Alternative and Sustainable Gifts For Your Registry

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Bamboo towel sets and handcrafted tableware are just some of the popular options popping up on sustainable wedding gift registries. Matching linens and china patterns were traditionally the types of gifts a newlywed couple would request for the wedding registry. Nowadays many couples feel grateful enough for what they have and take a more philanthropic or eco-conscious route.

If you are looking to connect with a charitable organization or perhaps you’d like a gift that’s friendlier to the environment, then we’ve created a list of ideas for you to explore.

Sustainable Decorations

Instead of choosing another cookie-cutter decoration at pottery barn, why don’t you opt for handmade wall art instead? There are beautiful decorations made from individuals all over the world, who make their livelihood from selling their work.You can also find recycled and sustainable materials to furnish your new home.

Ten Thousand Villages directly gives back to communities all over the world. The company works with individuals in over 30 countries using fair-trade in order to end global poverty. In addition to Ten Thousand Villages creates sustainable incomes for these people and is committed to being eco-conscious. They use renewable and recyclable materials to create all of the goods you see on their site.

Check out some of VivaTerra’s gorgeous goods created with a sustainable and ethic mind. Their company features reclaimed wood furnishings, block-printed textiles, and recycled glass accents to transform your home, while being mindful to the environment.


When choosing the perfect set of sheets to snuggle up with your spouse in quality and comfort are important. You can choose linens from a sustainable source without sacrificing a cozy bed or fluffy towel.

Dive into luxurious linens with Parachute. All of their fabric is spun in a family-owned factory with European flax. The materials are free of chemicals and synthetics, and their Responsible Down Standard certification guarantees that they treat their ducks humanely. For certain sets purchased the company will donate malaria bed nets overseas.


Wooden wine rack

Reclaimed Wine Barrel Stave

Picking out delicate and often unused china is a thing of the past. Bambeco prides themselves on having respect for both the environment and those people creating their sustainable products. As “custodians of the planet,” they donate part of their profits to environmental organizations, and their workers even volunteer their time as well.

Eco-friendly Charities and Causes

If there is a cause or charity that you feel personally connected to, then explore some of the different ways you can give to them. Instead of gifts for you, your guests can plant a tree, donate money to a charity, or even contribute their time alongside you volunteering.

The Nature Conservancy holds a variety of eco-friendly gifts you can request for your wedding registry. There are a number of causes that you can choose from such as the River Clean Up gift to keep our waters clean, or the Orangutan Family Forest gift that helps protect orangutans and their rainforest habitat.

Green Honeymoon

Ask for contributions towards a green honeymoon and read about some of the popular eco-friendly hotels and resorts we’ve researched. There are stunning options for any adventure you may seek. Relax in a luxurious spa or spend some quality time with nature and your new spouse in one of these green locations.

If you have the honeymoon covered, then don’t be afraid to register for experiences instead. Ask for organic cooking classes or even lessons in gardening, so you can start living more sustainably.

Alternative and Sustainable Gift Registries:

Everyone loves to give or receive gifts. Why don’t you ask for the gift that keeps on giving on your wedding registry? Choose sustainable wedding alternatives to put on your list that will give back to the environment and the world.

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