A Beginner’s Guide to Organic Weddings

The term “organic wedding” can be overwhelming. After all, there are lots of things that it can encompass, depending on personal preference. That’s why we’ve put together a quick beginner’s guide to organic weddings. This covers all the basics you should know if you’re considering having an organic wedding– or just want to learn more.

Not all organic weddings are completely organic.

Different people have different definitions of what an organic wedding is, and no one idea is better than another. For example, one couple may consider their wedding to be organic because they are serving primarily organic foods, while another couple may feel that their wedding is the one that’s truly organic because they have organic food, plus organic attire and decorations. There is no one-size-fits-all organic wedding, so do what works for you.

A main aspect is organic food.

When most people hear the word “organic”, they generally picture green smoothies and farmer’s markets. Well, that’s a simplified version, but that’s also one of the main aspects of organic weddings. You can work with your caterer to set a menu that uses primarily organic ingredients, or even get in touch with a local farm or farmer’s market and find out about incorporating their produce into your food. Organic food, though not as plain and boring as it has a reputation for being, is definitely one of the key elements of an organic wedding. Some people have organic desserts, a juice bar, and more! It simply depends on your preferences.

Organic attire is often considered.

While it may not be the first thing that comes to people’s minds, organic attire can also be part of someone’s definition of an organic wedding. This entails having the wedding gown, groom’s suit, and/or any accessories made from organic materials. Some of the most common organic materials for the big day include hemp and organic cotton. To be honest, organic attire can be expensive, so this is one of the most commonly skipped aspects of an organic wedding. However, it’s definitely a great way to make your organic wedding stand out.

“Eco-friendly” is another category that complicates the definition.

Some people use the terms “eco-friendly wedding” and “organic wedding” interchangeably. This makes it understandably difficult to distinguish the two. One of the main differences is that eco-friendly weddings focus more on reusing and recycling, while organic weddings are more about using natural elements, materials, and ingredients. Many weddings of this nature fall into both categories, so don’t feel the need to box yourself into one of them. A good amount of your favorite ideas can likely be incorporated to either or both types of weddings.

People often incorporate organic “extras”.

Other elements of a wedding that can be made “organic” include the canopy and party favors. This means that those elements are made out of natural materials or are easily reusable or recyclable. It all depends on your own personal definition of “organic” in terms of a wedding. This can include everything from locally-made jam in a mason jar for favors, to a burlap canopy used during the ceremony. It’s totally up to you what you want to include. Some people have organic everything, from food to table settings, while some just want to keep the food organic.

Some people opt for organic decorations.

When you hear “organic decorations”, it’s possible you’re picturing centerpieces made out of vegetables, or fruits hanging from the ceiling. Generally, that’s not the case– except for the occasional quirky wedding. “Organic”, at least in terms of decorations, generally means that they are made from natural materials. These can be wooden flowers, hemp table runners, and more. It’s just another way to keep things natural and an idea many people include as a way to keep with the organic theme.

There you have it. These are just some of the basic aspects of organic weddings that are most commonly thought of and included. Remember, there’s no “correct” way to throw an organic wedding, so find what you like best and what works for you.

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