Awesome Up-Do Ideas for the Flower Girl


Is there anything more adorable than the mini members of your wedding party, dressing up and getting all excited about the big day ahead. Your flower girls will look so sweet with their wide-eyed wonderment. They are quite likely to be even more enthralled than the bride-to-be about getting their hair done for the occasion.

Indeed, chances are this might be the very first time that your beautiful flower girls have ever had their hair professionally done. Of course, all eyes will be firmly on the Bride, but why not let the delightful flower girls have their little moment in the spotlight and spoil them by choosing a cute outfit and matching hairstyle they are just going to love? It doesn’t matter how old they are; girls love attention and to have a mini-makeover. Don’t worry if you think it might unleash their Diva in the making! Quite the contrary, if you look after your little attendants, they will look after you and be on their very best behavior.

So what kind of options are there for your flower girls that will still retain their beautiful innocence while dressing their gorgeous tresses? You want them to look sweet, not too sassy!

Our Favorite Styles for You to Recreate

Ballerina Style Bun

Ballerina Style Bun

A ballerina bun is such a relaxed style and so elegant and straightforward too. Which little girl doesn’t dream of being a Prima Ballerina? This style looks chic plus it keeps hair away from the face for the day in case they get hot and bothered. Its low maintenance, super pretty and looks just adorable when teamed with a beautiful crown of flowers.

Channel their Inner Mermaid

Little Mermaid Hair Braid

Let them get all Ariel for the day with a gorgeous and eye-catching fishtail braid. Again, perfect for keeping hair away from the face on a long and hot summers wedding day and can look just lovely when pinned with some floral blooms.

Loosely Pinned Back Curls


For something that still channels their youth but can look quite sophisticated, tie sections of the hair back in loose curls and pin the front pieces up away from their faces with pretty little clips or sweet hair grips. It is a really natural and very effortless look.

Half Twisted Up Do


We all have our unique style and opinions about how we want to look, even if are three years old! What do you do if your little flower girl really does have a mind of her own and wants her hair down while you know it will work better up! You compromise, that’s what! You can create some delightful styles that satisfy the best of both worlds – half up and half down, perhaps with sections twisted and pinned into the nape of the neck and secured with something floral or sparkly. We all love a little bit of sparkle too.

The Boho Style Updo


Come to think of it, this is a fabulous style for the Bride and also the older Bridesmaids too. It’s so easy to wear, so flattering and on trend and suits all ages and face shapes. It’s a little whimsical and recalls the gypsy spirit. Nothing too structured or formal. Pin hair, some spray there. A few loose tresses flowing free. It’s creative and carefree and super pretty.

Pinned Upbraids


Braids always look darling and create a real stand out style. They also have real staying power too so your little ones might be frazzled by the end of a long and exciting day, but their hair will still be perfectly in place with this pinned up look. It also looks just sensational with a floral headband or pretty hair piece.

Gently Twisted Chignon


A chignon can be a very grown up and elegant look and one that is very popular with many a Bride. However, you keep it more natural, with finger combed tresses gently twisted into a chignon at the back of the neck, This way it will look super sweet and stay securely pinned in place all day too.

Sleek and Straight Side Bun


Keep it simple and smooth with a deeply parted side that looks clean and classic and will undoubtedly make your flower girls feel very grown-up indeed for the day.

A Classic Ponytail


So easy to manage and maintain and looks just lovely, especially when worn in a high style with maybe a beautiful matching bow or ribbon that has accents of the color your grown-up Bridesmaids are wearing, or that might compliment part of the overall color scheme of the bridal party for the day.

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Up Do

There are so many creative things that you can do with your flower girls hair. Chances are they will have beautiful long locks. So keep it soft and girly and straightforward and let your little ones feel like they are a Princess for the day. Even if they do have hair on the shorter side, there are plenty of updo ideas on our list that can easily be adapted.

You really can’t go wrong with some strategically placed bobby grips, a bit of creativity and some hairspray to create an awesome updo for your flower girl that she will love and have all the guests cooing with delight.

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