Alternatives from Plastic for Your Organic Wedding

Flowers in a vase

Oftentimes, people unfamiliar with organic or eco-friendly weddings have a negative perception of such weddings. When they think of these weddings, they point out all of the things you’ll be missing. A common point of objection is all of the decoration, favor, and dish options you’ll be missing out on by ditching plastic. However, this isn’t the case at all! In today’s day and age, there are so many new and exciting options to replace plastic. Here are some alternatives from plastic for your organic wedding that you’re bound to love!

By Sarah Dinetz


Burlap favor bags in desk

Rustic, neutral colors are really in style right now, making burlap an obvious choice for your wedding. Instead of packaging wedding favors in wasteful plastic bags, opt for some charming burlap favor bags. Burlap can also be used for table runners, as part of the centerpieces, or even to decorate flower vases. Burlap is extremely versatile and completely eliminates the need for plastic décor.


Bamboo Utensils

Bamboo may seem like an odd choice, but it can definitely make your wedding day unique. You can purchase bamboo dishes and utensils in bulk to use for your special day. If having every spoon, fork, knife, or plate made from bamboo is too much for you, choose to just use bamboo serving utensils. You can also find bamboo dessert plates or ice cream spoons online. They have a sleek, clean look that can fit perfectly with almost any theme or color scheme.


Hemp vase with plant and butterfly designed pillow on background

Like burlap, hemp décor is neutral and flexible. You can use hemp rope for your centerpieces, and you can also opt for hemp labels instead of using paper or plastic. Hemp is another great material for fun favor bags. It fits right into a rustic, garden, or neutral theme. For a one-of-a-kind accessory, try out a hemp headband. They’re adorable, customizable, and less wasteful than a plastic headpiece.


Glass Jars with  different things inside in desk

Glass jars are timeless and can be used in so many ways to replace plastic at your wedding. Instead of having plastic centerpieces made, opt for glass mason jars with tea lights or other fillers. For a fun station, have iced tea and lemonade offered in mini glass jars. Mason jars are really popular right now in the wedding world, and you can reuse them once your special day is over. You’ll be happy to have a hundred jars left over—canning and crafting galore!


Wood desk with wood items

Believe it or not, wood can easily replace plastic in some of your organic wedding festivities. Instead of purchasing plastic trays for your dessert table or place cards, have fun restoring or decorating a wooden pallet to use instead. Wood also works great for wedding day signs, either with directions or fun quotes. This is perfect for outdoor or garden-themed weddings. The wooden signage allows for a fun DIY project while also preventing the waste of plastic.


Crystal Champagne class in an organic wedding

While plastic champagne flutes are often the way to go, you can start a new tradition by electing to go with elegant crystal champagne flutes. Sure, they may not be as cheap as plastic. But they’re a wonderful keepsake from your special day and something you can pass down from generation to generation. You can even get the crystal flutes engraved with your names and wedding date!

Reusable Shopping Bags

Reusable Shopping bag with vegetables inside for Organic Wedding

This one is a bonus. Since about 99% of the shopping and planning takes place before the wedding day, keep in mind how you can incorporate your organic wedding theme into the months leading up to the big day. There’s tons of shopping—accessories, flowers, shoes, toiletries. From the extra hairspray you’ll need, to the snacks for your post-wedding brunch, the shopping list can seem endless. That’s no excuse, though. Don’t forget to pass on the plastic bags and bring reusable shopping bags for all of your pre-wedding purchases.

The wedding industry has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. Instead of totally missing out after vetoing plastic, you’ll be open to tons of creative options! Have burlap favor bags, mason jar centerpieces, crystal champagne flutes, or all three! The possibilities are endless!

Photos courtesy of Celebrity Style Weddings and Pinterest.
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