About Our Organic Wedding

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Our mission statement is to educate brides and brides-to-be on how to enjoy their special day in an organic, eco-friendly way.

Many brides want to have an organic wedding but aren’t sure where to begin. This website is dedicated to explaining how to make an organic wedding, and our writers try and explain it piece by piece, in an easy-to-follow format. We try and cover all organic elements related to weddings, starting from before the engagement party and going all the way to the 75+ year wedding anniversary.

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Topics that We Cover

We cover a variety of topics on Our Organic Wedding. Most of the articles are directly related to Eco-Friendly themes, but we also cover plenty of tangential topics.

  • Eco-friendly Weddings
  • Organic Materials and Products
  • Healthy and Ethical Foods
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Vintage and Ethical Jewelry
  • Ethical Behavior and Practices