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We’ve all been there before. You finally pick out the perfect wedding card but find yourself lost for words when it comes to filling out the blank. Whether you’re stressing over what to write for your best friend and their new partner, or just trying to fill in your space on a card that’s being passed around the office, our simple guide for what to write in a wedding card is sure to help you!

Wedding cards are traditional for anyone who wants to send wedding wishes to a newly engaged or married couple. In a typical fashion, wedding guests should bring the card to the wedding reception or mail it directly to the couple. This post can take place from when you receive the wedding invite to a few weeks after the wedding, but honestly, a nice card is always welcome at any time.

As for the wedding card itself, cards come in many designs. From premade greeting cards you find at your local drug store or digital messages to more elaborate and hand-made cards, the options are endless. Based on your relationship with the couple, you might want to go more personal or stay friendly and well-wishing.


Wooden sign

If you’re not a very formal person, then be yourself and try a more casual message on the wedding card. Opt for something short and sweet, but make sure you’re saying something kind and sending good vibes their way.

  • “Best wishes!”
  • “Congratulations!”
  • “Congratulations on your wedding!”
  • “We/I love you. Congrats!”
  • “We’re/I’m so happy for you!”
  • “Here’s to a long and happy marriage!”
  • “Hugs and kisses.”
  • “Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.”
  • “Lots of love today and beyond.”
  • “Best wishes for a fun-filled future together.
  • “Here’s a little something to start your life together.”
  • “So happy to celebrate this day with you both!”
  • “Wishing you the best today and always.”


Mr. and Mrs. sign

Formal doesn’t necessarily mean stuffy or boring. A formal wedding card is the way to go for couple’s who had a similarly themed wedding or if you simply want to write something that’s romantic and timeless.

  • “May your marriage bring you more joy than you can imagine.”
  • “Wishing you joy, love, and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together.”
  • “May today be the beginning of a long, happy life together.”
  • “May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.”
  • “Thank you for letting us/me share on this joyful day. We/I wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union.”


Sign with words

If you are comfortable with your relationship to the newlyweds, then write something that will make them laugh. Everyone loves humor, but make sure that it’s tasteful. Avoid including anything that might be perceived as sarcastic, insulting, and definitely no divorce jokes.

  • “Thanks for inviting us to stuff our faces while you get married. Congrats!”
  • “Some people marry for love, while other people marry for money. Some people just like getting gravy boats and other useless pieces of China.”
  • “Being married is like any other job; it helps if you like your boss!”
  • “Thanks for the free booze. Best wishes for a long, happy marriage!”


Open bible

For a religious couple, this might be the perfect option to put on their wedding card. These messages can incorporate God, personal beliefs, prayers, or maybe quotes. Make sure that before you choose to write a religious message, you understand the couple’s views and whether they actually are religious or not. If you’re unsure, then choose a more general note.

  • “May God continue to bless you in your marriage, as he has done in your courtship.”
  • “God bless you both on this beautiful day with a lifetime of shared love and joy.”
  • “‘God has poured out his love into our hearts.’ – Romans 5:5.”
  • ” ‘Love is patient, Love is kind, Love never fails.’ – 1 Corinthians 13:4-13.”
  • “May you be blessed.”
  • “Mazel Tov! May the joy that you feel today always fill your hearts and your life.”
  • “Mazel Tov on your wedding!” or “Mazel Tov on your marriage!”
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