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Engagement ring

Throughout history, wedding rings have been exchanged as a symbol of eternal love and commitment. With their origin dating back to the ancient Egyptians, wedding rings are typically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because of the vein’s direct connection to the heart. The never-ending circle of the ring represents an eternal love that also never ends.

Like your marriage, engagement rings are created to last forever. With their deep meaning and representation of love, it’s important that your ring size fits perfectly.

Ring Size

Engagement ring

The size of your diamond is not the only dimension to take into consideration when customizing your engagement ring. More importantly, is the size of your ring and make sure that you have the perfect fit on your finger. Rings have a standardized size, but like with shoes or clothes, the same size can fit differently between brands.

Sizing becomes even more challenging when you are looking at jewelry from other countries as the measurements differ. In both the United States and Canada, rings are sized using a numerical scale that includes quarter and half-sizes. If you venture to other countries, you might encounter ring sizes with an alphabetical scale or circumference. The location of your ring is an important detail to keep in mind when choosing the best fit.

In addition to where the ring is coming from, you must also consider its style. Individual designs are more malleable than others, meaning you can stretch or shrink the material with no trouble. Other structures are not so forgiving and cannot be sized without causing damage to the surrounding gems.

Straight to the Source

The easiest and most accurate way to find the perfect size ring is by going directly to the jeweler. In the jewelry store, there will most likely be a mandrel used to measure the exact size of the ring. The band is simply slipped on, and its stopping point indicates the correct measurement. For a small price, you can also purchase your own mandrel to use a home.

Measure at Home

Engagements are exciting and memorable moments that are usually not predicted. While getting a measurement might be the most exact where you purchased the ring, taking your fiancé to the jeweler’s ruins the element of surprise. Explore some of our at-home options that could work for you.

Ring Sizer

Ring sizer
Image Source

This printable ring sizer from uses the inside diameter from the measurement of a ring for the left hand and fourth finger.

  1. Print out the ring size chart above, using the “Scale 100” print option for the actual size.
  2. Put the ring over the circles on the paper, making sure to align the inside edges of the ring to the circle that best fits on the chart. Your ring may fall between two sizes. If this is the case, then choose the larger size.


String ring
Image Source

This technique uses a simple piece of string to provide a flat measurement.

  1. Print the ring size chart to actual size.
  2. Wrap a piece of string—butcher’s, craft string, etc.—around your ring finger.
  3. Cut the string where the end overlaps.
  4. Align the string using the ring size guide above on paper chart. Pick the one that best matches your ring size. Again, if the ring is in between two different sizes, select the larger option for the best fit.

Paper Strip

Ring Sizer

Image Source

This ring sizing method uses a printable tape measure to find the ring’s specific metrics.

  1. Print out the paper strip above to actual size.
  2. Carefully cut out the ring sizer and open the marked slit.
  3. Slip the ring sizer through the slit, making sure to keep the numbers facing out.
  4. Place the sizer on your ring finger, pull until the paper is fitted, and note the size.

Sneaky Sizing

You don’t have to ruin a proposal by asking your partner their ring size. Try to find her ring size at home without her knowing. Ask her mother, sisters, or close friends if they happen to know her size or perhaps they have access better to find out.

If your loved one already wears a ring, —even if it’s on the middle finger—then secretly take that to a jeweler for sizing. You can also try using a quick mold of the ring or slip it on and mark where it fits on your finger

Other Tips:

Engagement ring
  • When sizing an engagement ring, keep in mind that it should fit snugly. A loose ring could result in a lost ring.
  • If you are between two sizes, always choose the slightly larger size. It’s easier to make a ring smaller than bigger.
  • Take into consideration the seasons as your fingers change throughout the year. In summer your fingers tend to swell up, and you don’t want the ring to be uncomfortable.
  • Warm your hands up before sizing for a more accurate measurement.
Engagement ring

Size matters, and when choosing an engagement ring, you want to make sure the size you choose is an exact or close fit. If you can’t make it to the jeweler’s, then use one or a combination of our methods above to get the best sizing for your loved one’s ring.

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