Sweet and Simple DIY Wedding Sign Designs

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Welcome your guests, guide them to what’s next, or just show off your brand new last name with a sweet wedding sign. They can be instructional, conversational, or simply decorative as long as they are clear and match your wedding’s style. Complement your simply sweet DIY centerpieces with a matching wedding sign.

From printed pretties to hand-drawn calligraphy, we’ve compiled a list of DIY wedding signs that you—or someone with a creative touch—can make for your big day. Follow the provided tutorials or download one of the templates below, and get started on your wedding sign!

Printed Design Transfer

This DIY Printed Design Transfer by Something Turquoise is easy for any bride to create—even those who aren’t the most artistic. This tracing technique will give you beautifully crafted letters that are sure to impress your guests.

Tools: a pencil, a piece of chalk, and a piece of transfer paper.


  1. Create or find your design and then print on a normal piece of paper.
  2. Flip over the sheet of paper and use your pencil or chalk to color the page.
  3. Turn your sheet of paper back over and center the design. For transfer paper, just put the matte side underneath the design you’ve printed.
  4. With your pencil, trace the printed design. Make sure to press firmly on the pencil so that the graphite transfers onto the wood.
  5. Trace over the design using your chosen implement. You can use a sharpie, paint pen, chalk-ink marker, paint, or metallic pen.

Glass and Mirror Signs

For a unique wedding sign, replace the wooden board with a vintage mirror for a romantic touch. Whether it’s a mirror or window, any glass surface will work. Get creative by finding old doors, windowpanes, or cabinets. Browse through vintage or second-hand shops to reuse material for your project.

Dry erase, wax crayons, paint markers, and sharpies can all be used. Keep in mind that some of these products won’t come off of the surface, so avoid taking a pen to your family heirloom.

Tools: mirror, window, writing utensil,


  1. Use a design program on your computer to create a layout of your piece with the exact size. Choose a font similar to the one you’d like on your sign.
  2. In your design program, grid the letters, so that they fit inside of the lines. Mark the beginning and end of each line as a starting point for your lettering.
  3. Use a china white marker to create grids on your mirror or glass surface down both sides.
  4. Draw a ruler across the piece of paper to find your baselines and centering marks for the whole mirror. With your template and ruler guiding lines, begin lettering. Start exactly where you set the guidelines on your computer.
  5. Make sure that you’re paying attention. You may have to repeat this process a couple times to get the exact lettering and spacing.

Tip: To remove the artwork  off your wedding sign you can use alcohol and a straight edge razor to scrape the paint off.

Rustic Chalkboard Signs

Chalkboard signs are a fun sign to incorporate into your wedding, and we’ve come up a simple method that’s quick and cost-effective for you. These signs can be tricky and a little bit messy, but with our step-by-step, you can avoid the chalky hands and smudged board. You can use a premade chalkboard for this wedding sign or create your own. Use a wooden, MDF, or artist’s board, or a piece of glass and cover it with chalkboard spray paint.

Tools: chalkboard surface, chalk, chalkboard contact paper, scissors, pencil—twine, easel, frame, and other decorations (optional).


  1. Use chipboard backing from an old note or sketchbook.
  2. Create the shape of your choice by drawing on the chipboard with a pencil.
  3. Use a cutting mat to cut out your shapes with an x-acto blade. You can use a ruler to keep your edges straight.
  4. Spray the chalkboard paint onto your shapes–around 3 coats of paint–letting each coat dry fully.
  5. Once you’ve sprayed your last coat, let the shapes completely dry and then draw them into your design.

Printed Wedding Signs

Our last wedding sign idea may be the easiest choice. Use a pre-made template or customize your own online.  Wedding Chicks offers templates and even free printables for your wedding. Once you’ve chosen your design, simply print out your signs. If you have oversized signs, then take them to a photocopy location or use a design company that will ship that signs to you.

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