7 Types of Stunning Wedding Lingerie

Choosing the right dress for your wedding day is an important and time-consuming task, but what about the wedding lingerie you’re wearing under that gown? When the reception is over, and you can finally slip off all those layers and into the arms of your loved one, what will you be wearing underneath?

While you want to look sexy on your first night together as newlyweds or to spice up the honeymoon, you also want to be comfortable. We’ve selected the seven types of wedding lingerie and sustainable brands that will make you feel stunning and eco-friendly.

A Sultry Robe or Kimono

Whether you’re lounging around the hotel room or enjoying a cup of coffee on the balcony, a robe will always come in handy. A kimono is easy to throw on for greeting room service, and even comfortable to wear in bed.

The Busting Bustier

Woman in lingerie
Cosabella Italia White Bustier

If you’re wearing a traditional wedding dress, then a bustier typically goes underneath. Even if you don’t wear it the day of the wedding, it can always be spiced up and used at night.

Comfy, but Cute

While you want to look sexy during your honeymoon, you also need something practical to wear when you finally venture out of your suite. Opt for a matching set of wedding lingerie. Choose a breathable material that you won’t mind being active in all day.

Bodacious Body Suit

Woman in lingerie
Tiger Mist Dakota Bodysuit

What’s sexier than a form fitting bodysuit? These one pieces are perfect for an intimate night. This wedding lingerie can also be reused with a pair of jeans or shorts for a night out on the town and even a future music festival.

The Babydoll Top

For when you’re enjoying breakfast in bed or cuddling up to a movie, you’ll want something comfortable, yet sexy. A babydoll top paired with matching underwear is the perfect look that says, “I’m not trying hard, but look how inherently sexy I am.”

Romp in Your Romper

Viviana Silk Playsuit

Similar to the Babydoll top, a romper is a spicy look that is easy to pull off. You can slip it on when your significant other isn’t looking and see the drooling surprised look on their face.

Practically Impractical

Have you ever bought a teetering pair of high heel shoes? Or have you picked up a sequined dress with no occasion in mind? Not everything you wear has to be reasonable, comfortable, or even make sense, and this is true for your wedding lingerie. Surprise your partner and yourself with something new. Try a strappy number that will make you feel dominant or something glittery like a showgirl.

Fabulous Wedding Lingerie Brands

Andree Ciccarelli, Only Hearts, Uye Surana, Ayten Gasson, Azura Bay, Luva Huva, Brook There, and Tiger Mist.

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