one. Another option is to put some sort of cloth or cushions on them to use as extra seating for guests. They’re sure to love it!

Use natural colors that accent the environment.

For a truly magical outdoor wedding, choose a color scheme that suits your surroundings. A rustic theme is always a great choice, with browns and oranges in the fall, or light greens and creams in the springtime. Your colors can vary greatly even in the realm of outdoor weddings. For example, you have to be sure that your color scheme at a botanical garden doesn’t clash with the flower couples. By the same token, bright blues and purples might not suit a forest wedding. With a wedding in nature, you already have a naturally magnificent backdrop! Just remember that!

Create clothesline decorations.

Who says old-fashioned clotheslines are out of style?! Especially in the case of outdoor weddings, they can be a great way to set your wedding apart with unique decorations or accents. You can use them to hang photos of you and your groom, or opt to hang your place cards for guests to find as they arrive. You can even hang your wedding favors or pieces of paper for the guests to sign in lieu of a sign-in book!

Get creative with your wedding photos.

Outdoor weddings make for some of the most beautiful wedding photos. Make sure your photographer visits the venue ahead of time—regardless of whether it’s a backyard or an estate—to ensure that they have ideas for the bridal and wedding party photos. Branches, tree trunks, flowers, gardens… they are all natural props that you should take advantage of with your outdoor wedding. Your wedding photos will provide memories that last a lifetime, so make sure you capture the great outdoors in as many pictures as possible!

Rock a rustic wedding.

Use the unfiltered magnificence of the outdoors to add charm to a rustic wedding. Plantations, estates, and wooded areas are usually the best places for rustic outdoor weddings, but any outdoor area can be turned into a rustic wonder. Go all out with the mason jars, burlap, pallet signs, and lace. Sure, some of your guests have probably been to a rustic wedding, but having your rustic wedding outdoors takes it to the next level. Trees and branches are your built-in decorations, so don’t be afraid to use them to your advantage.

Using tree branches as hangers.

Tree branches are nature’s offering for you to hang beautiful decorations on throughout your wedding festivities. Just look at these gorgeous lanterns! They’re elegant and breathtaking. Hang lanterns, paper fans or paper lanterns, strings of lights, and more. The possibilities are endless! This is a great and simple way to incorporate nature into your special day.

Go flower crazy!

If rustic isn’t your style, maybe an enchanted garden theme is! Outdoor weddings don’t just have to be in a forest or wooded area. Botanical gardens, arboretums, and even parks are great options, as well. You can take the flower theme to the next level with flower accents on the tables, fondant flowers on the cake, and flower crowns for all the bridesmaids. Opting for florals is a great way to tie together your wedding them with the great outdoors!

Hopefully these exciting ideas have sparked some unique ideas for your own outdoor wedding. Outdoor weddings are a blast, and any of these features you choose to incorporate are sure to be amazing.

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